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Ringly is a smart jewelry accessories that connect to your phone
and let you know about the things that matter most to you.
I think wearable tech is still in its infancy stage right now,
so you're seeing a lot of really cool devices come out,
but I think there aren't a lot of companies focused on the style part of wearable tech
and that's what the Ringly trying to solve.
Ringly designs jewelry and accessories that connect your phone to alert you about
incoming calls, text, emails or even app notifications.
The New York-based startup has created a new line of rings
that subtly vibrate or light up the Ringly's mobile app
to help users decide when and how they want to be notified.
The way it works is you connect your ring to your Ringly mobile app
and then you can control how you want to be notified.
So let's say you want to be notified every time you get a text message.
You can set that up, so your ring will vibrate and flash a little color in a text message.
So we wanted it to be very discreet, so we have a little daimond on the side of the Ringly
where the color shines through, and we have five different colors that we're using
and you can set different colors for different notifacation types.
The rings are 18-karat gold-plated with a matte finished,
and all the technology behind the jewelry rest under a semiprecious stone
or the LED light shines through the side of the ring.
We're launching with four different styles so
we use semiprecious stones, so we're launching with a black onyx
a rainbow moonstone, an emerald, a pink sapphire.
The startup currently has seven full-time employees and has so far raised
$1 million dollars in seed funding from investors.
It all started just one day and I was so frustrated like
I kept my phone in my purse and I always missing important calls and text messages.
Men keep their phones mostly in their pockets,
and women sometimes we don't have pockets. Uh so we tend to keep our phones in our purses.
And one day I was just looking down at my fingers and I wear a lot big rings
I just thought I wonder if I could put technology in here that will help solve this problem.
And so right now yeah it's solving a need for women
and it's doing so through jewelry.
Ringly will begin taking pre-orders on its website starting on June 10,
and the startup plans on releasing its first line of jewelry in the fall 2014.
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Wearable Tech Worth Wearing: Watch Ringly Unveil Its 'Smart' Ring

4823 Folder Collection
Derrick Chen published on January 26, 2015    Derrick Chen translated    少少 reviewed
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