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many people
seem to struggle thing the new battery to Seiko perpetual calendar watches
and also resetting them. So today
I'm going to show you how to do that. A perpetual calendar watch
should remember that date even if there's only 28 days
or thirty days in a month and
it stores this in its internal memory.
This memory can sometimes get wiped out when the battery gets changed.
And so you will have to reset this manually.
The unfortunate thing about this watch is that it's very easy to break when
changing the battery
a) the battery is hard to remove if not done correctly.
b) there is a paper thin circuit board
and if you lever against this
you can actually puncture holes through it and damage the circuit board
unfortunately the circuit boards are extremely expensive because they're now
not being made anymore.
You'll see that there is
silver coloured
metal parts around the edge of the battery.
and this is where you want to lift the battery from...
not from the yellow parts. The yellow parts.
are actually part of the circuit board and
those will puncture if you try to lift against them.
Use a fairly wide flat screwdriver...
carefully put it underneath the battery
and twist.... don't push
just twist until the battery lifts up
if you push you could slip under the battery and damage the coil.
The coil is the orange part...
it's around 50 meters of copper wire...
it's very fine and will break...
very easily and so you have to be very careful
So we've removed the battery. Now the new battery
The reverse of removal..
Slide the battery under
the two little flaps on the right hand side...
if the winder is pointing towards you. You'll see this this little
retaining spring... just pull it out very carefully
and snap down the battery.
Now you can start resetting the calendar.
When you first fit the battery...
the watch will not actually be working. Don't be alarmed by this
the second hand will not start working until you've cleared the circuit board
and to clear the circuit board you have to short out the
AC contact which i'm pointing to here...
and the positive side
of the battery.
just like this. So just lightly touch them together
and hold for a few seconds. This will make the watch start working
It will be jumping one second at a time. Now you need to pull the winder fully out...
and push it back in. Now it's jumping four seconds at...
a time. This means that
the memory has been cleared and therefore we need to reset the perpetual
if it continues to jump one second at the time
that means it's remembered
the calendar information and you don't necessarily have to go through the process
of reseting the calendar memory
however I always do anyway
just be a hundred percent sure
to start with...
we need to zero the calendar ring. That is...
to move the calendar ring to
the first of the month or so that the calendar displays '1'
To do this, find the contact
with '0' printed
next to it...
it's to the right the winder if...
the winder is pointing towards you and you
short the yellow contact with the positive side of the battery
and you keep doing it each step
until the calendar ring moves around
to the figure '1'
So if we look now...
'1' is showing. Now we are ready to set the year.
To set the year look for the
'Y' contact which is here so it's just a left of the winder
if the winder is pointing towards you.
You short it again
until you get to the correct year. If it is one year away from the leap
then you set it to '1' If you two years away set it to '2'
if you're three years away then set '3' if you are actually
on a leap year then set it to '4'. For example....
2012 was
a leap year so that would have been '4'
this year it is 2013
and so we set it to '1' because this one year
after the leap year. Next is to month
and you press it once
to get it into month setting mode. Then you keep pressing
until you get it to the correct month
showing in the calendar
have a quick look
This month its
September so we need it on '9'
So finally we need to set the day
Find the 'D' contact
which is here
to the right of the winder if the winder is pointing towards you
and short once
to get into day changing mode and
if you listen carefully and you're in a quite room you can actually hear the
calendar turning over
and it will first go to '1'
and then you keep shorting until you get to the correct day...
today is the 18th so I am shorting 17 times
because it starts off a number one and hopefully if I
have done it correctly it will show '18' on the calendar
So now we've set
calendar and we've set the leap year
we've set the month... push to winder in
pull it out.... and push the winder in again
And we're done. When i say pull the winder out
I mean pull it all the way out... Don't pull it midway out
There are 3 positions... - All the way in
- Mid way out - And fully out
[Recap] We have fitted the battery...
And reset the calendar. All that's left now is to
reseal the watch and to perform a pressure test
it is an easy watch to break... so be very very careful when fitting the battery
remember that the circuit board is literally
paper thin
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How to reset a Seiko perpetual calendar and fit a new battery. Watch repair tutorials. 8F32

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Calvin Liu published on January 7, 2015
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