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Think Progress put together a list up the top five
gender role fails and what they mean by that
is examples where a school tries to enforce gender roles
in a ridiculous way so somebody's we've covered
separately on the show but I think it's worth a mention because it shows you
a particular mindset that i think is troubling in the country
so first of all a senior in North Carolina was just kicked outta for prom
because she wore jeans the school said that she was violating
a dress code but it turned out there actually was no dress code
they just made it up and they punished her for
going slightly against the grain and doing something a little bit different
but that scared the school it scared everybody is scared
at the powers that be and they said you know what fuck you go home
it's really gross display of trying to force gender stereotypes on people
then there's also a 14-year-old boy who was punished for wearing makeup
he's an eighth-grader his name is Chris Martin he decided to wear eyeliner
eyeshadow and lipstick to his last day of school
but administrators told him that he needed to wash
the makeup of because it would be distracting
to other students see stuff like this that really pisses me off because
like so one who cares man the gate that guy wants to wear makeup like what the
fucks a big problem what's the big deal
you know I have to be honest everyone so why when I'm on air here
like a five yr like a an obvious blemish like a red dot on my face or something
article but a cover up daughter right over the top of thatin
n that way he does I don't look like I have a pizza face 1 I'm on air
and then eventually goes on YouTube a few thousand people see it
you know and I'm unashamed to say them an I'm on ashamed to say that in fact I
was in Nam
when I was in high school I had some
pretty wicked acne so I would oftentimes man I woulda
i'd would throw some cover up on it I would I would and
I don't think there's anything wrong with that I really don't know and look
don't get me wrong MI the kind of guy who would wanna throw on a
eyeliner and eyeshadow and lipstick now
in fact I wouldn t I just let I wouldn't do that but
I don't think that I should take away if other guys wanna do that far by all
means man go right ahead
there's a hole like new male makeup industry as it what is it
in South Korea I think it is it's in 10 well like there's one Asian country
there are it's like a big thing like guys are always they care deeply now
about their looks n
they wear makeup and they have like a hole like date there into fashion stuff
like that
and like I'm not judging you do whatever man it's fine I'm hurting anybody and if
you want to do we go right ahead
and the idea that like a school in authority figure
can say no we're not going to allow you to do that because some fucking assholes
might be bullies
well as into idea obviously that you should be
correcting the bullies in that scenario like if the bullies act up in the start
making fun of this kid isn't this an opportunity for you to punish them and
now you're gonna learn a lesson about tolerance she did shits now you gotta
learn that not everybody's gotta be exactly like your punk ass because
you're kinda boring
but of course in you know we're still we still had a Puritan mindset that there's
a male role in a female role mindset in a manifest itself in gross
acts like this are also
this one we covered in eighth grade girl was told to leave for Christian school
she's not girly looking enough I love that one cuz I should totally made-up
like what the it in the biblical days women were you know had shaved armpits
shaved vaginas and they had their hair in a perm like no they didn't why you
trying to say all the Bible says you have to be very feminine know you made
that up the tent gender role bullshit
then there's also Nate Greer in kansas who was suspended for wearing a purse
school official said it's against the dress code was a guy wearing a purse
it wasn't against the dress code they also just made that up
and then finally have a 9-year-old boy who was banned from bringing his My
Little Pony back to school
that happened multiple times actually in one case there was a poor kid who
actually tried to commit suicide
because he was being bullied because he you know the kids at school in like is
my little pony: bag
an I mean I guess the whole point of even discussing this and bring it up in
the first place
is that we need to try to get through to people
that the real manly position you know the real macho position
the real position that we should enforce
is a tolerant position you know
I don't get me wrong man I'm not going like Cooper liberal
all I'm saying is if you are in a position of power a few
are in administrator at a school year an official at a school
you know err on the side of of freedom
err on the side of it is what it is issue no
legislate rock no big deal are you dressing slightly different all you're
doing something the slightly out at the gender norm
whatever whatever whatever whatever and then again if there's
their a problem arises you punish the kids who are bullying you punish the
people who are mocking her
you know acting like oh you're so crazy for doing that because
guess what like weed discussed on the show the other day n
there a lot a great fact that we pointed out in the course in making the argument
gender roles are largely bullshit they are
you know like it the idea that pink is a girl color blue is a boy color totally
may not be used to be the opposite
the idea high heels they're just totally exclusively female things except they
because soldiers used to wear them for riding horseback because it was easier
for them to get a grip while they're doing archery when they had heels on
and they were originally masculine and only men are allowed to wear them
and now it to all purely a woman thinks all these things we do gender although
purse make up this that it's like
it's largely made up anyway so if you try to enforce it like it's some sort of
a law of nature that you know you're right by trying to put your ideas on
other people
know you're just a douche if you do that it's that simple you're just an asshole
and a non educated asshole at that
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5 Times Schools Tried To Enforce Gender Roles

2562 Folder Collection
Eating published on February 3, 2015
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