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Waddup invaders, Chris here today with my good friend --- Jay from DreyAnVic.
And we're going up to girls and sticking our fingers in their bellybuttons for kisses. Let's do it!
So if I can stick my hands in your bellybutton, I get a really really quick kiss, OK? OK.
I got it, come here.
I love you, come here.
All right, so what we're going to do is we're going to play a little game. I am "in" for your bellybutton, if I get it, I give you a quick kiss. OK? OK. I want your cool jacket.
All right. Oh, damn, boom. That's...hahaha.
Oh, you're so..., oh my god. I might get another kiss, I get another kiss. All right. That's is.
So we are playing a really quick game, if I can touch your bellybutton, I get a really quick kiss, OK?
All right, so let's have a little bit second. All right, I got it, you know, come here.
I love you, come here.
I'm gonna try to in your belly, if I get it, I give you a quick kiss. OK. All right, oh I got it.
Thank you so much for watching guys. Please be sure to check out Drey's channel, clink right here or link it also in the description, subscribe him.
We've got an epic friend coming to his channel, you are not going to miss it. Yeah!
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Kissing Prank - Belly Button Poke

221330 Folder Collection
許允迪 published on January 29, 2015    許允迪 translated    Ashley Chen reviewed
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