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- Well, hello everyone.
My name is Tyler Oakley and you may or may not know,
but I am good friends with these two
lovely men called the Fine Brothers.
On their Youtube channel, they have a series
called Youtubers reaction, which I am often featured in.
You can see this playlist right here.
It's all the times I've ever been on Youtubers react.
It's basically your favorite Youtubers
reacting to viral video hits.
But, today, I am not on their channel
because of Youtubers react.
Instead, I am on a little series called Teens React
and you may be wondering, Tyler, you're no teen.
How dare you.
No, I may not be a teenager.
But, I am still in this episode of teens react
and that is because, this week, they are reacting to me.
So, without any further ado, I will be giving you right now,
Tyler Oakley reacts to teens react to Tyler Oakley.
Okay, so are you ready?
I am about to push play. Here we go.
I'm nervous.
I'm nervous because I don't know
what anybody's gonna say about me and what if they're mean?
But I guess I've been on the internet for seven years.
I can handle mean. Okay, let's do this.
Well, hello everyone. My name is Tyler Oakley.
- Tyler Oakley! Oh my God, I love him!
- There are a few emojis that I have always wanted
that just don't exist.
- This is like, so hard for me to watch.
- Oh, this is gonna be good.
- Poop emoji, but it has a smiley face on it
and I'm just like...
- My hair's so green there.
- That's just not a happy experience.
So, maybe like a sad poop emoji.
What about a fetus emoji?
if you're about to give birth...
- They were like, not having it.
I guess I don't really think about who's watching.
I just make videos. I don't really know.
Oh, she likes it. OK, good. Thanks Morgan.
- A tampon, I'm sure half of the world...
- Wait, he wants a tampon emoji?
- What's up with this dude?
- They hate it.
- True, yeah. We need emojis. We need more emojis.
- Thank you.
- This is my favorite hair of his.
- I love him so much. He's like my favorite.
- Aww...
- If you like this video, make sure to give it a thumbs up.
- Why have I never watched his Youtube videos before?
- Good question!
- (squeal) He's the cutest human being in the world.
I aspire to be that cute.
- Stop! I mean keep going.
- My name is Tyler Oakley.
- Is that his natural hair color?
- New hair style!
- Youtube friends and I was talking about like, phrases...
- I guess I do change my hair color a lot.
- you always say dobye.
- Dubai, isn't that a country?
- Instead of goodbye, I say dobye
and it'll be something like dobyyye.
- Dobyyye.
- Oh my God. Don't come for me.
- But Shanghai is also a place
and I'm like, ya know what, Imma share this with the world.
- He is like, not havin' it.
- And that's all I have for this video.
- What the heck. People watch that?
- Good question.
- Well, hello everyone.
- Oh, I look like crazy there.
I look like a mad scientist.
♫ Cute and slick...♫
- Thanks Queen.
- I asked you to tweet me any questions that you had for me
if you wanted them to be in a video.
- He is my spirit animal inside.
- John says describe a typical fan girl without any words.
Are you still answering questions?
- (laughter) like a dog?
- I was funny there.
- Sure Slatelen.
- (laughter) Slatelen?
- That was so corny.
- That was adorable.
- They love it! Don't act like you don't love it.
- Do not let fame get to your head.
It's actually really easy.
- (laughter) What?
- I love him.
- What a freak! I love it.
- If the fame can't get to your head (laughter)...
- He just can't do these videos with a straight face.
- ...this weeks video, be sure to give it a thumbs up.
- That one was pretty good. I like that video.
- Thanks sugar.
- I like the energy, man.
(pop music)
- Man: So, do you know who that is?
- Tyler Oakley!
- Yes. Tyler Oakley.
- That was Tyler Oakley.
- He said his name was Tyler something.
- Oakley.
- No, I have absolutely no clue.
- But, he has cool hair.
- And he's cute.
- Oh, thanks!
- Man: Do you know how you first found out about Tyler?
- Because of all the fan girls.
- I knew him from Youtubers react.
- 'Cause he like, trended on Twitter for a minute, I guess.
- My sisters watching a video and like,
she's into the whole, you know, British scene
and like, he's fightin' with them.
- Just popped up in like, my recommended or whatever
on Youtube...
- I can't watch this. This is so like...
- Man: Describe his personality.
- He's so cute.
I don't, uhhh, I wanna give him a hug consistently.
- He's like a good guy to be around.
Always keeps you up and like, never in a bad mood.
- He has a really contagious smile.
Like just watching him smile...
- I can't watch (laughter)...
- The typical gay people...
- He's very gay, but it's great.
- Outgoing... - Tyler: What?
- Energetic... - Tyler: (laughter)
- Man: So, would you say that you like Tyler Oakley videos?
- Absolutely.
- Yes, no.
- I don't think it's for me.
They're just, to me, like another vlog personality.
- It's OK. I'm not for everyone. I get it, I get it.
- Uhh, I'm not in love with him, no.
- Yeah. His views are entertaining. He's cool.
- Yes, it's kinda sad, but I love his videos.
- Aww, thank you.
- If I was gay, I'd be like, "Oh my God, I want him!"
- I just, I love him. Can't explain a fan girl.
- Yes! He's so...
real with people.
He's really tiny and cute and everyone,
I don't know. He just makes me really happy.
- Tell me one person that embodies Youtube.
I would probably say Tyler Oakley.
He just does a really good job, like,
representing the Youtube brand.
- So, Tyler's had a lot of hair styles.
- Team internet!
- Yes, that's like his thing.
- Here's an image of the many hairstyles of Tyler Oakley.
- Oh my God. Those are all cute!
- It's all amazing.
- I love, love... - Tyler: Add this to it.
- love, love, love!
- He looks like he got dipped upside down in cotton candy.
- I couldn't walk around with green hair like that.
- All his videos were super positive.
So, people can just go when, ya know,
they're having a bad day
and just know that Tyler's gonna cheer them up.
- True.
- Every girl loves gay guys.
They're like, "Oh my God, they're so funny!"
- I think he's really popular because, you know,
there's the gay community and they think he's a cute twink.
And then there's us...
- I am a jock!
- Like, oh my God, gay people, yes!
- Because he's queen.
Anywhere in the world, I'm sure you could find
a person who would totally love Tyler Oakley
and it's because of how his personality extends so much
through the camera to the viewer.
- It's like he's talkin' to his best friend, ya know.
You could really get to know this guy by watching his video.
- Just like, seeing him, like fully out there
and he's happy, like it sort of gives him kind of a hope.
- It's okay to be who I am and just...
- This video, I just feel like...
- Personally, I know...
- The monkey covering his eyes right now.
- There's like hangings and like, puppet whippings
and everything if you're gay, right?
But once they see him, they say,
"Wow, this dude's pretty chill. He makes funny videos."
- I am in no way chill, but thank you.
- and, ya know what, that could like spread a whole change
in different parts of the world.
- The fact that this, ya know,
openly gay person is like, at the top,
that kinda shows how we are starting
to kind of get to that point of,
"Oh, you're gay? That's cool. That's normal."
Ya know? Like, I'm not gonna judge you because of that.
I'm gonna judge you on your personality.
- Man: Tyler's coined a phrase "Team Internet".
- Hastag team internet! - Girl: I think it's a...
good feel, like that's what people should do.
We should be supporting each other.
- Man: And finally, what do you wanna say to Tyler?
- Tyler: Oh God. - if he watches this episode.
- These were the first videos I've seen.
I'm going home. I'm gonna subscribe.
- Good for you... - Tyler: Ah! Thank you!
being who you are, man. I respect that.
- Ah, I love you man! I love you.
- Oh my God, I love you.
If you're watching this, I'm like actually gonna cry
and I'm gonna freak out and I'm gonna scream.
- Man, oh, 'cause I just know someone's gonna see this
and be like, "Ethan, I heard you say you love Tyler Oakley."
Ya know what? I don't care. Tyler, I love you.
- Tyler Oakley, you're the sh**, man.
- Oh my God (laughter)
- Keep doing what you're doing.
- Can you say that on teens react?
- No! I can't do this.
Tyler, I support you in everything you do.
I am a fan. I love your hair
and keep doing what you're doing.
Gosh, I'm so red. I know I am.
- I'm so red!
Well, that was fun.
So, yes! That was Tyler Oakley
reacts to teens react to Tyler Oakley.
I felt like, just the, you know the emoji
of the monkey covering his eyes the entire time
because I can't take a compliment.
That was so nice.
All the people were so nice. So, thank you.
If you wanna see the full video of
the teens react to Tyler Oakley,
the link to that is below
and there is also a bonus footage video.
So, if you wanna see that, the link to that is below.
And also, the playlist of every single time
I have been on Youtubers react,
the link to that playlist is below.
So, yeah!
And if you're one of my people, thank you for watching.
Thank you for getting me to this point
because when I first got invited to be on Youtubers react,
I was like, this is a milestone moment for a Youtuber.
Not everyone gets invited to be on the series.
So, when that actually happened, I was like wow.
I feel like I'm actually a Youtuber.
And then, for them to react to me is just like, too much.
So, thank you for your support.
If you're watching this and if you're one of my people,
click the thumbs up button so I know
who all here is one of my people.
I love you. You are the best.
If you would like to see my latest video, click right there.
It's all about my eyebrow piercing.
If you would like to hear my latest podcast,
click right there.
And if you wanna be my person of the week,
click right there.
I have a whole bunch of new stuff.
Get it before it's gone because
I have some Christmas specials and yeah.
I will see you guys next time and until then,
have a good life. Bye!
One last thing. I am doing some meet-ups next week
in Boston, Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania,
New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island and Michigan
and if you want to come, the link to that is below
or go to tyleroakleytour.com.
I can not wait to see you and meet you
and hug you and take selfies and tell you stories.
It's gonna be the best night ever.
There are still tons of tickets left.
So, tell your friends come to the tour and yeah.
Okay, I'll see you there. Bye.
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Tyler Oakley Reacts to Teens React to Tyler Oakley

1496 Folder Collection
稲葉白兎 published on January 17, 2015
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