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  • Singapore is an island republic. It is governed by a written Constitution, which forms the

  • supreme law of the land and sets out the functions and duties of the various branches of government.

  • So how does the Singapore Government work?

  • 3 branches,

  • NEA, Ministry of Education.

  • I don't know.

  • Executive council of something.

  • Organs of states, ministries and stat boards.

  • The Executive, the Legislative and the Judiciary.

  • The three branches of government consists of:

  • the Executive, the Legislative

  • and the Judiciary.

  • The Executive branch of government is responsible

  • for the execution and enforcement of laws,

  • as well as the administration of public affairs

  • The Executive branch consists of the President,

  • the Prime Minister and the Cabinet.

  • Executive authority is vested in the President

  • and it is exercisable by him, the Cabinet and any

  • Minister authorised by the Cabinet.

  • The President is the Head of State while the Prime Minister is the Head of the Government

  • and leads the Cabinet.

  • The President's functions were largely ceremonial from 1965 until 1991.

  • In 1991, following a major constitutional amendment,

  • the office of the President became an elected one and

  • the President was conferred certain powers over the government's spending of Singapore's reserves

  • and over appointments to key public offices.

  • The President appoints the Prime Minister, who commands

  • the confidence of the majorityof the MPs.

  • On the advice of the Prime Minister,

  • the President appoints other ministers from the MPs to form the Cabinet.

  • The Cabinet is responsible for all government policies

  • and the day-to-day administration of the affairs of the state,

  • and is collectively responsible to Parliament.

  • To run the country in a suitable democratic way.

  • Parliament is a meeting to discuss national issues.

  • To help Singaporeans.

  • To keep singapore in order.

  • To draw up legislative laws?

  • The Parliament is the legislative branch in Singapore.

  • The functions of Parliament in Singapore include

  • making laws,

  • controlling the state's finances

  • and checking on the actions of the Executive.

  • As of December 2013, there are 99 seats in Parliament.

  • Of these, 87 are occupied by elected MPs

  • while the other seats are occupied by 3 Non-Constituency MPs

  • and 9 Nominated MPs.

  • MPs are elected into Parliament via the General Elections

  • which are usually held every 5 years.

  • When the General Elections are called for,

  • Parliament is dissolved.

  • The third branch of government is the Judiciary

  • whose role is to interpret and apply the laws passed by the legislature.

  • The judiciary operates independently from the legislature and the executive.

  • There are 2 tiers to the court system in Singapore

  • - The Supreme Court and the State Courts.

  • The Supreme Court consists of the High Court and the Court of Appeal.

  • Serious crimes and civil cases with claims exceeding $250,000

  • are heard in the High Court, while the Court of Appeal

  • hears all appeals against any decision made by the High Court in its original jurisdiction.

  • The head of the judiciary is the Chief Justice who sits in the Court of Appeal

  • alongside the Judges of Appeal.

  • The other judges of the Supreme Court

  • are the Judges of the High Court

  • and Judicial Commissioners.

  • All judges (including the Chief Justice) are appointed

  • by the President, if he, acting in his discretion, concurs with the advice of the Prime Minister.

  • The State courts hear cases involving less serious crimes and civil claims below $250,000

  • and comprise of the District Courts, Magistrates courts, Juvenile Courts, Coroners' Courts

  • and Small Claims Tribunals.

  • Now that you know how our government is organised.

  • Let's find out more about how laws are made in Singapore.

  • Or check out to find out more!

Singapore is an island republic. It is governed by a written Constitution, which forms the

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The Singapore Government Explained - Part I: The 3 Branches of Government

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