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[theme music]
-Get off!
For garlic's sake, Boris, you were sleep flying again.
-Was I?
-Face it, you're becoming a vampire.
-I can't be.
I'm not turning 16 'til next week.
-Why do you think I had to ban Robin from the castle?
-That was a misunderstanding.
I was just squeezing a spot on his neck.
-What, with your teeth?
Not a good sign.
Look, I hate to say this, but I don't
think we can share a room anymore.
-You're throwing me out?
-Well, no.
Well, yeah.
There's a spare coffin in the crypt.
-The crypt?
With the dead people?
-We're vampires.
Dead is our middle name.
-Don't do this, Vlad.
I can protect you from slayers with my ultra-sharp vampire
Nothing can take me by surprise.
IVAN: We heard screaming.
COUNT DRACULA: Have you scoundrels
got a victim in here?
-Just doing a bit of flying practice, dad.
-Oh, pity.
-Get out here, boy.
Show me your fangs.
A bit under-developed.
Not to worry.
We'll start small, just a few cute bunnies.
-You mean kill them?
-No, take them synchronized swimming.
Of course, kill them.
COUNT DRACULA: You want to be a vampire, don't you?
-I, I don't know.
-Well, you'd better make up your mind, and fast.
-Like there's a choice.
Are you saying there's a choice?
-Oh, look at that, it's six in the morning.
-Coffin time.
-I feel sick.
-Five across.
About Boris'--
I know.
That boy is softer than a thousand year old zombie.
-His transformation.
Is there a choice, a way to get out of becoming a vampire?
-(WHISPERING) Get out of-- get out of becoming a vampire!
-Well, is there?
-Well, I'm not going to lie to you, Vladdy.
-Good, because I can tell when you're lying.
Your eyes glow yellow.
-Do they?
-Well, I never knew that.
That's the trouble with having no reflection.
-Anyway, you were saying?
COUNT DRACULA: I was saying, being
a vampire is your destiny, and nothing you can do
will ever change that.
Is that clear?
Just one question.
Why are your eyes shut?
RENFIELD: Sick again Master Boris?
A nice bit of rat in cockroach sauce
will soon have you feeling better.
-Master Boris?
-I said-- ow!
[sucking noises]
I need blood!
-That's the last time you get breakfast in bed.
-Don't give up.
I think there's a way out of becoming vampires.
-You're serious?
-I don't know yet.
But we're going to find a way.
INGRID: Right, you little gremlin.
What have you done with my stuff?
-Like, I don't even know what you're talking about.
-My sunglasses and nail varnish.
They're over there.
-Prepare to enter a world of pain.
OLGA: Um, I'll take a raincheck, because right now, it's
time for you to go to school like a good little breather.
-Don't ever call me that.
OLGA: Why?
What are you going to do?
-You think you can challenge the princess of darkness?
OLGA: No, but I can whip your butt from here to Halloween.
-Oh, you're on, maggot muncher.
Whoever commits the most evil deed by tonight is the winner.
-And the loser has to sing and dance with Renfield
wearing a frilly pink dress.
-When do we start?
-What about school?
-School is for breathers.
[schoolbell ring]
ROBIN: So how can I help?
-You really want to?
-Of course, if it'll stop your freakish cousin
dribbling down my neck.
So what's the plan?
-Well, Boris is doing some research up at the castle.
I'm going to look on the internet.
-So shall I come to yours after school?
-You know you can't.
It's too dangerous right now.
So until you and Boris find a cure,
I'm stuck at home like a loser.
-Robin, this isn't about you.
I'll just spend time with my other friends.
-I have got other friends.
-Of course you have, of course you have.
[bell rings]
[bell rings]
-Ah, agent mole.
Ready to debrief?
-So, Vlad doesn't want to be a vampire,
and he's trying to find a cure.
-You're getting that master plan look in your eyes again.
-Correct, Jonno.
-My greatest plan yet and it can't possibly fail.
-It's kind of our theme tune.
-And this is the final chorus.
With Vlad's help, we can rid Stokely
of its nasty vampire problem forever.
This time, there'll be no mistakes, I promise.
-You promise?
I mean, no garlic guns, no puns, no totally
rubbish female disguises?
No, and I'm deeply hurt.
Jonno, the time has come to show you my secret slayer's HQ.
-You've got a secret slayer's HQ?
Why didn't you mention this before?
-Can I trust you, Jonno?
-Of course.
Have I ever let you down?
Put these on.
-Do we really have to go through all this?
-Afraid so, Jonno.
The less you know, the less you can give away
when you're captured and tortured by vampires.
-Thanks, dad.
COMPUTER: Please speak name clearly.
-Eric Van Helsing.
COMPUTER: Voice recognized.
Access granted.
-I know.
I've waited a long time for this moment.
-Garlic guns!
-Forget the guns.
Behold our noble heritage.
JONNO: Who are these guys?
ERIC: My grandfather, Abraham Van Helsing the Third,
and my father, caught in the very act of slaying.
Look at that action.
-Dad, the plan.
ERIC: Patience.
Now this is my great, great, great,
or something, Aunt Porfiria.
-Nice looking woman.
-Yes, she was.
She was also a slayer, a scientist, and inventor.
I want to show you the greatest secret of the Van Helsings.
-Is it some sort of superweapon?
An amphibious slay-mobile?
-Not just any books.
Porfiria's finest work.
A Painless Cure for Vampires.
Only 20 copies were ever printed.
Her secrets, her discoveries, they're all in here.
JONNO: She was locked up.
-She was a misunderstood genius.
Jonno, are you ready for your first solo mission?
-What do I have to do?
-I want you to take Robin Branaugh out of play.
-You mean kill him.
-Nothing so pleasant.
I want you to make friends with him.
-To keep him away from Vlad.
Divide and conquer.
-All right.
While I'm doing this, what are you going to do?
-We must have been through half the books in this place.
Haven't you found anything yet, Zoltan?
ZOLTAN: There's a chapter here on vampire cures,
but I don't think you're going to like it.
BORIS: I'll try anything.
-The surest and the most effective
cure for vampirism is--
-Yes, yes?
-A stake through the heart.
-Maybe not.
Any other ideas?
ZOLTAN: You could kill the person who made you a vampire.
BORIS: I was born a vampire.
ZOLTAN: So that would be your father.
Or the oldest member of the clan.
BORIS: Granny Dracula?
No more hand-knitted capes for my birthday.
It's a win-win.
ZOLTAN: Master Boris, that's granny-cide!
ZOLTAN: Hmm, a painless cure for vampires.
This is it!
Muah, muah.
Porfiria Van Helsing.
Whoever you are, I love you!
After many years as a slayer, I have discovered that vampires
can be cured by-- by-- well, by what?
Come on, come on.
-Master Boris!
Control yourself.
-What are we going to do now?
-I suggest you talk to Van Helsing.
BORIS: She must have died years ago.
ZOLTAN: I was referring to Mr. Van Helsing.
The teacher?
From Vlad's school?
-You think they might be related?
-If blood sucking doesn't work out,
have you considered a career in rocket science?
I need to talk to Vlad.
Is it me or does this place smell like garlic?
-Plan B.
-Look, I'm sorry about before.
I know you've got plenty of friends.
Name three.
-There's me, there's Chloe, there's me.
-I'm sorry I got so wound up.
It's just, well, the thing is, you are my only friend.
You're like the only one I can really talk to.
-What are you doing here?
-I'm sorry, I'm so excited.
-Do you know what I mean?
What is his problem?
-You know what his problem is?
He's a ruthless, bloodsucking monster.
-Don't talk like that about my best mate.
-Best mate?
-A painless cure for vampires.
It just leapt right out at me.
-That's amazing!
Where's the book?
-I got a little overexcited.
I kind of flamed it.
-Oh, Boris.
BORIS: But get this.
It's written by a lady called Porfiria Van Helsing.
Zoltan thinks that--
-Van Helsing knows something.
I know what to do.
-Boris, get back to the castle before you
get the munchies again.
-You don't know anything about me or Vlad.
-I know this much.
Vampires don't have friends, they only have victims.
-Vlad's different.
-Of course he is.
OLGA: So, ready to see my evil deed, loser?
INGRID: Whatever.
OLGA: Surprise!
INGRID: You've cleaned him up.
-Round one to me, I think.
Tools are not for fools.
-Robin, I need your help.
Oh, that's right, I exist.
Whenever you need a favor.
-Are you OK?
-All right, Robin?
-All right, Jonno, mate.
-I was wondering, do you want to come around mine for tea later?
What, to your carver?
Sure, I've got nothing better to do, have I, Vlad?
-Hang on, are you inviting me to yours?
-You know I can't.
I'd love to, mate.
-Oh, bum.
-I've hypnotized them.
They think they're eating spaghetti.
OLGA: Hmm.
That is quite evil, but if you do this.
-Hi Ingrid.
-Hey boys.
IAN: What are we doing here?
OLGA: Why don't you take a look?
IAN: I'm going to be sick.
OLGA: Mm, squirmy.
-You did this.
IAN: You are evil.
OLGA: Temper, temper.
Get in his mind.
I'm Van Helsing, I'm bald and I stink of garlic.
VLAD: Not bad.
Let's hide all of Porfiria's secrets
in here, Jonno, ha ha ha.
-Oh, yes!
VLAD: Boris.
BORIS: In here, Vlad.
-What are you doing?
-Hiding from your dad.
He's trying to make me bite rats for practice.
You found-- you found another copy?
Every vampire family possesses a blood mirror.
This mirror holds the power of the vampire clan.
For if their mirror should break,
every vampire of the blood will turn
to his natural, mortal state.
-His natural mortal state.
Vlad, we've done it!
VLAD: As soon as we smash that mirror, we have.
Come on.
BORIS: Vlad, a little help.
-Oh, sorry, sorry.
-Thank you.
VLAD: Zoltan, finally.
Where does dad keep the blood mirror?
ZOLTAN: I can't tell you that, Master Vlad.
Your father would knock the stuffing out of me.
I'd end up as a wolfskin rug
-There's a squeaky bat in it for you.
-There's a secret entrance to the coffin in the castle crypt.
-You children spread everywhere, like moldy verrucas.
What are you doing?
-We found a secret passage, Renfield.
-Do you want to have a look?
RENFIELD: Let me out!
VLAD: Last one.
RENFIELD: Let me out of here!
-This is it.
-Shouldn't you be practicing your dance routine?
-Shut up and listen, coffin breath.
I don't like you and, well, I just don't like you.
But we have to work together against the boys.
Vampires don't do collaboration.
-If you don't help me, you'll never be a vampire.
-As if.
-Our zombie brain brothers are trying
to smash the blood mirror.
-The what?
-Trust me.
If they succeed, we'll all become mortal.
So what's it to be?
Start helping, or start breathing?
-What's wrong?
-What if something's down here?
Something waiting for us.
-Come on, Boris, let's just keep moving.
BORIS: Vlad?
-Come on, Boris, you can do this.
-Vlad, what's happening?
-It's a vampire castle now, it's protecting the mirror.
-So it's trying to kill us?
That's not fair.
-Let's go back.
-Come on, Boris.
We have to do this, but slowly.
RENFIELD: Let me out!
INGRID: Renfield!
-Where did the boys go?
-Secret passage.
[muffled shouting]
OLGA: If they smash that mirror, they are so dead.
I mean, undead.
I mean, you know what I mean.
I'm winning, I'm winning.
Sorry, it's just, these days I can never beat Vlad.
He's really good.
-This two player game is cool.
I mean, usually it's just me and my dad,
and he's not into things that's, you know, fun.
-At least he doesn't spend all his spare time
blogging on www.blockeduptoilets.com.
My dad's a plumber.
-I knew that.
-Well, keep it to yourself.
Do you ever get jealous of orphans?
A word.
-What's the problem, dad?
I'm just gaining his trust, like you told me.
-Don't get too close.
All we have to do is keep Robin out of the way
long enough for our plan to work.
-What plan?
What have you done to Vlad?
JONNO: Nothing.
We're just trying to help him.
-You're slayers, why would you help a vampire?
-Vlad needed a cure, and we knew the secret.
-What secret?
Somewhere inside Castle Dracula is a blood mirror.
If it's destroyed, every vampire returns to his mortal state.
We knew Vlad wouldn't trust us.
ERIC: So we planted a book for him
to find telling him what to do.
He'll smash the mirror, no more vamps in Stokely,
everybody's happy.
-That's all right, then.
Nice one, Mr. Van Helsing.
-You're not even going to ask if there's a catch?
-But you just said everyone's happy.
-Think about it.
When the mirror is destroyed, every vampire
returns to its mortal state.
Count Dracula is over 600 years old.
Oh, for the love of garlic.
Branaugh, when the mirror gets smashed,
the Count will just be a pile of bones and ashes.
ROBIN: You two are sick, you know that?
I can't believe I trusted you.
You're a bigger psycho than your dad.
-Let him go.
Vlad found the book hours ago, it's probably all over.
-Dad, I'm not sure we've done the right thing.
-Nor am I, Jonno.
Let's go and check that he's definitely dead.
We don't know what the castle's going to try next.
We've got to be ready for anything.
-Vlad, look out!
I am the son and heir of Count Dracula.
Show me where the blood mirror is.
BORIS: Neat.
-Let's go.
-Where is everyone?
-Try the crypt, Robin.
It's very popular today.
IVAN: That, brother, is check--
Can you hear that?
-The squeaking?
-No, no, not that.
That, that.
-It's just the offspring playing in the crypt.
-Anyway, as I was saying, check--
-Oh, it's no good, I can't concentrate
with all this noise!
RENFIELD: Get me out!
COUNT DRACULA: Stop all this garlic awful noise immediately.
-Master Vlad's trying to smash the blood mirror.
-Unfortunately, my Vladdy would never do a thing like that.
-Uh, brother.
-How naughty, I'm impressed.
Still, I suppose we'd better stop him.
What are you doing?
-I thought you'd just shut me back
in the coffin like everyone else.
-All right, if you insist.
-Well, what are you waiting for?
-I don't know.
Something doesn't feel right.
INGRID: You are so weak, Vlad.
Everything you've ever wanted is right there in front of you.
You just don't have the guts to take it.
ROBIN: Vlad!
Don't do it, you'll kill your dad.
-What, no, he'll just return to his mortal state.
And he's 600 years old.
-He'll crumble to dust.
I almost killed my own father.
Now we're both going to end up evil.
VLAD: Don't you understand?
If we kill our dads, we're more evil than any vampire.
-Good point.
-Vlad, Boris, Olga, the other one.
What's going on?
INGRID: Hello daddy, and goodbye.
-No, no!
You, you, you've turned me into a breather!
INGRID: And I've killed your dad.
OLGA: Yeah, whatever.
-Slain by my own daughter.
You're so grounded.
-Guess this means I win the bet, right?
-You did this for a bet?
That is evil.
IVAN: Uh, I can't help noticing I haven't disintegrated.
-Speak for yourself, I'm falling apart.
-No you're not, dad, because you'd never
miss the chance to become a vampire.
Where's the real blood mirror, Ingrid?
-Well done, breather boy.
COUNT DRACULA: Oh yes, I thought it was bigger.
-You, you--
-Princess of darkness is the phase you're looking for.
Speaking of which, shouldn't you be
getting changed around about now?
-I can't believe the Count and his brother are still alive.
-They might not survive this.
RENFIELD: If you're ever down a well--
-Ring my bell.
-If you're ever up a tree--
-Just fall to me.
-And if you ever lose your teeth and you're out to dine--
-Borrow mine.
RENFIELD AND OLGA: It's friendship,
friendship, just the perfect blendship.
When other friendships are being forgot, ours will still be hot.
Friendship, friendship, just the perfect blendship,
when other friendships have been forgot, ours will still be hot.
[theme music]
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Young Dracula - BBC Series - Season 2 Ep 3 "Mirror Mirror"

2214 Folder Collection
yi published on January 29, 2015
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