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Hello everyone! This is Andrew from
Crown Academy of English. Today
we are going to do a vocabulary lesson, and
the subject of the lesson is the living room.
So I'm going to take you to a shop
and I'm going to show you all the words
which are related to the living room.
Okay so let's get started!
Here we are,
outside the shop. The name of the shop
is IKEA...and IKEA
sells lots of things for the home and the house....
and we are going to be looking
at furniture for
the living room. So I think we are ready...
let's go in the shop!
So, here we are in a typical
living room and here we have
a "sofa" and a
"sofa" is where two people can sit
next to each other... okay.
So there are two other words
for the word "sofa" - We can also say
"settee", and we can also say
"couch". Now
the words "sofa" and "settee",
they are common in British
English and the word
"couch" is more common in
American English. Now
here on the end of the sofa,
we have ...
two cushions. So these
square items here...
they are called cushions .... and
we put cushions on the sofa
to make it more comfortable. Ok...
and here... this
item here... this is called
a "bookshelf" and
we use a "bookshelf" to keep
books. So we store
books on the bookshelf.
So you can see here, there are some
books on this shelf and
here there are some books on this shelf.
in the middle of the room, we have
a "coffee table". A "coffee table"
is a low table which
is in front of the sofa... and
on this table, there is
a coffee cup and saucer
and here there is a tray....
and on the tray
there is a coffee pot.... so a pot of coffee.
finally, on the floor, there is
a "rug". This is a brown
"rug". The colour of the "rug" is
brown. And
this rug is to cover
the wooden floor. So we put
a "rug" on the floor to cover the floor...
and a rug also helps
to decorate the room... and
to keep the room warm.
And here again,
we can see in the middle of the room,
there is a "coffee table", a white "coffee table"
this time... and on the left,
there is another "sofa".
And here we can see
there is an "armchair". So this
is called an "armchair". And an "armchair"
is a comfortable chair for one person.
So one person sits
in an "armchair" and sometimes
we put a cushion on an "armchair" if we want to make it
more comfortable. And here,
on the left, on the floor, we can see
this is in fact a "wooden floor".
And here we can see there are some
"books" and the "books" are on
a "bookshelf". So,
we can see, here there are some "books"
on the top "bookshelf", and
below it, there are some more books
on the bottom "bookshelf". Now,
in the singular, if there is one
bookshelf, we spell it
like this - So S
H E L F is
singular - one bookshelf.... and
for several "bookshelves", we say
"shelves" and that is spelt S
E S. So it is
an irregular noun.
So here we can see, in the middle of the room,
there is a large "Christmas tree"...
and on
the "Christmas tree", there are some
decorations... and
underneath the tree, at the bottom,
there are some presents. And
on the right we can see the books in
the bookshelf ....and
here on the left, there is an armchair....
and on the armchair,
there is a cushion.
Here we can see
are some "curtains". There is a pair of "curtains".
Now we place "curtains"
in front of a window...and we
attach the "curtains" to a "curtain rail"...
and we say that we
open the curtains ... and we
close the curtains.
And here is a "television".
Sometimes we can call
a television a "TV". So
we watch "television". We watch
programmes on the "television."
and we can watch films
and watch the news on "television."
This television here
is a "flat screen
television." A "flat screen television" -
We can either put it on a stand or
we can fix it to the wall.
Here is a "bureau". We pronounce it
"bureau". It is a French word....
and a bureau is
a desk which can open and close.
And you can see on the floor,
there is a "rug" on the floor.
Here is a "picture".
So we hang "pictures"
on the wall. So we use
pictures to decorate the walls.... and
all around the edge of a "picture",
there is a "picture frame".
So here, on this "picture",
there is a black "picture frame"
around the "picture". And in fact
this "picture" has three "pictures" -
There is a "picture" of some elephants
on the left. Here in the middle,
it is a "picture" of a flower, and on the right,
it is a "picture" of some birds.
Here is a "lamp". So we use a
"lamp" to light a room... and
on top of the "lamp",
there is a "lamp shade", a "lamp shade".
And we use a "lamp shade"
to decorate the lamp and also
to make the light less bright.
we are looking inside the lamp... and
inside the lamp, there is a "light bulb".
So the "light bulb" is what
shines the light.... and here,
on the right hand side, this is the
inside of the "lamp shade".
And here is
the "wire" which is coming
out of the lamp and
which connects to the plug
of the lamp.... and to
turn the light on or off,
then we use a "switch".
So we press the light switch
to turn the light on
or to turn the light
here is another view of a "light bulb".
So we connect a "light bulb"
to a lamp. We attach a "light bulb"
to a lamp.
And here are
some "blinds". Here
are some "blinds" in front of
the window. The word
"blinds" is ALWAYS plural,
NEVER singular. To
open the "blinds", or to close
the "blinds", then we pull the "cord".
We can decorate the living room with some "flowers"...
and we put the "flowers"
into a "vase" ... and then we pour water
into the "vase".
We can also
the living room with some "plants".
So here we have four "plants".
On a plant, there are "leaves",
green "leaves". So here, we can see,
at the bottom-left, there is
one "leaf" and here, at the
top-left, there are two
"leaves". So "leaf" is an
irregular noun. In the singular,
we spell it L E A
F and in the plural,
we spell it L E A
V E S.
In the living room, we can
also put a "clock". A "clock"
displays the time. On the "clock",
there are three hands. The small hand
is the "hour hand". The big hand
is the "minute hand" and the red hand
is the "second hand".
This is a "hi-fi". A "hi-fi"
We use a "hi-fi"
to listen to music. We can also
listen to the radio with a "hi-fi" or a
CD. On the left
of the hi-fi, and on the right,
they are the "speakers".
So the "speakers" are where the
sound comes from.
We can also
decorate the living room with "candles".
Here there are three candles.
One on the left, one in the middle
and one on the right. There are two parts
of a "candle". The main part
is called the "wax" and
the part in the middle is called
the "wick".
that is the end of the lesson.
We have finished learning all the words
regarding the living room. I hope you enjoyed the lesson.
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And here are
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And here on the right, this
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So you can click on
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of this video. Okay, so that's the end.
Thank you for watching :-) This is Andrew from
Crown Academy of English. Bye bye!
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House and home English vocabulary lesson | The living room

2650 Folder Collection
Faryl Wu published on February 2, 2015
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