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Love this place because it feels like you’re just hanging out at your mom’s and she’s just cooking stuff.
Mom! – For this Fung Bros’ episode…
Yes Tim, you want da grindz?
What’s going on everybody? Welcome to another episode of Fung Bros Food.
Today we’re taking it off the mainland of America and onto the island.
What island?
Hawaii brotha!
Today we’re at Aloha food factory in Alhambra, California.
We’re gonna get all da grindz brotha.
The grindz!
I am so excited. I’m hungry man.
I’m starving.
But Tim, we have to verify if you’re a true Hawaiian or not,
because actually in the previous episode we said you’re from Japan.
We just made that up.
You grew up in Hawaii but your parents are from Japan.
I’m what you would consider like a textbook Japanese Hawaiian person.
And you know what usually makes you more appealing as a Hawaiian?
What? – You’re just big.
Basically you’re legit to talk about this stuff. – Aw yeah!
We’ve got some spam musubi.
Musubi is a staple bento for any, like, school person.
Elementary school, middle school, high school, you get musubis.
Hawaii is the number one consumer of spam in the United States.
It makes sense.
Sucka’s pink and meaty.
That’s why you like them.
Alright let’s go in.
In Hawaii, any kind of emphasis you just say, “Hoo!”
I love how it has the saltiness from the spam, a little bit of grill.
You got the rice, you got the sweet teriyaki sauce and the seaweed really tops it off.
Alright Tim, Hawaiian Sun, is this native to Hawaii?
This? Everyone since they were little had been drinking these.
So is Hawaiian punch even comparable to this?
Hawaiian punch is like fake brah.
But he was on the wave surfing.
Pour up, pour up.
Hoo brah this drink is so ono!
Alright the poke dish. It’s like flavor sashimi.
This is hot right now. In the food world, I know that people are about the poke.
Poke! Poke! Poke! Poke!
But it’s actually called po-ke.
We living that poke-life.
How often is this eaten in Hawaii? Is it an everyday thing?
It’s actually a special occasion thing.
Poke is actually pretty expensive.
I mean, it’s sushi.
Okay! The musubi was dope. The poke was dope.
But we gotta get in…I’m hungry.
We need da grindz! We need da grindz!
So we got saimin here, which is actually a Chinese thing but then Hawaiians took it,
so it’s like Chinese, Japanese and Pilipino.
Damn, all those influences.
Yeah, all that into one dish.
That’s crazy!
Tim, this does taste somewhat like the saimin ramen that you made.
Yeah, it has that, like, home feeling to it.
Why do Hawaiians like poke so much?
Because they’re wild boars in Hawaii.
Alright so, Hawaiians they love stir-frying things.
Like everything that my dad made at home was stir-fried.
What I’ve noticed with all the vegetables they’re cooked. You guys don’t really keep them raw, is there a reason for that?
I don’t know.
Tim, I feel like this stir-fried saimin could use a little soy sauce.
We don’t call it soy sauce in Hawaii. We call it Shoyu.
Man, I don’t know how we’re gonna finish all this.
We need help!
How’s it going?
I got you the Lilikoi Passion.
So we’re joined by our other Hawaiian friend Caroline.
Caroline you’re from Oahu. What does that mean?
Basically, anyone that thinks when we’re from Hawaii thinks we’re from Oahu.
Waikiki, everyone thinks that just Hawaii, but really, it’s just one of the islands.
Tim, you’re not from Oahu.
I am from Hawaii, the actual big island.
Is there beef between Hawaiian islands? Let us know!
There’s a little beef between schools, but on the mainland, everyone’s cool.
Is there a handshake you guys could do to represent peace?
Alright, do a hug, do a hug!
I’m out!
Magic moment!
Next two dishes are the two most Hawaiian dishes that we can eat today.
Basically find these in like Kaluha.
Kaluha Pork and Lau Lau.
So, Kaluha pork is cooked underground in a thing called an emu.
Mmmm, emu. And is usually served with cabbage.
I got the cabbage, I got the pork I got the rice
Juicy. Is that juicy or what? Juicy.
Salty, a little sweet.
Am I wrong in making the assumption that there are very few Hawaiian vegetarians?
No, you would not be wrong. Hawaiian’s like their meat.
Let’s not forget about my favorite.
I’m a Mac Salad connoisseur by the way.
A lot of Mac Salad in American deli’s they’re all like very soupy and water, but this one it’s like a clump.
It sticks together, brah, like the people.
What’s this called? Lau Lau.
So let’s unwrap it, unveil it.
Look at the juices.
Mm, you know, you got a little bit of sweet teriyaki sauce, with the rice,
saltiness and the moisture, with the leaf and the pork, it’s crazy!
Alright, I’ve been eye-ing this the whole time, cuz I know a moco in Spanish means crazy
So is this Crazy Moco? Yup it’s crazy moco!
Ride the wave bro.
Basically Portuguese sausage is the staple sausage.
You don’t hear about Bratwurst, you don’t hear about nothing, it’s just Portuguese sausage is the way to go.
So far, I feel really part of the island man
Guys I got to ask, those really Americanized tiki bar restaurants, what do you think of those spots?
I like those spots.
So is it Hawaiian? Is it real?
I don’t know about that one. It’s kinda like a Hawaiian Pizza.
Hawaiian Pizza’s not Hawaiian?
No, just because you throw some pineapple on there doesn’t make it Hawaiian.
Chicken Katsu. This is actually a traditional Japanese dish, but they’ve modified it.
Yeah, katsu in Japanese is usually served with pork. Hawaiians serve it with chicken and teriyaki sauce.
We have 2 final things, a volcano burger, and macadamia nut pancakes.
That’s crazy.
If you want to go the really local style, just gotta use your hands.
Pass the burger down?
Just cut crazy slices like that. Let me hook you up there girl.
The chopped macadamia nuts on top just add that little crunch, a little sweetness, a little nuttiness in there.
Breakdown for me what is pidgin?
So pidgin is Hawaiian slang. When everyone from different countries came to work in the plantation farms.
They took Hawaiian, English, and then their own language, and that’s how pidgin came up.
Broke da mouth is basically saying this was so good.
Da kine.
See?! - Yeah!
Thank you.
I can taste the Aloha.
I taste a lot of coconut.
It has the Hawaiian flavors.
It’s taking me back to the Hanabata Days brotha!
What are hanabata days?
So hanabata days means back to the booger days, it's like back to my childhood.
The hanabata days brah.
Hawaii is such a unique and beautiful mix of all these different cultures,
and that’s why everybody in the world knows where Hawaii is.
I just love how Hawaiian food is very simple, it’s not complex, it doesn’t have a whole lot of elements but somehow,
they make it so delicious.
If you’re gonna come to the islands, we’ll treat you to the same hospitality that you’re getting out here, and that’s what we want for you.
In Hawaiian, ohana means family, and right now, I feel like we’re one big ohana.
All right, brotha, you guys, check out the video over there brotha, and check out that video over there,
And go to gummymall.com.
Subscribe to them, click all those, you know, buttons in the left and the right and down whatever.
Thank you, thank you, aloha.
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FUNG BROS FOOD: Hawaiian Food

437366 Folder Collection
Go Tutor published on January 27, 2015
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