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Hi, I'm Aimee Bateman from Career Cake TV.
Now, I've been speaking to the fabulous guys over at
Firebrand Talent Set.
And we wanted to create a video that would really add
value to job seekers who were going for interviews.
So we're going to talk about my favorite interview
question, which is tell me about your biggest
OK, so some career coaches and recuiters might advise you to
pick something from your professional life.
However, unless the interviewer tells you to do
that, I think it's absolutely fine to pick an achievement
from your personal life.
Some of the best answers I've ever had have been personal
Now the reason is that it's really important that you pick
something that's genuine to you-- something that you're
really, really proud of.
Because when you start telling a story like that, you'll
still reliving all of the emotion that you
felt during that time.
You'll probably get a big smile on your face.
You'll probably sit up in your chair.
Your energy levels will rise, and you'll become more
engaging with the interviewer.
The way that you make that interviewer feel through body
language is also just as important
as what you're saying.
People remember the way you make them feel sometimes more
than when you actually say to them.
So as long as you're really genuine and passionate about
what you're talking about, that should be great.
Great answer.
However, keep the benefit in mind.
So we're having this interview, and we're probably
getting on great, but I'm always thinking about what's
the benefit to me?
What's the benefit to the job that you are applying for.
So if you are going to pick something from your
professional life, say, maybe, talk about
your leadership skills.
You were manager of the year.
That's brilliant.
And I suppose I get that benefit.
But if you tell me about something from your personal
life, the benefit might not be as obvious.
So make sure that if you tell me, maybe you've run a
marathon, tell me the benefit to me.
So that's when you would come in and say, well, everything I
put my mind to, I achieve.
I'm really self-motivated.
I don't like failing.
And that's the benefit, then, to me.
So just keep that in mind.
I would also say, keep it quite recent.
I remember asking a lady that was probably about 35, asked
her this question, and she told me her greatest
achievement was moving away to university,
moving away from home.
And yes, that was an achievement for me as well.
But I was thinking it was probably about 15 years ago.
And I'm looking for something more recent.
Also, this is going to sound quite harsh, and I don't mean
to sound harsh, but be careful not to become a victim during
this answer.
I know that sometimes people can focus on the negative
nitty-gritty of the situation they overcame, rather than the
positive of the actual achievement.
So just be really aware of that.
And don't make it too personal.
I know that sometimes people can talk about, maybe, an
achievement is getting through a really messy divorce and
standing on your own two feet or getting over an illness--
all really, really great achievements.
I get that.
But just remember that certain people are more judgmental
than others.
And you just have to keep it really, really professional
and positive, really upbeat.
And my favorite ever answer to this was the chap that told me
his achievement-- that he sold the benefit back to the job he
was applying for, but then tell he told me that he felt
his greatest achievement was yet to come.
He hoped it would be yet to come.
And I loved that.
Absolutely loved it because that told me that he's one of
those guys that just wants to always go out and better
himself, always wants to achieve more
tomorrow than he did today.
And that's a great mentality to have when somebody's
recruiting into their team.
So hopefully that's added some value.
If you want to look at some more of my videos and get some
advice, this is my website.
Or if you want to go and catch up with the guys over at
Firebrand Talent Set, this is their website.
Thank you very much for watching.
Good luck with those interviews, and take care.
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Interview Tip: Tell me about your biggest achievement?

7483 Folder Collection
khungfc published on January 29, 2015
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