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Hey, guys. It's Bex here. Welcome to 2014 and my brand-new videos for my series "You
Have Four Minutes for Meditation." Today we're doing a New Year's meditation, but if you
happen to be watching this on a day that is not New Year's Day, that's okay because every
day is yours to start brand new. First I want to give you a few instructions
on how to set up for meditation. I want you to find a quiet spot. It doesn't have to be
a silent spot. Just get somewhere peaceful and quiet where you won't be distracted or
interrupted. Then find a comfortable place to sit. This
can be on your couch, on a chair, or on the floor on a pillow like me. Find your easy
seat. This can be with one foot in front of the other, one foot in half lotus, or in full
lotus -- whatever is comfortable for you. Meditation is supposed to be easy, so I don't
want you to struggle with your physical posture. Now that you've found your comfortable seat,
I want you to begin by closing your eyes. This will allow you to remove the distractions
out of your line of sight. Then gently place your hands downturned on your knees or upturned
to receive the energy around you. I want you sitting nice and tall, so with
your next inhale, go ahead and breathe your shoulders up to your ears...exhale your shoulder
blades down your spine. Hummmm... One more time. Inhale up to your ears...exhale
down your spine. This will place your shoulder over your hips. Your chin should be parallel
to the floor. And we are ready to meditate. New Year's is a time for renewal, a time for
rebirth. Let us first imagine a white light that will bathe all of the events, struggles,
heartaches, and even victories away. Imagine that white light entering the top of your
head and filling your entire body with goodness as it passes through your face. It fills your
head, your torso, pass your heart, your belly, your hips, down pass your legs and into the
floor. This beautiful white light is filling you
with peace and calm, cleansing you of any worry, regret, frustration, disappointmentl
and again, even happiness and victory attached to memories of the previous year. Today is
our day to start brand new. Continue to pay attention to your breath.
You may hear noise coming in from your environment. That's okay. Allow them to float into your
mind, and then gently push them out like you were batting away a floating balloon.
Use the same method to deal with thoughts that may arise. They float in, and then you
bat them away. At this point, I'd love to give you a New
Year's mantra, an offering, a gift from me to you that I want you to repeat, either out
loud or in your head, as you inhale and exhale: "Whatever I've done, wherever I've been, today
is my day to start brand new..." "Whatever I've done, wherever I've been, today
is my day to start brand new.." "Whatever I've done, wherever I've been, whatever
has been done to me, today is my day to start brand new..."
Continue to repeat that mantra, aloud or silently. Allow it to fill your heart. Allow your breath
to follow the words. You can stay here in meditation, or with your
next inhale, you may open your eyes... And that's it. There's your New Year's meditation.
I hope you enjoyed it. If you did, please leave a comment before. Check back every single
week for brand-new meditations from me. Or if you'd like to sign up for my weekly newsletter
using the link in the video description, I will give you a whole list of beautiful mantras
that you can meditate on. Thank you so much for watching. I love you,
guys. I'll see you again soon! Get free meditations, mantras, detox, diet
tips and so much more when you sign up for my weekly newsletter. Just hit that "Subscribe"
button to get it delivered straight to your inbox every week. You can also click on the
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Meditation for New Beginnings - How To Meditate for Beginners - BEXLIFE

1520 Folder Collection
Eating published on January 23, 2015
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