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Nice one Food Tubers, Jamie Oliver here and I am with Alex James! He makes cheese, I make
food so we invented a Festival and we called it "Feastival" So, we have a Feastival every
August, between August and September.
Alex: Last day of August, first day of September, on my farm.
Jamie: We have a little rave up and it's brilliant, and fantastic and it's like everything that
we love about food, eating well. Like demonstrations with all the best chefs and like amazing suppliers
and he sorts out all the music, great music. Alex: This year, we've got Basement Jaxx,
Rizzle Kicks, Mark Owen's coming, Lianne La Havas is coming, Cuban Brothers your favourite.
Jamie: Maybe some people out there don't know that you love food and this is your cheese
yeah? Alex: It is, well people used to throw cheese at me when Blur were playing because
they knew that I loved it. Some musicians got knickers, I got cheese. Jamie: What I
want to do is a nice recipes called Pasta Fonduta, Pasta Fonduta. It's basically like
making the kind of fondue sauce, but you can embrace green things and right now asparagus
is good, but it could be spinach. This pasta sauce is the easiest thing in
the world. It does help if you have a carrier, The carrier being, it could be double
cream or it could be mascarpone bits. if you cut bits of your cheese and we're just going
to melt this slowly. This is in a bowl over some boiling water, the same boiling water
we are going to cook the pasta in you know, the nice thing is I'm not doing it in a pan,
it's not aggressive, it's really gently melting the cheese. Feel free to put whatever cheese
you fancy in bro. If you have never had marjoram, buy some seeds brilliant weed, it comes back
every year. It's really good with cheese, best friends with cheese in the world and
also, as per all herbs just has a whole catalogue of wonderful medicinal values that you just
want to know about. And this is an unwaxed lemon. Notice, that it's only the beautiful
fragrant yellow lemony parts. Alex: They smell amazing don't they. So zingy.
Jamie: I don't want it to be a sherbet dip. So I'm only using half. I don't want to spoil
the cheese. But look, that's all I've used. Half a lemon.
Alex: Let me know if you want me to taste that.
Jamie: All we've got to do is melt all those cheese down and then just like. Take it to
France. And then this pan now goes onto full whack. We've got fast boiling water. We've
got a generous amount of salt going in the water. No, you're not going to eat the salt
but if you do not season the water it's going to be bland and you will never ever catch
up. We are going to go in with this tagliolini, of course you can use a spaghetti. You can
put the lid on for a second. As soon as that comes back to the boil, we go in with our asparagus.
I'm going to cut them at an angle mate, cutting it on a bias they call it. All pasta says
different times because it might be made with eggs or water, and when it's two minutes away
from being cooked, that's when we go in with the asparagus. So this is getting towards,
I don't want to overcook it. Alex: It's a really nice colour that pasta. Jamie: We can
drain this right now in a colander. But actually, one of the most valuable things to any
pasta dish on the planet it's not a pasta, it's not the source. It's the starchy water
in which it was cooked. I'm just going to flip that, in there.
A little bit like cooking the perfect omelette, you want to go a little bit too wet so you're
embracing all the things that you love and we go back here, to starchy water again, and
we're going to feed it because it's not perfect because it's sucked
up too much water. Forget the flavour, we've got flavour yeah. Texture, if the texture's
all wrong, it's rubbish. So there we go, we're going to pour that onto our plate here. So
with a lot of cooking, we are storytelling here. And a little bit of a reminder of the
lemon juice because it's going to perfume up over the top. What's quite nice is a little
bit of black pepper from a height. Now black pepper, is that classic sort of heat from
carbonara. It wouldn't be a pasta dish without some good cold pressed extra virgin olive
oil. Ladies and gents, that is. Pasta Fonduta a la Alex James scenario.
Alex: It smells and looks so inviting. Jamie: Thanks for coming around man.
Alex: Ah mate, I can't wait to see you down the farm.
Jamie: Festival's going to be wicked this year.
Alex: Oh the lemonyness is just divine! Jamie: I've studied for years how to do it like Nigella.
She's just so sexy, Anyway. Thanks Alex, very much. We're going to carry on eating like
pigs. We're just going to wear it basically we're in cheese and pasta heaven. See you
at the Feastival! Lots of love, don't forget comment, subscribe. God bless!
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Jamie Oliver's fantastic cheesy pasta with Alex James from Blur

15210 Folder Collection
Ashley Chen published on January 10, 2015    Paris Tsai translated    CUChou reviewed
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