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Hi guys, me and the Food Tube family together with our friends at LV
are here to help you guys out!
You've told us what your biggest cooking headaches are
so together we'll show you our secret tips and tricks which will change the way you cook forever.
So here you have it, how to poach the perfect eggs three ways.
Super, silky, gorgeous eggs every time
The only way to poach the perfect egg is if you have really, really fresh eggs, end of story.
When it gets to the shopping don't go to the front, go to the back and get your eggs.
Even if you have to knock them all over go to the back because they're going to be the freshest ones.
Next, bring your water to the boil, that means that there's bubbles
Take it off so they subside. Look at the water, there's no bubbles here guys, it's just poaching.
Poaching is not boiling. Boiling will smash the eggs all around. Poached egg, gentle.
My egg, you crack it into there and you just plop it in
And if you have lovely fresh eggs you're gonna win most of the time.
Some people say put some vinegar in the water, really? Why?
Yes it does firm up the egg but it tastes like vinegar so what I would suggest, don't bother.
As far as cooking is concerned, roughly around three minutes is gonna give you a softish egg
Then it's down to you to use your noddle.
So get in there. So I'm just touching that and you want it to kinda feel like a lovely, fresh, springy mozzarella.
A nice little poached egg, it's cooked to perfection.
So there you go, a basic poached egg on toast.
If you haven't got fresh eggs I do have a few little tips. First up, if you spin your spoon around in the pan like this
and then you get your egg and plop it in the middle, if you see the inertia of the water is wrapping it around the yolk
So while we cook that I've got some lovely asparagus here. Now I've dressed it with a little oil, a pinch of salt, a little lemon juice
If you look in here now it's kind of cooking quite nicely. You can see how it's just wrapped around
So let's have a little look here. Let's bring that up. You can see it's more pouchy now.
So look, on the asparagus. I'm just gonna season it with a little salt, a little pepper. Of course just stabbing it a little bit so it oozes
And I'm just gonna shave some lovely bits of parmesan over the top like that
If you're cooking for yourself that's a nice little cheat that'll give you a nice product
But when I'm poaching eggs I'm doing five/six.
So I have a little technique. You get some food safe Clingfilm, okay? Just get a little piece of it like that, put it into a little bowl
Put a tiny little bit of oil and just rub it around. Crack in the egg. The nice thing also is that you can flavour these as well,
you can put chopped herbs in, you can put some harissa in there which is that lovely, spicy, chilli paste.
Pull in the sides like this and tie it in a knot, it's really easy and what that's gonna do is give you that perfect shape
that really guarantees perfection. I'm gonna plop that straight into our water.
So let's open it up. Just get a knife or a pair of scissors and just snip off the end.
You know you can put herbs in there, chilli in there, spiced truffles, flavoured butters.
But look, perfection. Absolutely cylindrical, perfect. Soft, delicate, gorgeous. So how do you cook your eggs?
If you want me and the food Tube team to solve any more of your problems in the kitchen, with LV, then just tell us in the comments box below
and don't forget, please guys, share it on your social media, comment, like and of course subscribe if you haven't subscribed already
because Food Tube is free, nothing to lose.
For more tips and tricks on these cooking basics that can trip us all up check out the link below.
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Perfect Poached Eggs - 3 Ways | Jamie Oliver

14860 Folder Collection
khungfc published on February 1, 2015    Jamie 榕 translated    Mandy Lin reviewed
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