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  • Mrs. Donaly.

  • Hmm.

  • Mm-hmm.

  • Hmm.

  • Yes, your husband did show remarkable foresight in taking those pictures,

  • and, yes, absent a swimming pool,

  • the presence of a pool man would appear to be suspicious.

  • But, madam, who is the real victim here?

  • Let me suggest to you the following.

  • Your husband, on a prior occasion, had slapped you... beat you.

  • I think that word is not inappropriate. No, I...

  • Let me finish, please.

  • I'm not concerned with who slapped whom first.

  • Your husband, who had beaten you repeatedly... No, he never...

  • Please... repeatedly, was at the time brandishing your firearm.

  • - It was his gun. - And we'll get it back for you.

  • Trying, in his rage, to shoot an acquaintance,

  • a friend of long standing.

  • They never really cared for each other.

  • And if not for your cool-headed intervention,

  • his tantrum might have ended this schmo's life and ruined his own.

  • As for the sexual indiscretion which he imagined took place,

  • wasn't it in fact he... who was sleeping with the pool man?

  • No? Am I going too far here?

  • Were his sexual... No. I don't...

  • Sorry. I'm not omniscient.

  • The point is that he acted upon an assumption which he cannot prove,

  • and I take it you deny.

  • - Well... - Fine. I'll take the case.

  • It's imperative that I meet with Oliver Olerud before we proceed any further...

  • so that I can massage the kinks out of our testimony.

  • Do you really think we can put all this across?

  • The truth is so self-evident to me, Mrs. Donaly,

  • that I'm sure I'll be able to make it equally as transparent to anyjury,

  • should your husband decide to take it that far.

  • We'll need to caucus again to draw up a picture of your husband's net worth.

  • A map of enemy territory, so to speak.

  • You said he's a television producer? He has a soap opera... The Sands of Time.

  • It's a silly show.

  • [Chuckling] Well, it'll be yours soon.

  • Thank you very much.

  • Thank you, Mr. Massey. Yeah. Bye-bye.

Mrs. Donaly.

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