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Hello and welcome to Todd's kitchen. About a week ago i made caramel in a can
and everyone loved it because it was just so simple to make and you can use it on desserts or
even in recipes. Today i am going to make a different version but its just as simple.
So join me today as i make my version of caramel in a microwave.
okay so to start off with and this is how simple it is, into a bowl
we are going to pour in half a cup of corn syrup or glucose syrup depending on what country
you're from
Then to that a quart cup of melted butter. All the ingredients are in the
the half a cup of sweetened condensed milk
Then a quarter teaspoon of salt just to enhance the flavour
Then half a cup of white sugar and half a cup of brown sugar.
And yes you do need the brown sugar so i highly recommend that you use it. So using a
give that a very good mix around
until it is completely combined. So once it is mixed through what we are going to do now is
place this into the microwave on high
and place it in there for six minutes. But every two minutes
take it out and give it a very good stir. Next i have a baking dish here
and i have lined the base with some non stick baking paper
and left some over hang as it makes it easier to pick it up. So while being extremely
careful because this is
very very hot, we are going to pour that caramel onto the base
And make sure you wash the bowl straight away other wise you will have a harder time later on
So what we are going to do is let this cool down for a couple of hours then place it in the
fridge for a couple of more hours then it will be ready.
okay so i have just taken this out of the fridge and its
set. So it should just pull straight out.
and there we have our lovely
block of caramel. So just use a warm knife
and we are going to start making some slices.
And there we have it, some lovely lovely caramel
Now this has to be the easiest way i have ever made solid chewy caramel
Now my microwave is eleven hundred Watts so if yours is greatly less say six hundred then just add
thirty seconds to the time and it should be enough. But enough of that lets see what its like
As you can see its
and and soft
That is defiantly very chewy. Caramel has always been
one of my favorites flavours ever. I guess you could say its one of my
so for someone who loves Carmel i can honestly say this is fantastic, it really really is
but the best part about this caramel is it tastes simply delish
So if you are a huge caramel fan like myself and like most other people
Give this a go because i know you will love it. Thank you for watching this episode of Todd's
A list of ingredients are down below as well as links to my Facebook, Twitter and Home Handy Hints channel
Please do me a huge favour by giving this video a thumbs up, leave a comment and
subscribe and i'll see you next time for another
Delicious recipe.
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13925 Folder Collection
藍月星境 published on January 17, 2015
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