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  • All right, baby. Here we go with another call.

  • -Answer the phone, dummy. - Pinkie's Pizza.

  • You got anymore of those secret agent spy scoops?

  • Hit parade on astethoscope?

  • No, secret agent spyscope, man...

  • that pulls in the moon, stars, the planets...

  • and the satellites and little bitty spacemen.

  • You have the wrong number, partner.

  • Wait! What did you say?

  • Quick. Quick. Hang a right.

  • - What? Why? - Steven, cut over to "G" Street.

  • I just saw a vision. I saw a goddess.

  • Come on. You gotta catch up to her.

  • - I didn't see anything. - Come on, Curt.

  • We can't be spendin' half the night chasing girls down for you.

  • Laurie, this was the most perfect, dazzling creature I've ever seen!

  • - She's gone. Forget it. - She spoke to me.

  • She spoke to me through the window! I think she said, "I love you".

  • That means nothing to you people?

  • You have no romance, no soul?

  • Someone wants me. Someone roaming the streets wants me.

  • Will you turn the corner?

All right, baby. Here we go with another call.

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