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My name is Lindsay Hoffman
And I live in the Randolph Hills neighborhood
Outside of White Flint
I live with my family. I have two little boys.
Getting around Montgomery County we don't have
Many choices beyond using our car
It can take me 10 minutes or it can take me half an hour
That's usually the range is somewhere in there
I live near White Oak and it often take me
40 minutes to drive to downtown Silver Spring during rush hour
I go from White Oak to Rockville every day
And it turned out to be a 2 hour - no - 2 hour and a half
Commute one way if the buses were on time
Which makes it tough when you're trying to
Rush home to get to relieve the babysitter
Or make it up to the office for a meeting
That we would have a 21 percent population growth by 2040
With a 39 percent growth in employment
But 70 percent growth in congestion
Well for the last 50 years we've planned for more and more cars
And more and more sprawling development going out in every direction
And we reached a dead end with that - So the challenge
Now and the exciting thing is to figure out
How we can plan for the future
People describe it as you know like a train without the tracks
Its a way to provide fast reliable bus service
Using dedicated lanes and fare machines
Outside of the bus so you can pay before you get on
The stops are often farther apart - half a mile or a mile apart
So the bus doesn't have to stop as often
And all of these things ensure a faster more reliable ride for everybody
Existing local bus service is hung up in traffic
With the same lanes and slow speeds
Bus rapid transit is intended to have a much faster
More reliable service that's not hung up in congestion
And the system that's proposed for Montgomery County
Is a 79-mile 10-route network
It goes all over the county. It's clean.
It serves all of the county's major employment centers
It serves residential neighborhoods
It serves places where we go to hang out and
Eat and spend time with our friends and family
Really its a way that we can bring the county
Everyone in the county closer together
One of the advantages of this what we call level boarding
So that there are no step to board
This should be a great boon for older adults
And for people with disabilities who live close to this area
To these areas where the lines are going to be
To be able to have access to other places and parts of the county
When I saw the proposed BRT transit system
I was really excited
Because it went through the major routes
That I took to get to Montgomery College
I didn't have parents that could buy me a car
Or I just didn't have any other options than
I had to take the bus
It's expensive to run a car and pay for gas pay for maintenance
The money could go to other things like food
Or having fun with my friends and family
But instead I spend it on my car
Transportation is a huge part of the contribution to greenhouse gases
But also can be a huge part of solving the problem of climate change
When you have 40 or 50 people in a rapid transit vehicle
Their carbon emissions per person are much lower
Than if you had 40 or 50 people driving 40 or 50 cars
I think that Rapid Transit is our best option
It's flexible, it's the least expensive of the options
And it can provide frequent reliable service
It'd be nice to have that extra option for getting around
To not have to buckle the kids up in their carseats
And go to one shopping center
Then buckle them up in their carseats
And take them to another shopping center
It'd be nice to be able to hop on a Rapid Transit vehicle
It's going to be easier and cheaper
Than widening all the roads
Building more highways
You know I honestly think that this system
Is going to be a win-win for everybody in Montgomery County
Provided that we have the will to do it
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A Rapid Transit Solution to Traffic

3316 Folder Collection
Jie Lin published on January 6, 2015
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