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Hey youtubers it’s Charlie and Marvel just confirmed it was going to release the first
Ant Man trailer during the Agent Carter Premiere on Tuesday.
They will post it online after the tv show, so no worries on missing it. I know there
are some issues with international people finding ways to watch the show.
This is going to be a breakdown of the tiny Trailer footage they posted and my top 5 ant-man
Important stuff, in case you had trouble seeing the tiny footage, I tried to blow it up a
little. It’s just shots of each of the main characters. That’s it.
You see Paul Rudd as Scott Lang getting hauled away by the law. He’s a thief in the comics
and those skills are going to be key to the plot of this movie.
Corey Stoll as we see here plays Darren Cross, he’s the villain of the film. He bogarts
Hank Pym’s technology, to create his own shrinking suit and call himself Yellowjacket.
They just released high res promo art for it. All I’m wondering is what he does with
those extra arms.
A lot of you were asking me about the Yellowjacket name because Hank Pym in the comics was Yellowjacket
for a while. Yes, that’s true, the movie is changing the backstory.
In the comics Darren Cross had his own competing company that went up against Stark Industries,
Trask Industries and Oscorp. Eventually he started to die, performed crazy surgery and
as a result of a transplant, mutated and got minor powers.
The character did cross over with the Scott Lang Ant-Man when he was trying to find the
doctor that performed Cross’ life saving surgery so she could do the same thing for
his daughter who was also dying.
The movie is downplaying some of the Scott Lang comic book backstory, but he still has
a daughter. If you’ve read the comic, just expect some minor changes.
Hank Pym of course is played by Michael Douglas, watching him old mansplain the movie at comic
con was the most fun things ever. There was also that cherry popping moment. Here’s
the clip of that in case you didn’t see it.
(ant man comic con clip)
I posted the whole Ant-Man comic con Panel and avengers too so if you want to watch those
again I’ll add links in the description below.
He enlists Scott Lang to help take down Darren Cross and get his Pym Tech back.
For those wondering about Edgar Wright’s version of the movie, in his version Scott
Lang was working at Hank Pym’s company as a scientist. It didn’t involve the thief
aspects of his backstory as much.
This version of the story plays a little more on that, and Scott Lang isn’t quite as much
of a Tony Stark type person. He’s more average joe who gets swept up in the heist adventure.
We also see Hope Van Dyne, played by Evangeline Lily. She’s also a big part of Team Pym
in the movie. Her mother is Janet Van Dyne, but in all of the interviews everyone has
done. They never mention Janet. So by all accounts, she’s probably not in the movie
in a big way. But she’ll probably be mentioned when Hank and Hope have father daughter scenes.
I think we all just really want to know if Hope is going to take the mantle from her
mother and become The Wasp.
There was a story arc in the comics where an alternate universe version of Hope named
Hope Pym became Red Queen, but she was kind of a villain. So, just another small change
to the comics.
That’s pretty much it for the footage, the full trailer next week will have a ton more
footage. I’ll do a full breakdown. So be sure to subscribe to get it.
It’s probably the weirdest movie Marvel has done so far next to Guardians of the Galaxy.
I think it was more of a comedy when Edgar Wright was working on it and they wanted the
tone to be more in line with the other marvel films. Edgar Wright has a very awesome personal
style to the way his films look and it’s easy to understand how trying to fit that
into the Marvel system was hard.
The new director Peyton Reed, isn’t really known for doing bigger action films like this.
His most recent work has been TV Work like New Girl. But he also did Upright Citizens
Brigade which I love, Mr Show on HBO and Weird Al Yankovic’s tv show.
So they wouldn’t have hired him to do the movie if they didn’t want Ant-Man to be
a comedy.
Just think of it as Marvel’s first Comedy. Guardians of The Galaxy is a very funny movie,
but I don’t consider it as a comedy. It’s an action movie that’s also very funny.
I think Ant-Man will feel like a comedy with a lot of action in it.
If you’re confused about where this fits in with the other movies. Ant Man is now the
final movie in Phase 2. When they first announced it, it was supposed to be the first movie
in Phase 3. But I think because they changed their minds on the direction they wanted to
take, they decided to fit it in more with what’s been going on between the first Avengers
Movie and Avengers 2.
By all accounts, just assume what’s going on in the movie is going on around the same
time things in Avengers 2 are happening.
Once they start doing press for the movie they’ll explain the timeline better.
I wanted to talk about my favorite Ant-Man stories, but this video got way too long.
So I’ll just do a separate video for my TOP 5 after the trailer drops.
Marvel is releasing a brand new Scott Lang Ant Man comic written by Nick Spencer on,
surprise surprise, January 7, next wednesday. The day after they post the trailer for the
It’s supposed to be just as awesome as Matt Fraction’s run on Hawkeye, so you should
definitely check it out.
Here’s some of the preview pages. It looks like he’s going to be working at Stark Industries.
Actually, you know what, I think I’ll give away gift cards for comixology so people who
win can buy the comic. Would you guys rather I start doing stuff like that in my giveaways?
All you have to do to enter is be a subscriber and leave a comment on my ant man trailer
video next week. I’ll remind everyone when I post my video so no worries.
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Ant Man Tiny Trailer Breakdown

1838 Folder Collection
Chia-Yuan Hsu published on January 7, 2015
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