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  • Denise.

  • David.

  • I've already forgotten your name.

  • Me, too.

  • [If people were honest at the office]

  • No, I didn't finish that report, but I did get 160 pages deep on Reddit.

  • I know I am smarter than you, but I am an intern so I am gonna pretend like I am not.

  • This is how my boss spoke to me, so that's how I'm gonna speak to you.

  • Hey, guys.

  • I am not paying attention to this conference call, but I am interjecting so that you know that I am here.

  • Dave, I got your e-mail, but I didn't respond because I think you are incredibly stupid.

  • If this goes right, I am taking all the credits.

  • If it goes wrong, you're getting all the blame.

  • Oh, I was just on facebook.

  • Oh, I was just on Etsy.

  • Oh, I was just looking at the closest thing I could get to porn.

  • I am gonna see you more than my girlfriend, so I am probably gonna develop a crush on you.

  • Can you tell I had two beers with lunch?

  • That's great.

  • Can you set up a meeting so you can repeat what you just told me?

  • Hey, everyone hates the quote in your e-mail signature.

  • You should see this conversation we're having about you on GChat.

  • The way you are looking at me today means I am never gonna wear this skirt again.

  • I really don't care how your weekend was.

  • This is my roommate, Henry.

  • I just want to bring him in and show how grown-up my job is.

  • I'll say thank you, but I don't mean it.

  • You are my least favorite person here.

  • I am this close...

  • I am...

  • Can you go...

  • I am this close to getting a back rub from my secretary.

  • Do not screw it up for me.

  • Alright. We're good. Let's go.


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