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I always like to talk to you about what I read about you in the news and things you did.
As ... besides Gatesletter, ah... you also ran the news for...
You had something to do with this invention.
- The Omni... - Processor.
Yah, we challenged engineers, to make something that can take sewage...
And very inexpensively get rid of sewage.
Because, ah... sewage...
It's bad...
It causes a lot of disease.
Mostly diarrheas.
Because people don't have good sanitation system.
We said, it's way too expensive, the way that the rich countries do it.
Make something that we can put throughout Africa, and get rid of all that sewage.
And you change it into water that's...
Drinkable water.
- Absolutely. - And you drank it?
So you... on one hand you've got sewage.
Then on the other end...
You got sewage.
You get some...
No, then you get some electricity, and you get water.
And... ah...
Yah, and then you get water.
This is interesting.
Because we actually have two glasses of water.
That's right!
This is the ultimate taste test.
We think you'll be able to figure this out.
Well, I already get to guess.
I've guessed which one is the sewage water.
Ah... the ah...
But one is bottle water.
One is the sewage water.
But we're gonna...
We're gonna drink.
And then we're gonna see.
We're gonna reveal which one is which.
You bet!
You do, yah, you do bet.
That's the taste test.
See now I am thinking, 'cause you're smart.
No, you get to pick.
Yah I know, I get to pick.
I told them how to set this up.
Yeah yeah yeah, okay.
It's too easy.
Yah, it's reverse psychology.
Yah, you might be right.
I never wanna gamble against Bill Gates ever!
You know what?
I think you're too nice.
So I am gonna let you switch it out.
And then I won't even look at the number on the thing.
All right.
There you go.
All right.
On the count to three.
One, two, three.
What do you think?
Which one did you get?
Make it sure that you drank it.
I know, now I know.
This one I think it tasted pretty good.
You just drink yours, cheers!
I'm pretty confident...
That that was...
This is the bottle water.
Well, that was rigged.
It was all... all poop water.
That was both poop water?
You're unbelievable, Bill Gates!
I can't believe you did that to me.
Gosh! Really, that was it?
Yeah, but that's as pure as any water that you've ever had.
It tasted really good.
Yah, no that's the...
That was good poop.
You gotta change its name.
The machine... the machine is pretty miraculous.
How did you... how did you...
How was that possible?
How did I just do that?
Well, you boil it, you filter it.
That's what engineers know how to do.
We're... that'll be in Africa.
I think it works.
It tastes pretty good.
I gotta give it up.
Thank you, buddy.
Our thanks to Bill Gates! Go to Gatesletter.com
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Bill Gates and Jimmy Drink Poop Water

636465 Folder Collection
沈家后 published on December 23, 2017    沈家后 translated    Jerry reviewed
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