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  • How to Handle Adult Sibling Rivalry. Fighting with siblings is only natural -- but letting

  • a feud fester into adulthood can cause serious damage. Here's how to put an end to your sibling

  • rivalry. You will need Understanding and willingness to compromise. Step 1. Understand the roots

  • of sibling rivalry. Studies show that conflicts often begin in childhood due to factors such

  • as parental treatment, gender, family dynamics, and age differential. Step 2. Recognize your

  • sibling as an actual person. Avoid the temptation to regress to childhood labels like "the attention

  • seekeror "the perfect one" -- your sibling has likely long outgrown that phase. Step

  • 3. Pinpoint the source of friction. It's easy to shift the blame of your rivalry entirely

  • onto your sibling, but acknowledging your own part will give you a deeper understanding

  • of the conflict. Step 4. Hash out the hostility. Start by saying "I'm sorry" for whatever part

  • you may have played in the sibling rivalry. Researchers have found people automatically

  • respond positively to hearing an apology. Then, focus on reaching an understanding and

  • ways to fix the problem. If you live apart from your sibling, don't use a family gathering

  • to confront them. Plan to meet in a neutral setting or talk over the phone. Step 5. Realize

  • what you can and can't change about your relationship, and try to make peace with a compromise. You

  • may not be able to choose your family, but you _can_ do your best to overcome sibling

  • rivalry. Did you know 80% of siblings over the age of 60 say they've ended their rivalry,

  • while 4% stay angry forever, according to a survey.

How to Handle Adult Sibling Rivalry. Fighting with siblings is only natural -- but letting

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How to Handle Adult Sibling Rivalry

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