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Welcome back to my fabulous festive food combos you're gonna love this one
its stuffed dates with walnuts, thyme, manchego and sandwiched between
beautiful chorizo so it goes crispy and smoky so
Get yourself some dates, my grandad always used to get dates, keeps him regular
open them out like this, get yourself a little walnut
and just break in half just squeeze the walnut into it
and get a nugget of manchego or cheddar or any nice melting cheese.
and stuff than into that date and you can almost squeeze it back to shape that it came in
get a nice little pinch of thyme. Thyme, cheese and dates
works really really well once you've done that get a skewer
and we're gonna first put on some chorizo, then go through your date
and then through the chorizo again and it literally takes
seconds to do and we do one more, date
cheese, thyme, go through the chorizo
through the date and back
with the chorizo. Do yourself a whole load of those up
you can keep them the day before, of even the day before that, when you want them
get your oven on 250 degrees, get yourself like an oven type ware dish
plop a whole load of these in one layer with a few knobs of butter
and some sherry vinegar or red wine vinegar and roast them up for about 10
minutes until
crispy and gorgeous and guess what here's one I made earlier
fizzling and gorgeous, oozy cheese
sweet dates, the chorizo goes crispy and smoky, the dates goes
gorgeous and gooey, the cheese is oozy, a brilliant combo
you're mates will go mad for it, give it a go, guys if you want more inspiration go to Jamieoliver.com
Where there's thousands and thousands of beautiful recipes waiting for you
and if you haven't subscribed press that magic button subscribe because
its free. Bye.
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Cheese & Chorizo Stuffed Date Skewers | Jamie Oliver

1273 Folder Collection
khungfc published on February 1, 2015
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