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Good morning ladies and gentlemen.
This is Captain David Hume speaking.
On behalf of myself and the crew, I would like to welcome you aboard this flight to Taiwan.
Right now the weather in Taiwan is clear and sunny, with the high of twenty-six degrees...
Learning plus adventure!
Welcome to this study abroad direct flight to Taiwan.
An unknown journey is about to begin.
Are my heroes ready?
Uh oh.
This book ain't got half of the stuff you need to know!
Taiwan is a mysterious island in East Asia.
Most people here speak Mandarin Chinese
Yet somehow, everyone here seems to speak a bit of English...
... and body language.
Confucius said: "Is it not pleasant to learn with a constant perseverance and application?"
The concept of learning is deeply rooted among their beliefs.
Work hard.
Play hard.
Don't forget that the destination of this adventure is the university.
[Ranked 9th in "Higher Education and Training" (WEF)]"
It looks like this boss is gonna be a tough one.
[All-English taught programs]
[International accreditation]
Every mission is a challenge.
The adventure will end if you don't put in enough effort.
[Available scholarships in many areas]
[Practical and specific skill training]
But, once you make it, the precious treasure will be waiting at the finish line for you!
[A big jump into your future]
[Leading corporations in Taiwan's science parks]
The transportation system here in Taiwan is über convenient.
Get a surf board from Taipei 101 at noon on your day off, and hop on the high speed rail.
And during the afternoon, you'll be sunbathing in Kenting in the south of Taiwan.
You can get anywhere you want to go through the sophisticated transportation system.
Speaking of the security in Taiwan, of course you shouldn't leave your stuff behind.
Excuse me. Are you looking for this?
Oh my God! Yeah it's mine. Thank you.
You're welcome.
It's even safe for girls to go out to get late night snacks.
[Friendly, safe and convenient lifestyle.]
The food here is something you definitely wanna be careful about.
The food culture here has made a name for itself.
We all know what delicious food can add to our belts.
Once you've tried it, you'll never forget it!
Oh my God! Wake up! What happened? Wake up! Hey!
What is that?
Oh, and let's not forget that, you gotta study Mandarin every day in order to experience the true excitement of this quest.
Taiwan and its unknown adventures are expecting your visit!
The plane is about to land, and your journey shall begin!
[Learning plus adventure: Taiwan]
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Study in Taiwan --- Learning plus adventure

912157 Folder Collection
Lily Chou published on April 9, 2015    Lily Chou translated    Halu Hsieh reviewed
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