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THE COUNT: (ANGRILY) Ungrateful spawn!
I'll banish you to darkest pits of Hades!
Well, bring it on!
-You will never see the light of day again!
-I won't anyway.
I'm a vampire now.
-Ingrid, remember what happened to the last daughter
who challenged me?
-I'm your only daughter.
-You are now.
-What is it this time, Zoltan?
-Ah, Mistress Ingrid wants to go a date with her boyfriend,
and your father doesn't approve.
-Vampires and breathers do not date!
-Well they do now!
-You set one fang outside of this castle and your death
won't be worth living!
-Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Can't we talk about the sensibly?
-Don't tell me.
He's the one overreacting.
-You think that's overreacting?
I'll give you overreacting?
-Stop it, the pair of you, before we
have the police banging on the door!
-Sorry about that, we're getting it fixed.
-PC Brown, Stokely Police.
Your mom or dad in?
Uh, no, no, no, no, no.
He was, but he's gone out.
-Oh, uh, know when he'll be back?
Late tonight.
-Is everything all right in there?
-Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Renfield, turn down that TV!
-I'll come back tomorrow, then.
One o'clock OK?
-Yeah, yeah.
-One more thing.
Have you seen this man?
-He's missing.
Well look, if you do happen to--
-And don't come up until I tell you!
-That was a policeman.
-And what did the policeman want?
-To speak with you.
Something about a missing person.
-Oh, nice seeing ya.
-Nothing to do with me.
-Well that's not what the police think.
He's coming back tomorrow.
A simple man of the law is no match
for the might of Count Dracula.
-Well that's what I'm worried about!
Five minutes with you and it won't just be a missing person
inquiry, it will be a full on vampire hunt.
-Perhaps you're right.
What do you suggest?
-For starters, this place needs a serious makeover.
-A make what?
-A makeover.
-I'm terribly sorry I couldn't be
of any further assistance, officer.
Perhaps I could offer you a cup of blood?
A cup of tea!
Why don't we just put a big neon sign
above the front door saying vampires live here?
-And where do you think you're going?
-No, wait!
Bring that back.
-Total eclipse tomorrow.
It's me.
Yeah, sorry I couldn't get out, my dad is being a right pain.
Listen, I've gotta be quick.
Can you meet me in the cinema tomorrow?
One o'clock.
Don't be late.
-I play golf.
I enjoy cooking, and holidays in the Lake District, and, uh--
-Oh come on.
We've been doing this all night.
-No, no, no.
I know this one.
I think teenagers should be banned
from wearing hoodies in shopping centers--
-Then strung up and drained of every succulent drop of blood
in their bodies.
-This is hopeless!
And that skill is not helping!
-Or the bottle of blood.
-Or the talking wolf.
-I'll be in my basket.
-There's still a few hours before the police get here.
I think this place needs brightening up.
Just keep practicing.
Relax, Vladdy.
This is my lucky tie.
-One, please.
-Date of birth, '99.
Yep, that all seems to check out.
-This is a train ticket with a child's fare.
-Graham, the sink's blocked again!
Thanks for coming over, Mina.
-No, thank you!
I like living in Stokely, but there's
not an awful lot to do socially.
Not that that bothers Eric.
He's a complete workaholic these days.
Can you believe he's over at the school now marking papers?
-On a Saturday?
Well that's dedication!
-(ANGRILY) In your face, vampire scum.
I thought we've agreed, this place is out of bounds!
-I'm sorry.
I just wanted to-- oh, wait a minute.
What are you doing here, then?
-I was, um, tidying the weapons away.
Look, I know how difficult this must be for you, Jonno.
But if I can give up slaying, then you can, too.
-I only wanted a disguise.
-A disguise?
Why didn't you say so?
Um, let me see-- Oh, yeah.
I'd say you're about a size 8.
Oh, yes.
-You sure you want all this?
-Well, yeah!
This is great.
That police man won't suspect a thing.
-Must be pretty serious if the police are involved.
-I'm sure he's innocent.
Dad's only ever brought back rabbits.
Maybe a sheep if it's a special occasion.
Is that a crime?
-Come on you lots.
Let's get this stuff shifted.
-See ya, Chloe.
We'll have this place looking lovely in no time.
-Look at the size of these CD's.
Line-Dancing Legends.
-You don't think it's too much, do you?
-You might be arrested for crimes against cool.
-Robin, this is serious.
We could get chased out of town again.
If anyone found out Dad was a va--
Your dad's what?
-Uh he's a-- he's a-- you know he's a--
-Come on, Vlad.
If your father is in trouble you can tell me.
-I can't keep this a secret any longer.
The truth is Dad's--
That's why he's in trouble with the police.
-You could say that.
-Line dancing?
That's not bad!
-Try telling that to the people who
chased him out of their last village.
-Usual thing, I suppose.
Illegal traps, no license?
-Uh, yeah.
It's horrible.
Foxes, rabbits, pigeons, he'll eat anything.
Well we're a lot more open-minded here.
I've always fancied trying it out myself.
Maybe we could set up a group?
Arrange some classes?
-Oh that would be great.
Dad'll be thrilled.
-I'm not sure.
Try the peach one again.
-I've told you, Dad, I'm not wearing a dress!
I just want to look older.
You're gotta have something in there.
I don't want to know.
-Escapology, Jonno.
In our line of work, it's inevitable
that we'll be captured and tied up.
Take those.
-That was cool!
-If you think that was good, hand me that straight jacket.
You'll never guess what dark secret our Mr. Count is hiding.
-Chloe told me.
I've always thought there was something
unwholesome about that man.
-Graham, don't be such a killjoy!
I think it sounds like fun!
-In fact, I think I'll give Mina a call.
I'm sure she'll be up for trying something new,
even if you're not.
-Is that five minutes yet?
-20. Dad, I'm going to be late.
-The dress, Jonno.
Take the dress.
It never fails!
-Yes, Yes!
-I'm sorry!
I'm just a but nervous.
Your Dad's going to do his innocent breather routine,
and Ingrid is safety tucked up in her coffin.
What can go wrong?
-Later, losers!
-See ya!
Yeah, you're right.
I'm worrying about nothing.
INGRID: Five, four, three, two, one.
It's only one o'clock.
What's going on?
-It's a total eclipse, isn't it?
Didn't you see it on the news?
I probably shoulda mentioned that.
-Oh, hello.
Just, uh, watching the eclipse.
-Yeah, a right nuisance.
Brings out all the weirdos.
Have we met before?
-I'll just get my dad.
Uh, make yourself comfortable.
-We will be fine.
Dad'll do with the police, I'll find Ingrid, and-- Dad?
-He's gotta be here somewhere.
-The eclipse.
[doorbell rings]
-Come in!
The door's open.
What a nice surprise, Mr. Count.
We were just coming to see you.
-Whoo hoo.
Through here, Mina.
Now, there's no need to be embarrassed.
Vlad told me all about your dark secret.
-Oh, he did, did he?
So what are you going to do, spread it around town,
sharpen your pitchforks?
We'd like to join you.
-We were just saying only this morning how difficult
it is to find exciting things to do in Stokely.
-And I've got plenty of other friends
I could rope in if we need any new blood.
Well, um, yes.
-How about today?
Could we use the castle, Mr. Count?
There's not much room here.
Oh, (ASIDE) this really is my lucky tie.
-Very nice.
-One ticket to Vampire Vixens 3, please.
MAN: Two tickets for Vampire Vixens 3, please.
-Stop stressing, Vlad.
-Stop stressing?
There's a policeman upstairs, and two fully grown
vampires running loose in Stokely.
-You don't know that!
Your dad might have been fried to a crisp by now.
At least it can't get any worse.
RENFIELD: [humming]
-Where did you get that hat, Renfield?
-It was a reward for good service.
-Mmm-- Master told me to burn it, but I kinda like it.
-Oh, no.
He's really gone and done it now.
I'm going to find Dad.
Robin, stall the policeman.
Renfield, get rid of that hat, and have the day off.
-Woman, please.
-Certainly, miss.
That's five pounds thirty.
-Five pounds thirty.
Yep, thank you.
Enjoy the film.
-Thank you.
-Magazine, madam?
-Vampire Vixen 3?
You've got to be kidding.
-We can go if you want.
-Hi, Ingrid!
-Don't mind if we sit here, do you?
Don't fancy yours much.
-He won't be long.
He's trying to find his glasses.
-Are you sure we haven't met?
April 2005, you reported seeing a UFO landing in Stokely wood.
-Oh yeah, that.
-Had all the emergency services out at 3:00 in the morning.
-Well I definitely saw something.
-Not a single shred of evidence.
No evidence that there wasn't a UFO.
-Mina! Mina, listen.
It's me.
I'm in a spot of bother.
-Eric, I can't talk now.
I'm on my way up to the castle with Elizabeth and Mr. Count.
-No, no, no, no, wait don't go to the castle.
-What do you mean, don't go up to the castle?
Look, we've been through this before.
I'll see you later.
-No, Mina!
Mina, Mina!
You're in danger!
MAN: Hello?
Is anybody home?
-Yes, can I help you?
-My car has broken down in the storm.
I need to use your phone to call for help.
-Oh, yes.
Come inside.
You are just in time.
-In time for what?
-For dinner!
-Why don't they just bite him and get it over with?
They're so pathetic.
-Oh, I don't know.
They're pretty hot.
Sorry, but I do.
I'd love to go out with a vampire.
Attractive and deadly.
A great combination.
-Off we go then!
-Mr. Count?
Can I have a word?
I'm on to you.
There are rules and laws in this country that must be abided by.
-Just exactly what are you insinuating?
-You can't just go around hunting
and killing as you please.
-Ready, Mr. Count.
-Yes, of course.
We'll see about that.
-More tea?
But you can tell me where the toilet is.
-Could you hold it just a bit longer?
I'm sure they won't be-- right.
Mr. Branagh, have you seen my dad?
-You just missed him.
He took off, feeling guilty, I suppose.
-It's barbaric, that's what it is.
Blood sports like that might be acceptable in Transylvania,
but not here.
-Look, you don't understand.
So we come from Transylvania and live in a spooky old castle,
but that doesn't mean we're vampires!
-I just thought he was hunting without a license.
-Good grief!
I've got to save her!
Come back!
-It's in here.
There's a, um, light in here somewhere,
I've just got to find it.
-C Oscar from 280 requesting immediate back-up.
I repeat, immediate back-up.
[radio chatter]
-Will, did you mean what you said,
about going out with a vampire?
-Yeah of course, why?
-There's something you should know about me.
-I'm a vampire.
-Oh, OK.
-No, really.
I am a vampire.
-Well, I, uh, I believe you.
-Where are you going?
-As far away from you as I can get!
-Oh, looks like trouble.
They fight, then they kiss.
What's that about?
-Stop her!
She's biting him.
She's a vampire!
-Of course she is, it's a vampire film.
-No, her!
-Come on, you.
They're vampires!
Do you hear me?
-Wait for me!
I'm a professional!
[country music playing]
Arrest that, that vampire.
-Ian, you're making a spectacle of yourself.
-Oh no.
I've seen that look before.
Where is he?
-Get away from him, Mina.
He's a vampire.
-You'll never change.
I don't know why I believed you ever would.
-Who are you people?
-That's my Dad.
-Ah, makes sense.
UFO's, vampires.
I can see where you get it.
For your information, this man has single-handedly
caught one of the most dangerous criminals
in Britain, a man we've been after for years.
You should be proud.
Thanks to your dad, we can all sleep safely in our beds
He's a hero.
-I'm telling you, Dad.
She was biting him right there.
-On the neck?
-No, in the cinema.
-The vampire arrogance of it.
No question about it, Jonno.
They're getting out of control.
-We've got to do something.
-Oh I intend to.
Attacking a slayer is one thing, but preying on the blood
of innocents is a different matter.
-So it's war?
-And I know whose side I'd rather be on.
Jonno, load the guns.
-Good shot.
-You've disobeyed me, Ingrid.
I am very, very angry.
What's that on your collar?
Human blood!
I've bitten a breather.
I guess that makes me the only real vampire
in this castle after all.
-Never underestimate the prince of darkness.
-Oh, Mr. Count.
What a pleasant surprise.
-Yours, I believe.
-Oh, of course.
Thank you.
Oh, I'm sorry for leaving in such a rush.
Can I offer you a cup of tea?
A bite to eat?
If you insist.
-Come on in.
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Young Dracula - BBC Series - Season 2 Ep 11 "Eclipse"

2077 Folder Collection
yi published on February 1, 2015
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