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Need to finish over the bigger defender when you drive the lane? Break out the Floater!
Hey Team Shot Science! Coach Tom here and today I want to show you a deadly move that
will allow you to finish in the lane, over the other team's bigs.
Now this move goes by many names; the Floater, the Tear Drop, the Runner, and sometimes even
the Giant Killer
But it's very basic purpose is to get the shot off a moment before the challenging defender
has a chance to meet you and block the ball, while also slowing your forward momentum so
you don't cause a charging foul by running into them.
Okay, so lets get down to business on how to perform this move.
To begin with, you'll have to beat your defender and have them trailing you.
And if you need help with getting that done, check out our "offensive moves playlist"
first and then jump right back into this video.
So your man's trailing you and you're attacking the lane.
All's good until you see that the big from the other team is stepping up and is getting
ready to challenge your drive.
At this point, you'll have to make the decision to take them all the way to the basket and
finish strong, or catch them off guard and hit them with a floater.
So lets assume that you've decided on the floater; you're going to need to consider
two take-off methods. One footed or two footed.
Both approaches require that you start your finishing footwork well before you get within
range of the closing defender.
But for this video, we're just going to cover the one-footed take-off, and if you'd
like to see the two footed variation, give this video a thumbs up.
Okay, for the one-foot takeoff, you're going to use the same "Run-Up" with the
1-2-&Up footwork that we teach in the Layups 101 video
You can essentially think of it like executing layup-footwork, but further away from the
basket and with the intention of slowing your forward momentum.
Now if you're going to shoot the ball with your right hand, you're right foot should
be the first step, or the "One Count," after your final pick-up dribble.
Your next step, the "Two Count," will then be with your left foot, which we call
the "Launch Foot" because you're going to be jumping off of it, up into the shot.
As you elevate the ball, you should swing up your shooting-side knee almost as if it's
attached to your shooting elbow with a piece of string.
Try to make this jumping motion as straight up and down as possible to try to eliminate
your forward momentum.
This will allow you more of a cushion between the defender, so you have time to get the
ball off, and will stop you from charging into them and picking up an offensive foul.
The last thing you want to do is come flying in full speed. Stay under control.
Now for the actual shot release, you want to loft the ball up with a very soft touch
and try to limit the rotation by dialing back your typical follow-through.
Just keep in mind that in this seemingly tense situation, you want to remain relaxed.
It's also required that you add a good amount of arc on the ball, to ONE) get it over the
defender's outstretched hands and TWO) give the ball a higher percentage chance of falling
through the hoop with a swish or a friendly bounce.
Just remember to slow your forward motion with proper footwork, focus on the nest as
your target, and have a soft touch!
So that's the Floater or the Runner. If you would like to see the two-footed variation,
you can click right up here.
I'd also suggest you check out our "Finishes at the Rim" video so that you have several
other options that you can use when you get down into the lane. You can click right here
for that.
Alright, stick around for our "Comment-Question" in just a second, but if you liked this video
or want to help the TEAM grow, PLEASE give us a "Thumbs Up" and a "Favorite."
And sharing this video with your friends would be huge! All of those things let us know you
want us to keep making videos for you!
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Secrets to the FLOATER! | How to shoot a Floater, Runner, Teardrop -- Shot Science Basketball

9086 Folder Collection
賽魯 published on January 24, 2015    賽魯 translated    許允迪 reviewed
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