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  • This is Mike Mozart back again bringing you the coolest products of yesterday and today

  • and today I have a special surprise, it's the Dora the Explorer Aquapet

  • Ummm. Doesn't this look like it might be a prop from the next

  • Borat movie rather than a toy for your youngster? Umm..This is a real toy

  • There is Dora the Explorer in there...Drowning.

  • They put little flippers on her in there but they don't give her a snorkle and a face mask

  • she's drowning.........That's about all I can get her to do ( Music Plays)

  • She ocassionally will start humming a little song thing ....... but it's rare

  • She mostly begs to be fed...and she makes a tap on the glass

  • noise when she does it ... [tap tap]... Hear it? She's tapping on the glass because she's drowning.

  • Doesn't she look like some science experiment in there?

  • Like she's some little clone..embryo.. thing?

  • There ... I think she's happy .. see .. That's her happy noise.

  • What does this little "D" stand for for right in the center? I hope it stands for Dora?

  • Have an adventure with your Dora the Explorer interactive friend ......

  • So what kind of adventures do you think Dora will be exploring with this toy?

  • Dora the Explorer's word for the day is Spelunking.

  • What kind of game could you play with this? Hide and Go seek? I bet it will be on your mommy's night stand.

  • Maybe this was designed by Peter Griffin...That famous Designer from

  • The Happy Go Lucky toy company that invented the vibrating Mr. Zucchini head?

  • You can buy these on Ebay brand new in the box still ...You Know ..

  • they are a hot collectible. They are up around Twenty Bucks apiece brand new in the package

  • they are a lot cheaper if you buy them used. But I don't think you should buy one used.

  • And you know Dora the Explorer is like a little Tom Boy but they had to make that

  • base pink. I mean.. they could have made it in another color like green ...

  • or Blue. But then again, if the base were molded in blue it probably

  • would never get used would it? Look at this, there's two big

  • balls at the bottom. The designer that came up with this must have been nuts.

  • But they could have sculpted like some coral reef or some fish or something down here ...

  • You know... It's too rounded on the top too. I mean...They could have cut that off. "OY"

  • One more thing... Put in the comments section right down there ....Do you think somebody

  • should have noticed there was something bizarre about this toy when it was being

  • designed? When it was being manufactured? Do you think they knew?

  • Do you think this was pretty obvious?...I mean


  • And if you liked my review of Dora the Explorer ... um..Aquapet

  • Please give me five stars.. I'd really appreciate those 5 stars! Oh,

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  • of cool toys, bizarre toys and knockoff toys and unusual toys like

  • Dora the Explorer Interactive ... um.. Aquapet

This is Mike Mozart back again bringing you the coolest products of yesterday and today

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