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[theme music]
-I had a great time.
-Me too.
Well, this is me.
-What are you two playing at?
-It's not me.
It's-- it's her.
I have first claim on all new prey.
-He's not your prey.
He's my boyfriend.
-And its my castle, so I'll bite who I want to.
-Look, Ingrid.
Perhaps you should stay away from Will.
This close to your transformation
you've got no control over your powers.
-You worry too much.
I meant to do it.
-That's Will again.
Don't answer it.
-He's my boyfriend, and no one is
going to stop me kissing him good night.
If you tell anyone about this, bat-breath,
I will chop off your tongue and feed it to Renfield.
-I think I'm in love.
-The Staff of Carpathia, a new attraction at Stokely Museum.
Legend has it that one blow from the staff
will cure the curse of vampirism.
Robin, this is brilliant!
Oh yeah.
-Come on.
-Thanks for coming today, Chloe.
I really appreciate it.
-Who couldn't resist the chance to authenticate
a historical artifact like the staff?
-Out of everyone I know, just you.
-Oh, map!
-I don't suppose Ingrid--
-She thought you were Will.
Get over it.
-I know, but.
Right, so we're here, and the staff is there.
Anyone know which way to go?
-It's this way.
-I'd go with her.
She's usually right.
-When I suggested a family day out,
this isn't quite what I had in mind.
-Well, on a Sunday in Stokely, it's
either the museum or the bowling alley.
-Oh, well I like bowling.
-I'm banned.
There was a theme night.
Some of the staff were dressed up as vampires.
You don't want to know the details.
-Some of these exhibits
-Calm down, Jonno.
They're not real.
-Are you sure it was the count?
-I knew it.
He's out to destroy the Staff of Carpathia.
-Well, you can't go after him.
Mum will go mad.
-Leave your mother to me.
Honestly, Jon.
You're getting a bit old for that, aren't you?
-What's this?
-Jonathan wants to play hide and see in the museum
like we did when he was little.
All right.
Just this once.
Count to 100 and come and find me.
-I don't know.
Screaming at the exhibits?
Playing hide and seek?
We're going to have to toughen you up a bit.
-It's down there and left at the severed head.
It really smells like the plague in here.
-It's sort of familiar though.
-Moldy cabbage with a hint of toejam.
Week old armpit sweat.
-Put those rats down.
-What rats?
Ow, ow, ow, ow ow.
-What are you doing here?
-Where's dad.
-I lost him.
Um-- but he's definitely not here,
and we're not after the staff.
-If your dad's after the staff--
-That means it's got to be for real.
Thanks, Renfield.
-Please, don't tell Master.
You forced it out of me.
-Oi, Ozzy Osbourne.
Keep away from the exhibits.
-You may address me as Count.
Well, Count, rules is rules.
Now back off.
I told you.
Stay away from the exhibits.
Go on then.
[bell rings]
Who says I can't control my powers?
[bell rings]
Isn't anyone going to get that?
COUNT: Put that down.
-How did he--
COUNT: I said, put it down.
-What did I-- Where are you?
COUNT: I'm in your body, you fool.
-You seriously expect me to believe that?
COUNT: Look in the display cabinet.
[bell ringing]
-Do I have to do everything around here?
To be opened by Count Dracula only.
In your dreams.
-Leave that alone.
You should have seen your face.
You'll regret that, you mangy mutt.
-The staff's still here.
-So's my dad.
-Sorry, Vlad.
I think your dad's dead.
-Well, of course, he is.
He's been dead for 600 years.
This is an old vampire party trick.
Their lifeforces can leave their bodies.
-So he could be anywhere?
-Pretty much.
He'd never for far, unless he was in trouble.
I have to find him.
You two look after his body.
We'll have to move him.
-I'm not touching it.
-Where do you hold a vampire?
-80, 81--
-Shouldn't you be counting to 105 or something?
-I always give him loads of time.
He's rubbish at hiding.
-I know.
I would always find my Christmas presents.
-You going to be
-Of course, now that your dad's given up that vampire nonsense.
He has given it up, hasn't he?
You know what?
I'm going to stop him-- find him.
-So Daddy's got a brand new throne?
Wouldn't he just hate it if I sit on it first?
-I don't think you should do that.
-Good job it's not up to you then, isn't it, furball?
Now get lost.
Did I just do that?
[inaudible] I'm sorry.
I didn't mean-- Or I'll drain all your blood!
[chuckling] Will you stop that?
-What do you mean "ugh?"
Look at me!
I haven't seen my reflection for 600 years!
-That's the face of pure, unadulterated evil!
-Yes, yes.
But look at the bone structure, those brooding eyes!
-We'll just sniff in here for a quick snack.
You'll be elevensies, and you'll be half elevensies.
And then we'll find the Master.
-Get out.
Get out of my body now!
-And where do you suggest I go?
You can go into him!
-I would rather be stuck inside a rotting badger.
-What have you done, you--
-Oh dear.
-Oh, this is bad.
What happened?
-The Count's lifeforce is trapped inside me.
So his body's defenseless.
Go to the Staff of Carpathia exhibit and--
-Give him a nice bar of chocolate.
-Bar of chocolate?
I didn't say that.
It was the Count talking.
I meant-- [stuttering]
-Sing to him.
-You mean stake him?
-Don't even think about it.
-Try and stop me.
-That's my boy.
-J'ai mal a la tete.
-Oh dear.
That bang on the head's turned him French again.
Renfield, go find the staff of Carpathia.
-Allez chercher la Baton de Carpathie, vite.
-Uh-- oui, Maitre.
-I don't even speak French.
You'd be surprised at what you can do now I've moved in.
How do you fancy draining the blood from a large mammal?
No running!
-He's gone.
-Well, I'm going to find him and turn him into dust.
-Not if I find him first.
-I said, no running!
-Doesn't seem right leaving Count Dracula in a boiler room.
-I'll be fine.
Just leave me a bottle of blood-- bottle of blood.
-You do know, his lifeforce could
be looking at you right now.
-Candles on.
Candles off.
Candles on.
Candles off.
This is so great.
Candles on.
-I am so undead.
-I don't want to say I told you so.
But I told you so.
That's it.
I warned you.
-I can't find Vlad anywhere.
Can you smell burning.
-I'm in control, slayer.
-No, you're not you blood-sucking beast.
-There you are.
-Well, hello.
What a joy you are to behold.
-Thank you.
-Jonno not found you yet?
-No, he's-- uh-- he's rubbish at hunting me.
He'll be here just yet.
-Well, I'm starving.
Do you fancy a quick bite?
-Hm, my dear.
-You're being very romantic all of a sudden.
I like it.
-I told you I could smell burning.
-Ou se trouve la Baton de Carpathie?
I'm the French peasant.
You're supposed to be the French aristocrat.
Can't the agency get anything right?
-Ah bon?
-Come on.
Let's get you into costume.
This way.
-The mortal cage.
The Carpathian [inaudible] Staff.
-See anything you fancy?
-Oh yes.
I think I'd like some garlic bread.
-I'd forgotten what beautiful eyes you have.
-What's got into you today?
-You'd be surprised.
That looks nice.
-Away, foul demon!
-I preferred it when you were saying
nice things about my eyes.
-I'm sorry, Mina.
I-- am going to go find Jonno.
I can do this.
I just mustn't think about blood.
Sorry about that.
-Um-- for you.
-So what do you fancy?
The museum?
-Actually, I've got a favor to ask.
-Uh-- anything.
You want me to fix this?
-Think you can threaten my family?
I'll teach you.
Hope you're wearing your sunblock!
Burn, vile monster!
-Why aren't you burning?
-I'm protected inside your body, slayer.
This is fantastic!
I haven't felt the sun in almost 600 years.
Slayer, enjoy.
You've made up my mind.
I'm going to stay in your body forever.
-Over my dead body!
-If you insist.
-It's OK.
I'll live.
-I don't want to look.
-It's only a drop of blood.
-You don't understand.
You have to leave.
-Who'd have thought you'd be squeamish
about a tiny drop of--
Don't say a word.
-I can't understand that girl.
-Where's my dad?
You're supposed to be looking after him.
-Don't worry.
He's OK.
We've hidden him in the horror exhibition.
-Let's go.
-The staff, it's gone.
Call the police!
-But you've got the staff.
Guard it with your life.
-Come on.
This vampire fiend won't leave my body!
There's nothing for it.
You'll have to stake me.
-Dad, get back in your own body right now.
I'm alive, Vlad.
For the first time in hundreds of years
I can feel the blood pumping through my veins!
Said It's fantastic.
-Do it, Jonno.
Finish us both off while you can.
-Mon maitre!
-Now, Jonno!
Let's get him now!
-Here you are.
Well, hello, Mr. Count.
I didn't know you were here today.
What a coincidence.
Well, it's nice to see you again.
Shall we go?
-Now I remember why I don't hang out with you guys anymore.
-He'll never notice.
-It was the staff that drove you out of Van Helsing's body,
wasn't it?
It does cure vampirism.
-Oh, don't be ridiculous.
It was just the shock of that useless lamp hitting me.
-So why did you go to the museum to steal it?
-I didn't steal it, breather.
It's mine.
It's my favorite backscratcher.
I lost it 400 years ago, and I've
never been able to replace it.
Want a try?
-Why did I get my hopes up?
-Don't give up, Vlad.
-Repeat after me, Renfield-- you're a genius, Master.
-Vous etes un genie, Maitre.
My head!
Your Renfield is back!
-I can't tell you how little I care.
Poor Vladdie.
He'll never know he held his dream in his hand.
Oh goodie.
My new throne!
[ending theme]
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Young Dracula - BBC Series - Season 2 Ep 9 "Body Swap"

1719 Folder Collection
yi published on February 1, 2015
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