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Some people are quite surprised that you would chose to do this film, sort of more of a black
comedy. What was it about it that's why you wanted to do it?
It's just such an original piece and, um, and just had my attention from start to finish. It just-
Complete, original structure, character arcs. Everything about it was just very fresh and
it just sort of- I just responded to it immediately. And then Lenny- I was a big fan of his work
and so it was a very east decision to make.
Do you always try to always have variety? I mean, you've done so many- it's drama,
you've got a bit of action and now this, a bit of comedy, is it- is that the way you want your
career to be?
Definitely want the variety there and y'know. For, y'know, I think that, hopefully, I get
to learn more and challenge things and try new things and- but y'know, essentially just sort of
good stories and, erm, that's really what I'm looking for in a film. I can afford not
to, to repeat, y'know, the same characters over and over again. Try to do different types of
characters, that would- that would be good.
Now, in the last few years, you've become a proper stud. How do you cope with being
adored by so many?
Haha, erm. I don't know, I mean it's- I'm just, er, very happy really that the work
is consistent and I'm able to work with the talent that I'm allowed to work with, that's a real treat.
And, er, in a few of your films we see you in not too much clothing, is this now a new clause
that is, like, you know gotta get the shirt off at some stage?
Or have a head on.
Or a head on, yeah.
Yeah, we'll see. Stay tuned.
What was the head like?
It was big.
Erm, it was initially but, y'know, you get- got used to it pretty quickly. It was fine,
like I say, it actually lent to the character a lot and it was very liberating and created
a sense of mischief in the character whenever is sort of put it on, so it was good.
Well it's nice to see you without the head.
Thank you, cheers. Good to see you.
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Michael Fassbender on his new movie Frank and getting naked!

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zaphiel published on January 6, 2015
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