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What's up athletes!
It's Paul.
I'm bringing you another tutorial once again.
This is going to be a muscle up tutorial.
I'm going to try to make this quick and
I am going to show you the excercises you need and
which strength training you can go through to get the muscle up.
First of all, as you can see in this video right here,
this is high pullups.
You're going all the way to your lower chest, maybe to your waist.
But look at my wrist.
On the video my wrist is bent so there's no way I can do a muscle up
with my wrist bent like that.
It is just going to break my wrist and
it doesn't work like this.
So whenever you are doing a muscle up,
your wrist has to turn as your body turns.
I am going to show you right now in one of my excercises.
So your wrist turns as your body goes over the bar.
Your hands are not always in the same place because that just stretches your wrist out.
So here is the high pullups you can do and
another excercise (and this is going to be preformed by my sister).
These are one-handed muscle ups, or
beginner muscle ups, as they're called.
Here, all you do is you one hand first...
Well, just look at the video demonstrated.
One hand over,
second hand over, got it!
Do it again
one hand over, second hand over,
Ahh... one hand over, second, got it!
Those are called beginner muscle ups.
They can give you the strength to go to a real muscle up.
I'd say do about 7 high pullups, like I showed you before.
High pullups, and at least like 15 to 20 dips,
because when you are going over the bar, that is a dip motion.
When you're pulling yourself up, when you're already over the bar,
and the between part, the transition, is mostly shoulders and forearms.
Because you're twisting yourself in with the forearms.
Twisting the bar out to go up.
So it's forearms and shoulders.
A lot of people have the strength to do it but not the technique.
Muscle up is strictly a strength move,
but many people do it like The Beast from Beast Mode:
he uses a lot of momentum.
But Hannibal for King uses a lot of strength.
Here's what you can do if you think you have the strength but you can't do it:
Here's something you can try to do:
Bend your elbows 90 Degrees like this and swing.
So you swing forward, backward,
and when you're going back, bring your body up and over.
So you're swinging forward, back, over.
And this is the one where you use momentum more, less strength.
when you get that on done, you are going to learn to do it with hands straight out,
and start from there.
Also use some swing because you are just starting.
You are learning it.
Swing forward,
when you're going back, that's when you pull yourself up.
So swing forward, use momentum on the way back to get on the bar.
This is the momentum one:
This is the momentum muscle up.
So this is what happens to the grip when you are used to momentum to do the muscle up.
You see, my hand twisted to up here,
because if you are just going like this,
your hand will straighten out and it's going to put pressure on your wrist.
So that's why, with the swing, you turn the hand.
Here's once again with momentum:
So you twist it.
This is the one with no momentum, this is just strength .
You put your hand over.
See how it goes?
When I get up, it's going to be in perfect position.
So you keep it in this position.
You go under.
Oh, this is better- try it on your wrist.
Just wrist over like this:
wrist over and do it on your wrist.
This is easy.
I mean this is easier than it looks.
It looks pretty hard but this is the best to get the strength for it.
See? Wrists over.
Go ahead and put it into a knuckle so it doesn't slip off.
Like this.
You won't fall because when you go up, see what it does?
You go like this:
You're holding on.
It won't slip off, don't worry about that.
And here it is with the grip:
Dig your wrist as far in there as possible and
this is how it's going to look with no momentum, just strength:
My legs come up a little bit,
It's just automatically.
Your abs press, making your legs go up.
Try to do this.
Decline muscle up:
You go up and try to go down as slowly as possible.
This is really hard.
I'm not anywhere close to doing it as good as this guy right here:
He's professional!
That's the best muscle up I've ever seen!
I'm not even close to that, so
I'm just showing what I can.
So go up, try to go down as slowly as you can.
Go up again and go down as slowly as you can.
It's pretty hard doing it when it's slippery.
There you go!
You got the perfect muscle up!
All you need is just training.
Keep training.
Keep working at it!
I want to see you guys progress...
Another thing guys,
thank you all for watching my videos and
When I get one thousand subscribers, I'm going to make a transformation video
so all you guys can see how I looked before doing all this stuff.
Go ahead and subscribe, tell your friends.
Let me know if I should do vlogs.
Maybe once in a while just talk about things, answer questions, and
I guess that's it.
Thanks for watching!
I'm Paul.
See you guys later.
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Muscle Up Tutorial: How to do a muscle up

2830 Folder Collection
許耀文 published on January 18, 2015
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