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In this video: 00:11 6 Copywriting Tips For Beginners
00:27 Tip #1: Write Lots Of Headlines 01:33 Tip #2: Understand Your Reader And Understand
Your Audience 02:08 Tip #3: Make Specific Claims
02:59 Tip #4: Use Proof And Use Evidence In Your Copy
03:49 Tip #5: Tell Your Readers Where To Go! 04:22 Tip #6: Add Scarcity / Urgency In Your
Do you want to learn copywriting?
In this video I’m going to give you 6 copywriting tips for beginners.
6 Copywriting Tips For Beginners
Hi, this is Jesse from StartCopywriting.com and in this episode, we’re going to talk
about really 6 copywriting tips that you can use if you’re a beginner, you’re wanting
to learn copywriting.
Tip #1: Write Lots Of Headlines
Now, you’re probably only going to use only 1 headline in the copy you’re writing but
write lots and lots and lots and lots of headlines because your headline is the most important
element, the most important piece of copy in your entire ad. If it doesn’t grab people’s
attention, get them interested, they’re not going to read the rest of your copy. So,
write lots of headlines until one really stands out to you and really grabs your interest
and that will be the one you use.
I’ll give you right now a simple template for writing headlines. One I’ve used over
the years and that is “How To (Benefit) Even If (Obstacle)” or you could replace
‘Even If’ ‘Without’. So that becomes “How To (Benefit) Without (Obstacle)”.
Now all you need to do with whatever copy you’re writing is to insert the benefit
where it says benefit and the obstacle which is whatever obstacle your readers are going
through into a headline and that’s going to help you. For example, it might be “How
To Buy A House Without A Bank Loan”.
Tip #2: Understand Your Reader And Understand Your Audience
You really shouldn’t sit down write any copy unless you could intimately understand
your reader. And you want to know things like what keeps them up at night, what are their
problems, what do they really, really want but they’re not getting and of course how
you could help them. So, do some basic research on your prospects, on your ideal customers,
on the people who are going to be reading your copywriting. Understand them deeply before
you sit down and that way you can ensure you hit all the hot buttons when you’re writing.
Tip #3: Make Specific Claims
Too many times in copywriting, we make big claim but it’s not very specific and therefore
isn’t very believable. Basically, with any claim you make, you want to see if you can
also be specific in your claim because that’s going to make people believe that claim. Copywriting
in a real basic nutshell is making claims and then proving that those claims are true.
So an easy way to do that is to make your claim specific. And we do that by:
using numbers using statistics
using any kind of numbers you can in your copy
An example of being specific might be instead of saying “How To Lose Weight With This
New Program”; you might say “New Program Guarantees You’ll Lose 7 Kilos In 7 Weeks”.
Tip #4: Use Proof And Use Evidence In Your Copy
Again, there’s so much mistrust in the world, there’s so much advertising out there that
we stop to switch off and we also don’t believe a lot of what we’re reading. What
you want to do is backup your claims with proof.
Now, there’s so many ways you can use proof, I like to call them credibility indicators.
Some of those might be: testimonials
case studies photos that demonstrates your product in action
there might be statistics there might be... if its proof about you and
that you’re an expert, it might be any qualifications you have, any achievements you could talk
about and things of that nature
But at the very basic level, you should be including case studies and testimonials and
even statistics or anything that add weight and adds proof to your claims.
Tip #5: Tell Your Readers Where To Go!
Now, I’m not being rude, what I mean by that is tell them what you like them to do
next and that’s having a strong call to action. Too many times in copy, they have
no call for action or very basic call for action or too many options, too many calls
to action and as a result, people just don’t know where to go. What you want to do is make
it clear, make it obvious, tell them precisely what you want to do when they order, when
they buy or when they register or whatever it is that you want to do, tell them where
to go.
Tip #6: Add Scarcity / Urgency In Your Copy
My final tips is add scarcity and add a sense of urgency in your copy. Basically, what will
happen if people don’t take action of that you’ve described to them, what will happen
to them if they don’t take action, how will they lose, how will their life basically stay
the same.
You may use scarcity and urgency when: it’s a limited time offer
it’s a special discount for a limited time you may only have a certain number of seats
in a seminar you may have a limited amount of stock that
you’re selling
Whatever it is, have that urgency, have that scarcity but more importantly, have a reason
for that urgency, have a reason for that scarcity and make sure it's real, don’t make things
up that are not true.
Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed these 6 Copywriting Tips For Beginners. If you want to watch more
videos like this one, definitely check out my website over at StartCopywriting.com.
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6 Copywriting Tips For Beginners

5609 Folder Collection
khungfc published on January 29, 2015
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