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- So what do you want to do after high school?
- Well, I definitely want to stay in California,
and my first choice school would be Stanford.
USC is way up on there too!
- What are you going to do after college?
- (sighs) I have no idea.
- High School You
- College You
- High School You vs. College You
- High School Punctuality.
- Oh no! I can't be late again or I'll get detention!
What time it is?
- It's 7:58. You've got a couple minutes.
- (sighs) Thank God!
- College Punctuality.
- It is 12:30, sir! You are late!
- (laughs) This course is an elective.
- High School Angst.
- Everyone else here is so stupid.
God, I can't wait to get out of this school.
- College Angst.
- (sighs) Everyone else here is so smart.
Asian excellence means nothing in college.
- High School Crushes.
- (sighs) I love you.
- College Crushes.
- Hey, Allison!
- Oh hi!
- How's it going?
- High School Drinking.
- Guys, got this from my older brother.
- College Drinking.
- Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug! Whoa!
- Get wasted!
- High School Meals.
- Are you going to eat all of this for lunch?
- Yeah, my mom made it.
- College Meals.
- Is that all you're going to eat for lunch today?
- Yeah, it was like ten cents.
- High School Parents.
- You can't tell me what to do.
No, you shut up! Okay, whatever. Bye!
- Who are you talking to?
- (sighs) My mom! She's the worst.
- College Parents.
- Alright, I'll call you as much as I can.
Okay, love you too. Bye!
- Your mom sounds so cute.
- I know. She's the best. I miss her so much.
- High School Homework.
- Hey, you want to get lunch?
- Do you not want me to get into a good school?
- College Homework.
- Do you want to get lunch?
- Umm, yeah, for sure!
- High School Fitness.
- (sighs) Screw gym class.
- College Fitness.
- (sighs) Why is everyone here so hot?
Jesus! Alright, I'm going to do some push-ups.
- High School Friends.
- You know, you are the only person that gets me.
- Awww, Eugene! Thanks! You're so sweet.
- College Friends.
- But it's required credit. We have to take it.
- I'll take it next semester.
- I know. But I feel like--
- Post-College
- Did you ever talk to Allison?
- Yeah, I finally talked to her.
- You two are so embarrassing.
- Shut-up! You're like what? Almost thirty?
- (chuckles) That's like ancient!
- I am not that old, excuse me.
Hello, respect your elders.
- Just ignore him.
- Whoa! Listen to me.
- God, I was suck a dick! And an ass!
- They stand up that way.
- No, my hair is not that tall.
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High School You Vs. College You

16299 Folder Collection
Johnny Tsai published on January 6, 2015    Jonathan Tan translated    Yvonne reviewed
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