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  • The President: I've reached out

  • to President Hollande of France and hope

  • to have the opportunity to talk to him today.

  • But I thought it was appropriate for me to express

  • my deepest sympathies to the people of Paris

  • and the people of France for the terrible

  • terrorist attack that took place earlier today.

  • I think that all of us recognize that France

  • is one of our oldest allies, our strongest allies.

  • They have been with us at every moment when we've --

  • from 9/11 on, in dealing with some of the terrorist

  • organizations around the world that threaten us.

  • For us to see the kind of cowardly evil attacks that

  • took place today I think reinforces once again

  • why it's so important for us to stand in solidarity

  • with them, just as they stand in solidarity with us.

  • The fact that this was an attack on journalists,

  • attack on our free press, also underscores the degree

  • to which these terrorists fear freedom --

  • of speech and freedom of the press.

  • But the one thing that I'm very confident about

  • is that the values that we share with the French people,

  • a belief -- a universal belief in the freedom

  • of expression, is something that can't be silenced

  • because of the senseless violence of the few.

  • And so our counterterrorism cooperation

  • with France is excellent.

  • We will provide them with every bit

  • of assistance that we can going forward.

  • I think it's going to be important for

  • us to make sure that we recognize these kinds

  • of attacks can happen anywhere in the world.

  • And one of the things I'll be discussing with

  • Secretary Kerry today is to make sure that

  • we remain vigilant not just with respect

  • to Americans living in Paris,

  • but Americans living in Europe and in the Middle East

  • and other parts of the world, and making sure

  • that we stay vigilant in trying to protect them --

  • and to hunt down and bring the perpetrators

  • of this specific act to justice, and to roll

  • up the networks that help to advance these

  • kinds of plots.

  • In the end, though, the most important thing

  • I want to say is that our thoughts and prayers are

  • with the families of those who've been lost

  • in France, and with the people of Paris

  • and the people of France.

  • What that beautiful city represents -- the culture

  • and the civilization that is so central to our

  • imaginations -- that's going to endure.

  • And those who carry out senseless attacks against

  • innocent civilians, ultimately they'll be forgotten.

  • And we will stand with the people of France

  • through this very, very difficult time.

  • Thank you very much, everybody.

The President: I've reached out

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The President Speaks on the Terrorist Attack in Paris

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