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  • Hi this is Rob Frank and this is my interpretation of the meaning of Come Together by

  • The Beatles

  • The most common interpretation of the song's meaning is that each verse represents a

  • different Beatle. So the

  • first is

  • George Harrison

  • the holy roller

  • then Ringo Starr who enjoyed drinking coca-cola a lot apparently

  • you shoot coca-cola

  • Then John Lennon

  • who was seeing Yoko Ono at the time, hence the Ono side board

  • and

  • Paul McCartney

  • particularly the line got to be good lookin cause he's so hard to see is reference to

  • "Paul is dead"

  • And as a side note, if you look at the Abbey Road cover

  • there is a reference as well to "Paul is dead"

  • John Lennon is God, leading the way

  • Ringo would be the

  • priest

  • Then Paul McCartney is the corpse -- you can see that he's not wearing any

  • shoes

  • George Harrison is then the grave digger

  • So that was just a little

  • side note there

  • And in the end of the song, they all come together

  • However, I think that an alternate explanation here would be that

  • Each verse represents all four Beatles

  • Plus their producer

  • George Martin who

  • was referred to as one of the candidates for the fifth Beatle

  • particularly for his work with this album

  • I think that the flat top that's groovin up slowly could be a

  • reference to George Martin and then you've got "holy roller," George Harrison

  • then jJohn Lennon, and then "got to be a joker he just do what he

  • please" could be Ringo Starr

  • If you really notice

  • each verse has five different "he"s

  • "He" is repeated exactly five times

  • I'm not sure

  • who's who in every verse

  • But

  • the walrus I believe could be referring to Paul McCartney

  • you know Ono sideboard would be John Lennon

  • I don't know about

  • the next ones

  • One and one and one is three could be a reference to the "Paul is dead"

  • Got be good-lookin cause he's so hard to see

  • So

  • I think that

  • personally

  • I tend to lean toward the first interpretation

  • But I do believe that the second is another possible interpretation

  • and

  • really the who was who for each verse is also debated

  • but I feel that

  • like i said

  • there's almost

  • a lot of difficulty to tell who is who in each line in the second interpretation

  • and I do think

  • the idea is that these are a lot of inside jokes within the band

  • so there you have it and i hope you enjoyed this song meaning analysis of Come Together, and for more song

  • interpretations please feel free to see my website at Song Lyrics Meaning dot com

  • and thank you for watching

Hi this is Rob Frank and this is my interpretation of the meaning of Come Together by

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The Beatles - Come Together Meaning

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    Summer Hu posted on 2015/01/25
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