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Hello everyone!
Today I'm gonna show you how to turn any toaster into a controller for your PC game or computer.
All you need is any toaster and a pc game on computer.
There's no engineering experience required, and this can be done in three easy steps by absolutely anyone.
Now the only thing you have to worry about is to make sure that your toaster is manufactured in the past couple years.
This is because a couple years ago manufactures switch to an industry standard micro controller to regulate the temperature of toasters heating coils.
So you're gonna want to open up your toaster and look for the USB port attached to the micro controller in your toaster.
This USB port is used for transferring the microcontroller software when a toaster is built.
They leave it, the USB port, in the toaster because it's cheaper than just to remove it.
So you're gonna wanna plug in any USB cable into this port.
Any USB cable into the port.
Close the toaster, and make sure the other end of the cable is plugged in to the computer.
Now if you're using a Windows machine, the hard part is already done.
This is because the factories that manufacture the toasters also run Windows so that drivers to use the toasters should already be built into your computer.
We're gonna check to make sure that our toaster shows up in a device manager.
So just go to your device manager
Make sure you're toaster shows up.
As you can see our shows up as a toaster, and then close it.
Now the last thing we have to do is remap this lever to control your computer
Now by default, this lever acts as an Enter key.
We're gonna wanna change to something more useful for a game.
So go to the start menu. Type CMD, and open the command prompt.
Alright, now when you plug your toaster into your computer, it'll automatically activate a toaster rebind program.
This will allow us to change what this lever does on the keyboard.
So to do this, type "toast, remap," and the letter you want to have this lever activate.
And since we're gonna be playing Doom, we're gonna choose the letter A.
Now, one thing to keep in mind is that this lever actually replaces the key on the keyboard that it's mapped here, so we cannot press enter anymore because that's what this is mapped too by default.
So we're going to send a command with this lever.
Now our toaster lever is mapped, so letter A....
Now, we can try our game.
As you can see, people are shooting at us, but there's not much we can do with the letter A, so we're gonna remap the key to the letter W so we can move forward.
Again we're gonna type "toast, remap," and then"W."
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How to mod any toaster to control pc games in 3 easy steps

46558 Folder Collection
Lily Chou published on January 13, 2015    Lily Chou translated    Ashley Chen reviewed
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