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Lies, lies, lies, alright FitLifer, today we're talking about how you and how I lie
to ourselves every single day. What are the biggest lies, how do we deal with them, then
I'm going to give you some tangible tools that you can use to implement. Lie number
one is I don't deserve this. Have you ever said that? Maybe you didn't say it, but maybe
you feel that so that's the energy that you're putting out into the universe, and when you
feel like you don't deserve, guess what happens, nothing comes into you. I've seen people over
and over and over again like they caught up in this lie that they don't deserve it, you
know they did something bad in the past, they have this guilt about something that happened
in their life and now their lives are wrecked because they feel like they don't deserve
it. So, stop telling yourself that lie, change your mindset around that. Another lie you
tell yourself is I can't do this. Have you ever said that one? I can't life that much
in the gym, I can't run five miles, I never had before, I can't afford those new shoes
that I really want, I can't be in the perfect relationship because I'm stuck in this relationship
that I'm in. Have you ever told yourself that lie FitLifer? I know a lot of people do and
a real easy switch for this lie, is to first recognize that you're telling yourself that,
and instead of saying I can't, tell yourself you can because you do have the power to do
whatever you want, but you have to believe it first in order for everyone else to believe
in and in order for it to come real in your life. Lie number three and you've heard me
talk about it before is the I'm bored. I'm bored is one of the biggest lies that I hear
all the time from people that are working nine to five jobs all across the country working
for somebody else and they say I'm bored, you know, I'm just, I got to do something
because I'm just so bored and that's one of the biggest lies. You see, we got to recognize
why we're bored first of all, are you doing something that you're not that vehemently
passionate about, something that doesn't wake you up jumping out of bed in the morning to
really pursue your life goals. If that's the case, you're not really tapping into that
experience, I encourage you to start to shift and the fastest way to shift out of that is
being give centric. Start to give more in your community, give more of yourself, give
more of your family, and that will snap the boredom right out of you FitLifer. This one,
this lie right here, I hear it all time because I'm a coach, I help people with their physical
fitness, their mindset, everything else, is the justification lie. The justification lie
is this, you know I went to the gym Drew, I ran ten sprints this morning, and I can
eat five cookies then, that's the justification lie. It's just defining why you're doing something
else, okay? Have you ever used the justification lie? If you have, it's a dangerous trap and
it keeps you from really getting the goals in your life, especially physically. This
is the most overused disgusting lie that I hear all the time. People are like, well I
worked out hard all week, I worked out, you know, I went to work every single day, I made
my money and I'm going to go out to the bar on Friday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, I'm
going to drink with my friends and I'm going to sabotage all my results. That's the justification
lie, and that's a really really deadly lie FitLifer. One that I encourage you break away
from right away. Alright and the fifth lie and this is another one that you probably
have said or maybe you heard somebody out say, c'mon, admit it, is I'm stressed out.
I've said this before and when we say we're stressed out, we're not taking personal responsibility
for our own actions, we're putting it out on the world, we're putting it out on things,
the events, the other people, the situations that we have coming into our present moment,
and we're getting outside of ourselves, leaving it in that area. You see, a tool to get back
to that is to really recognize that you have the power to eliminate all the stress already
inside of you but you have to recognize that it starts with you, you have to be the change
like on you said right? So start to change the way that you're thinking about the stress,
it's not I have to do these things, it's I get to do these things, it's I get to create
these, it's I get to go to these meetings, it's I get to shoot this mindset Monday videos,
and whatever it may be FitLifer start to say that you get to versus you have to, the stress
levels will start to go down, if you're trying to lose weight, you're trying to get that,
manifest that perfect body that you've always wanted when we're stressed out, cortisol goes
up, cortisol's that hormone that lets to store that fat and you look like a bacon sweater
and a hotdog, you know what I'm talking about. So break free from the stress, eliminate the
stress and stop telling yourself that lie. Alright, so who won the book last week, now
remember this is for YouTube people only, we got a lot of stuff going on over on Facebook
as you can see here we're above six hundred thousand fans on Juicing Vegetable page, if
you haven't added that yet, make sure you do, but today we're talking of YouTube peeps
because we love you and we want to encourage you to leave comments so who left the comment
last week who's winning the book, TheBethany1013 she's winning the book, what are we going
to send out to her, what book is she winning this week? Can I get one of those? We got
Body Mind Mastery by Dan Millman, if you ever read the peaceful warrior yet, great book
as well, absolutely love it, this has all types of different tips, tricks and tactics
that you can implement in your life to completely transform, TheBethany1013 it's going out to
you. So to win the book next week, I want to hear how you're going to apply what we
talked about today FitLifer, what did you learn and then what's happening by leaving
a comment below, so real simple and easy, the book that we're giving out next week is
Start Something that Matters, okay? This is an amazing book by Blake Mycoskie, he's the
guy that started Toms, you know the shoes that everybody seems to be wearing, I'm actually
diggin, I think they're comfortable and every shoe that you buy he donates a pair, really
cool story about how he started his business gives you lot of inspiration as an entrepreneurial
or a startup company or as an inspiration in your life, do something that means something
this book's coming out to somebody next week that leaves a comment below this video, I'm
looking forward to seeing your transformation, Drew Canole here, remember we're in this together
and I'll see you next week.
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5 Biggest Ways You Lie To Yourself

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Joeyang published on January 21, 2015
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