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Hello and welcome to Cupcake Addiction's Peppa Pig Cupcake Tutorial where I'll be showing
you how to make not 1 but 4 gorgeous little Peppa Pig cupcakes, really heavily requested
by you guys. Tools and equipment that we will be using
today and there are a lot of them for this 4 cupcakes:
I've got 6 zip lock bags. I've pre-frosted 4 cupcakes. Now I've baked
them in the corresponding colored patty pans or cupcake case and I've gone with green,
red, blue and pink. And I've frosted them in our flat top frosting style. So we have
a whole tutorial on how to achieve this great flat top frosting style on your cupcakes.
And I will leave a link to that in the description box below. Obviously, you can change up your
colors a little bit but Peppa is red and her little brother is blue. So try and keep those
2 colors running through. And I've kept just a little bit of that leftover
frosting in green and blue. We'll be using that for a little bit of our detail work.
I've got a pair of scissors. I've got 2 knives.
I've got about half a dozen spoons, so 4 or 5, 6 spoons.
I've got some color paste. I've got a yellow, a pink -- I think I'm using rose -- and a
black. I've got a few cocktail sticks or toothpicks.
I've got a couple of pretzel sticks. I've got a paintbrush.
I've got my Peppa Pig printables. Now I will leave a link to this in the description box
below. And I've covered those with just a little bit of greaseproof paper and sticky
tape to down on the sides. And I've found it's easier to cut them into strips so that
you're only working with 1 strip at a time as you're doing this. It just makes it a little
bit easier to get around the different sides. I've got 3 little containers.
And I've got pretty well a whole packet of... These are just Nestle white chocolate melt,
so just regular cooking chocolate that I've melted down rather than using candy melts
for this because they are quite thicker to work with. I've opted to use some white chocolate
and I'm going to just show you how we'll color it today.
So I've got my 3 containers. You got to want some dark pink, some light pink, a little
bit of yellow, and some white leftover. So I'm going to take my chocolate and I'm just
going to pour some into each of those containers. And this will be my white so I'll use that
a little bit later when we get to the part where we need white. Now I'm going to use
the lemon yellow and that's just going to... Little bit on the cocktail stick there. You'll
notice I'm using color paste. Never ever use liquid color if you're trying to color chocolate.
It will make your chocolate seize and you won't be able to recover it. You can also
use powder colors or oil base colors. But so long as you're going for the relatively
pale sort of colors, I find these Wilton color paste to be just fine.
Just a bit of a... I just dipped the cocktail stick in some of that pink chocolate. Better
do the lighter color first than to try to do them both together just in case that you've
find that you added a little bit too much food coloring along the way and you end up
with dark pink. So I just want to make sure that my first pink is quite light. Then my
second pink can be quite a bit darker. Alright, so we've got our nice 3 colors there.
And as I mentioned, I still got my white sitting off to the side. So you're going to take 2
of those zip lock bags, actually 3 of those zip lock bags. The first one is just going
to get just a little bit of white. And this is literally be just going to be for the eyes
and the mouth detail. So you really don't need very much of that white. Open your zip
lock bag, spoon in some of that white chocolate, push it all the way down to the corner of
your bag before sealing it up. And we're just going to pipe on. So we're piping this on
in chocolate today. I'm just going to cut just a very very fine little corner of my
zip lock bag, nice and fine just to fashion that into a little bit of a piping bag for
us. I'm piping this in chocolate. If you would like to use royal icing or cookie icing, you
certainly could. So I'm just dolloping in the eyes. Pop in their little smiles there.
I'm going to pop those ones in the fridge just for a couple of minutes to let that first
color set. Alright, we're back from the fridge with Peppa
and her little brother, George. We're going to take our 2nd zip lock bag for the day.
And we're just going to put some of the dark pink into that zip lock bag. So you can sort
of see where we're going with this. We're going to do our dark pink outline. We're also
going to do around George's mouth and we're going to do Peppa's mouth and we'll do their
nostrils, and their nice little chicks with this dark pink color. And I'm just going to
cut off once again just a really nice, fine piping tip so that we've got a nice, fine
line coming out of there. And I find when I pipe, I find it easiest to start on the
paper, lift the bag up as I follow the line and then drop it down almost at the end. So
I'm not even really touching what the work that I'm doing. I'm actually sort of touching
at the start and touching at the end. That's what we want to outline around the eyes which
are now nice and set, around the mouth and the chicks. And we want to start going around,
I guess, the outside of the head now. So I'm going to start with the snouts, go around
that snout, all the way around, and then I'm going to go under the snout, start down there
on the chin. Doing her ears. And 2 little nose holes.
Alright, so there you've got your 2 outlines of both Peppa and George. Now, they'll be
starting to set but I will give them just a couple of minutes to completely set.
We can start preparing our zip lock bag. We can make our little tree detail. So we've
got our green frosting and we've got our blue frosting. And I'm going to take my green frosted
cupcake here. My green frosted cupcake, I'm going to use a spoon and I want to put some
green frosting into one of those zip lock bags and my blue frosting into another one.
So I'm going to take one of my knives here and I just want to scoop out a little bit
which is going to be for, I guess, our little pond, our little lake. So I'm just going to
use the back of my knife and I'm just going to just sweep our a corner of it really, just
like that, nothing too fancy. It doesn't have to be too terribly neat.
Taking your blue frosting. So I've snipped quite a big corner off because we're not doing
any fine detail work with this. It's just really...let me put the frosting in where
we want to. And I'm going to frosting-fill nice and high so it's the same height as the
rest of our green frosting in that little kind of pond hole I supposed.
Now you want to take your knife and you want to use the back of the knife. We're just going
to smooth that pond down and then I'm just going to wipe it off on just a towel. And
on the side, we're just going to run that knife around the side, stopping when you get
to the edge. And cleaning the knife, come back again from that one. So there you've
got your little pond looking detail. And we can cut just a tiny little bit of this bag.
So you want this to be just a little corner and there's no exact measurement for this.
It doesn't really matter. But I'm going to do our little bush. So just
here, I'm just going to... So you can see I got my frosting coming out the end there.
I'm just going to, kind of, just pile it up. I'm sort of shaking my hand around. You can
see there it's just piling up like a bit of a squiggle. And then taking one of my pretzel
sticks, I'm going to just put some frosting on it. So I won't do that over Peppa because
I don't want them to drop on her head. But I'm just going to attach that frosting. And
once again, just squiggle in, I'm going to start off with a nice, small, not too bushy
top, all the way up to the top there. And then I'm just going to come up and do another
bit of a layer sort of in the middle. Don't [forget] not to put too much of this frosting
on. You don't want it to fall off. But I've found this was about the right amount and
it gives us that effect of that nice little tree. Fill in any gaps that you've got there.
Now I like to use my other pretzel stick or a lollipop stick or something like that just
to poke a bit of a guide holes so that our tree is going to go in really easily. And
you can just pop your tree in. We'll add our little flowers to the tree and the bush very
shortly. So we want to keep going with our piping.
What I'm actually going to do is I'm just going to go and pop my chocolate into microwave
for about 30 or 40 seconds. I want to make sure that it's as fluid as it can possibly
be. Alright, so that's just come out of the microwave.
You can see there it's beautiful, thin and lovely to work with. So we're going to take
another zip lock bag and pour in that pink chocolate. For this part, I will actually
recommend probably doing them 1 or 2 at a time rather than trying to put all of your
chocolate in the bag and filling them all in. I will recommend doing one or two at a
time. And that way, you can kind of decide if you need to microwave that chocolate anymore
in between. So I'm just going to snip off another nice, little corner. And this one
doesn't have to be particularly fine. So we're going to start with that George who is right
down here, our very first one, and we're going to fill him in.
So just filling in. and you do want to squeeze a generous amount, not so much that it's going
to go on the edges. But you want to make sure... I'm just, sort of, at the moment, I'm not
squeezing. I'm just using the end of my bag just to push that chocolate down to make sure
that it's going to be on all of the corners. And you can go over top of your other work,
that's fine. But try not to touch your other work because you will actually start moving
the mouth and the eyes around. If you want to in between, it's a good idea to just grab
your board, give it a couple of little taps, and that's just going to force any of that
pink chocolate that hasn't gone to any little cracks, deep down into the cracks.
So you should have something that looks like this, not yet in line to impress any Peppa
Pig fan. We're going to pop those off into the fridge and they're going to be allowed
to completely set. It's only going to take about 5 or so minutes and when we come back,
we'll be decorating our other cupcakes. Alright, so we're going to take our pink-frosted
cupcake. Now I did mention I've done the flat top frostings swirl. So this one here with
tree on it is completely flat. However, my other 3, my blue, my pink, and my red, I actually
just shaved a little bit off. So you can see there, it goes down on a little bit of an
angle. I'll show you how I've done that. I just flat top iced it as per our flat top
tutorial and then literally just shaved a bit of a scoop up. And this is just going
to be so that when you look at those cupcakes from front on, you can still see the Peppa,
George and other details on them. And they're not, I guess, they're not too flat so you
don't need to be looking at them from up on top of the cupcake to actually see our gorgeous
decorations. So pop those 2 two to the side. We're going to take the yellow candy melts
and our last zip lock bag. And we're going to spoon in our yellow candy melt or our yellow
chocolate I should say. I'm so used to working with candy melts. Now as I mentioned, the
reason I decided on chocolate... It's just more fluid to work with so I don't normally
used chocolate for colors like red, green and black. That's always a candy melt job
because you've just got to add too much color into them. Just snipping off a nice, little
corner. It doesn't have to fine for this one. So for your sun, no exact measurements here,
we are just going to swirl on a nice, big, round circle. Little bit of a blockage in
my bag so I'm just going to take it off my work just to release it there. It's a little
chunk of chocolate that I've got in there. So... Beautiful!
Keep going on my circle, could be a little bit bigger. These ones are fantastic if you
ruin any of your Peppa Pigs along the way or if you just can't, you bothered making
so many of them, because they are time-consuming. They're not hard but they're definitely time-consuming.
So just... I'm not even squeezing now. I'm just using that bag just to fan out any edges
that I don't think are particularly even. And then, I'm just going to wipe off the tip
of my bag. So I'm working with a nice, clean tip. And just pipe some little lines, quite
spaced apart for the sun on Peppa Pig but it's a really really easy little sun.
If you love this tutorial, make sure that you head on over to our channel My Cupcake
Addiction and hit the Subscribe button. We've got lots of tutorials over there to keep you
busy on everything cake and cakepop decorating. Now you want to take your, still your yellow
chocolate. And I'm just going to add just some little flowers. When I was looking at
the different Peppa Pig shows and the different Peppa Pig things on the internet, most of
the flowers seem to be yellow. So I just thought I'll just add a few little, just tiny, yellow
dots into those bushes and into that tree. And that's just going to give them a little
bit of color. Alright, so I'm just putting some nice, little
yellow, sort of flowers into any of those grooves that I like. And that's one there
finished. You can see you've got your little tree and your little bush now covered in a
nice spray of flowers. Now it's time to go and see if our Peppa Pigs
are ready. Alright, so we're back from the fridge and
our little Peppas and Georges have all set. Now they should move quite freely off that
greaseproof paper. But if they don't... so if you just got to touch them and you can
see that mine there is kind of slide around, that's fine. This one, not so much. Any of
them that aren't going to move, just take a nice flat knife and just... There we go.
Push it underneath. They should really come off of their own accord. They are quite non-stick,
I guess, to that greaseproof paper. So to have a look and see how they turned out...
Well, I might take away the templates so you guys can see them properly without their little
counterparts behind. Now I will add... Look, not all of these are going to come out absolutely
perfectly. They are... It's a really really good way to do it without fondant but you
are at the mercy of the chocolate and the way that the chocolate dries. So you can see
there, there is absolutely no doubt about what they are.
If you do have... Let me find a good example. So this one here. You can see just up here,
around the chicks, there's a couple of little spots where that chocolate just hasn't gone
in. Do not worry. These are not lost. Take your pink candy melt or your pink white chocolate,
your pink chocolate. And you just want to just spread a little bit of that over. Use
your finger, wipe it off. Look at that. Crisis avoided. So you just fill in those little
gaps and any little gaps you have. This is just your way to neaten them up, just... over
goes a little bit of that pink chocolate and then wipe it off.
Alright, to finish those ones off, we're going to take your either black color paste, your
other options here are an edible marker or you can also use some black candy melt that
you've melted down and just put a little dollop in each of the eyeballs. I will also mention
-- I don't have any sitting here right with me -- but a couple of drops of alcohol, clear
alcohol, either vodka, or Rose Spirit, just a drop or 2 with your black color paste. It's
going to help it set a lot faster. It's not really going to matter if you don't have alcohol,
if you don't mix it with alcohol. Just when you're placing Peppa and George, stick it
down, try to avoid touching the blacks of the eyes because they will take quite a while
to set with just straight color paste. And the alcohol will actually help them to set
a little bit better. So for Peppa, I'm just going to take my paintbrush
and I'm just going to paint some little black eyes and bring her to life. And then we'll
do the same with George. Alright, so that's our Peppa and George toppers
completely finished and it's going to be as simple as choosing your best ones. And look,
I would definitely do a few more than you think you're going to need because there's
always going to be one or two that [you'll look at and] not really not happy with that.
To position them on, you're just going to take them where you've swiped off that sort
of gradient. I'm just going to position him down and I'm just going to push him a little
bit more on the bottom than I do on the top so it's almost standing up a little bit.
And there you have your 4 absolutely gorgeous Peppa Pig and George Pig cupcakes, ready to
go for your next kid's party or the event for the Peppa Pig lover in your family.
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Make Peppa Pig Cupcakes for Kids! A Cupcake Addiction How To Tutorial

2314 Folder Collection
Lesley English Club published on January 15, 2015
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