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Ro: Hey guys, it’s Ro, I’m here with my sister Mo today.
Mo: Hello! Ro: She’s in town visiting, and I asked you guys in my latest
Ro: update video, what kind of fun video you would like to see my sister Mo and
Ro: I do, and we got so many requests. Mo: So many requests!
Ro: For the game Bean Boozled. For those of you who don’t know, Bean Boozled
Ro: is a game where you have 10 different colors of Jelly Beans but they come
Ro: in a pair, and one of them is the actual flavor, and one of them has
Ro: been, been boozed flavor, a gross flavor.
Mo: So you don’t know if you’re getting tootie fruity, or stinky socks.
Mo: Or, if you’re getting chocolate pudding or canned dog food. So it’s
Mo: a surprise and you don’t know until you’re chewing on it.
Ro: Yeah, so we’re each gonna take 1, and 1 of us is gonna get the yummy one
Ro: and 1 of is gonna get the gross one. Mo: Like skunk spray.
Ro: And we’re gonna keep score. Yeah, eww skunk spray? Mo: Skunk spray!
Mo: Our first bean is the black bean, and these can either be licorice or
Mo: skunk spray. Oh god… Ro: Is this, is this tricking you?
Mo: OK give me this one. Ro: Let’s do it like this, ready? Mo: OK, ready?
Ro: OK. Mo: OK.
Mo: Licorice.
Ro: Oh! Mo: Did you get skunk? Ro: Oh! Oh! Mo: Oh I smell that. I can smell that!
Mo: They were not kidding about that. Ro: Oh, oh, oh gosh! Mo: 1 point Mo!
Ro: Eragghhh! Mo: Pfffft! Hahahahaha
Ro: Ohhhhhh!
Ro: So these are the green spotted ones, and the flavors are either juicy pear
Ro: or booger! 1, 2, 3
Mo: Mmmm, I got the pear! Ro: Pfft, pffft, pfffft! Oh gosh that’s horrid!
Mo: 2 points Mo!
Mo: What is that, what did that even taste like? Ro: Oh disgusting, you want,
Ro: here, you want it? Mo: No! That’s gonna smell like skunk spray and booger!
Ro: Booger, skunk breath. Hhhhhhi Molly, you’re the best sister in the whhhhhorld!
Mo: These are the ones that I am most afraid of. Ro: Molly’s nightmare, right here!
Mo: Peach or barf.
Ro: 1, 2, down it!
Mo: Peach, yeah!
Ro: That was the worst one! That’s the most… Mo: 3 for Mo!
Ro: Oh my god!
Mo: I like this game! Ro: I hate this game!
Mo: Here, you might get coconut, let’s keep going!
Ro: (Burps) Mo: Ohhhh wow! Ro: Oh I don’t feel good! I gotta be serious with
Ro: you right now… Mo: Was it gross? Ro: Like, the barf one, like, it’s like, flavored
Ro: with like, barf! Mo: Hahahaha!
Mo: Coconut… Ro: Mmmhmm! Mo: or baby wipes. Ro: Oh please.
Ro: Anything is better than that barf, so um… Mo: Oh your breath! Ro: Oh, hahaha!
Ro: MMMMMM! Mo: That’s baby wipe. Ro: I got baby wipe too!
Ro: We both got Bean Boozled, so it’s still 3-0. Nobody won on that one.
Mo: Now we have lawn clippings or lime. Ro: Maybe it’s just gonna taste like
Ro: wheat grass? Mo: That’s OK! Ro: That’s not bad!
Mo: Ready? Ro: 1, 2, 3!
Ro: I got lime! Mo: Oh I got grass.
Ro: I got a point! I got a point, I got a point, I got a point! I got a point,
Ro: I got a point, I got a point! Mo: Oh that’s way worse than I thought it was
Mo: gonna be. Well that’s like dirty grass, it’s not just like lawn clippings!
Mo: That’s like muddy grass.
Mo: Haaaaaaaa! Ro: Oh don’t, don’t, you don’t want to get in a war with me girl!
Ro: Because… Haaaaaaa! I’ll bring a tornado of funky!
Ro: The next one that we’re doing, you’re either gonna get buttered popcorn,
Ro: yum, yum, yum. Mo: That sounds good! Ro: Or, rotten egg.
Ro: 1, 2… Cheers! Mo: Cheers! Ro: Down the hatch!
Ro: Buttered popcorn! Mo: Buttered popcorn! Ro: We both win! Point for both of us.
Ro: OK, so it’s 4-2. Next flavor is either gonna be tootie fruity, so like a fruit
Ro: punch I think, or stinky socks. It’s gonna be like this, but in your face.
Mo: Oh my god, get that away from me! Ro: It’s gonna be, yum, yum, yum, yum, yum, yum
Ro: yum! Mo: You’re gonna get Bean Boozled, I’m not! I have a way better track record!
Ro: Molly, you’ve already been Beam Boozled! Mo: Stop!
Both: 1, 2, 3!
Ro: Mmmmm! Mo: Oh god! That whole cup just smells. Ro: Did we both get it? Mo: Awful!
Ro: Yeah, this cup, wanna take a whiff? Mo: No! Ro: Ugh!
Ro: Double Bean Boozled! Mo: We both got Bean Boozled. Ro: Why do they do that?
Ro: Alright, this ones not so bad, the light blue is either berry blue, or toothpaste.
Mo: OK, so these… Ro: I would take, I could use some toothpaste right now so I actually
Ro: want that one. Mo: Yeah!
Ro: Toothpaste. Mo: Toothpaste. I’m gonna. Ro: I’m eat, I’m eating this one.
Mo: Yeah, this ones going down the hatch. Ro: You got toothpaste too?
Ro: I’m changing the rules right now. Mo: OK. Ro: Toothpaste is a win!
Ro: Got the brown ones. Mo: OK, the brown ones are either chocolate pudding,
Mo: which I really enjoy… Ro: Mmmhmmm. Mo: Or, canned dog food.
Ro: Mmm! Mo: Uh-uh, uh-uh!
Ro: Oh that’s horrible, that’s horrible, we both got Boozled again!
Mo: What, what happened, I was winning and then we both keep getting Boozled!
Ro: How come they added so many doubles to our pack? I feel like they’re supposed
Ro: to add 1 good one and 1 bad one, but they keep adding 2 bad!
Mo: I think I need to change what I feed my dog!
Ro: Here’s the last one you guys, I guess either way I’m losing, but that’s OK,
Ro: I’m a good sport! Caramel corn, yum, yum, yum, or moldy cheese.
Ro: 1, 2, 3 bottoms up!
Ro: Oh, god, why?
Mo: Yeah I got caramel corn. Hahaha, that’s a great way to end!
Ro: Doo-doo-doo-doo, doo-doo-doo, doo-doo-doo! You have Mo, the official winner of
Ro: Bean Boozled! Congratulations Mo, I’ll give you this golf clap. Mo: Oh thank you.
Ro: Thanks? You guys for suggesting this really gross game, it was a lot of fun.
Ro: If you guys have any other ideas of any other fun games that Mo and I should
Ro: play together, let us know in the comments down below, leave me a comment!
Ro: Aaaaaand… Mo: We’ll put a link to these Jelly Beans down below, so you can
Mo: try playing at home and let us know what your favorite and not so favorite
Mo: flavors are. Ro: Yeah, I’ll also put some of Mo’s links down below.
Ro: She’s new to the interwebs, but she now has a Twitter, tweet, tweet!
Ro: And, Instagram. Mo: That’s right!
Ro: Alright, thanks again you guys, I hope you have a good weekend, bye-bye!
Ro: Here is you just suck on one of these! Mo: I’m gonna lick these both…
Ro: Then you’ll know what it tastes like. Mo: And give them to you!
Ro: Ugh! Mo: You OK there? Ro: Mmmm-mmm! Mo: Ohhhh no!
Mo: You know what, because I love you. Ro: Yeah. Mo: You can have that.
Ro: Thank you.
Ro: There’s a wall here. Mo: OK. Ro: We can’t breathe on each other.
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1740 Folder Collection
johnwalker120 published on January 19, 2015
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