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  • The marriage of a senior noble is a matter of the state.

  • Something only the king can decide.

  • Who else knows about this?

  • No one. Norfolk: Good.

  • Well, that's how it will remain. Forever.

  • But you cannot undo what has been done before god.

  • And consummated too.

  • There have been improper intimacies?

  • I have lain with my husband.

  • There's nothing improper about it.

  • Norfolk: By god, if you were my daughter!

  • The boy will return to northumberland,

  • Where he will marry the talbot girl,

  • As arranged.

  • [♪]

  • You will be sent to France and stay there

  • Until you have learned your lesson. Anne: What?

  • No.

  • Father, please.

  • How can you have done this?

  • You knew full well mary's friendship with the king

  • Is at an extremely delicate stage.

  • Any scandal, a-any mark upon her name

  • Could be fatal.

  • You will be sent to join the court of the french queen

  • And stay there

  • Until your father has forgiven you.

  • You told them, didn't you?

  • It was for your own good.

  • You never would have got away with it.

  • It would have ruined your prospects forever.

  • Really? For my good?

  • Well, I'll try to remind myself of that while I'm in exile.

  • And you're here in the king's bed,

  • Not challenged for our father's affection

  • That is was for my good and not yours.

  • Anne.

The marriage of a senior noble is a matter of the state.

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The Other Boleyn Girl (3/11) Movie CLIP - For My Good? (2008) HD

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