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what's up guys what he saw coyote operates ride for a densely force
actually i think you can just floating above my head somewhere but today i'm
here if you like the sports and i'm going to show you the basics of
skateboarding somebody teacher across pretty senator images at a ride over dot
the core
maneuvers you need to learn how to ride a skateboard ike as the first thing you
need to figure out what it is gay boris
how to stand on the board there are two ways of doing it there is guilty flooded
which is right foot forward left of the bag that's really attendees regular
flooded which is left important right on the back there's nothing different about
these distances it's whichever you feel more comfortable with i myself and
beautiful and it's so hard to be saying aboard with right before it
laid-back for distorted pushing or resting on the back door by would see a
picture stands we take you leading foots deadly uh... bellevue just on the front
in your dispute bouchard
replacement skateboard can build your rolling no one's really need to worry
about getting an intimate
shot down
now for some people whose incomes easiness to get on the board is riding
the sunset but if you have any problems with it if you while you lose your
balance don't get discouraged has plenty of people
have trouble reading a skateboard
on you know don't be afraid to grab a friend idle disorder hold hands and
everything to do
to maintain your balance but i've skied that it was an apprenticeship going to
be able to write the scapegoat ops now we have rolled down you have to worry
about turning into basically straight received word version of the leading
understanding forward or backwards to give it up
or write gradual turn sustenance
going back
display them delve into the same thing by moving forward
entity display
the second time turning its first sharper transaction a pick up my friends
of wheels and put them in a different direction
activist by applying it with a fresh might help at lifting my friend a top
sum up pushed off went to her different direction was maybe a little more
planning in handling of iraq this is an examination
passivity general delegate it might seem scary but there's not much to it
flat now that you're ready to china's
good natural flat out there sometime for jobs
not much to understand that you like to go down
most likely be hit the bottom
might slip out of the time for that's natural
now let's get all this together interests at stake for
immunity twist a party elects to go to the fun stuff like this
but hope that helps you guys want to roller skate board makes a stated he
likely sports for morality two years
i guess that that leads might take the they wouldn't let my kids and one of
them up or did something to do going
going around and there's nobody reminders of the time
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How To Skateboard for Beginners Step by Step

5207 Folder Collection
Steven Liu published on January 13, 2015
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