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  • Here it is: one ten-cent Coke with ice.

  • And don't take all day drinkin' it. Please.

  • Rats! I thought some of my friends might be here.

  • Probably a couple of weeks past their bed time.

  • There's Dee Dee. I hope she sees me.

  • Oh, shit. Dee Dee.

  • Hiya,John.

  • - What do you say, Al? - Not much.

  • You think if I brought my Mopar by the shop on Monday...

  • you could spot-weld the bumper bracket?

  • Sure, anything.Just come by before noon, all right?

  • - You met Linda? - No, no. Hi, Linda.

  • This is my cousin, Carol.

  • I'm baby-sittin'.

  • - Baby-sitting! -Jesus! Watch it, will ya?

  • Been hittin' me all night. Kids will be kids, you know.

  • Goddamn it! Why don't you grow up, for Christ's sake?

  • We don't get along too well, you know?

  • - Been like this all-- - You spastic creep.

  • Hi, cousin. How's your bod?

Here it is: one ten-cent Coke with ice.

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American Graffiti (4/10) Movie CLIP - This Is My Cousin, Carol (1973) HD

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