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Once the proud of family
and beloved by everyone
Ming Zhan now have nowhere to stay
poor and in a low status in the arena
He has tasted a lot the warmth
and coldness of people
It was as if the satisfied expression
and mocking face of the enemy
was just before him
Ming Zhan felt sad, angry, and despaired
He cried out consistently
and made crazy acts
The weapon to abreact
has been blown out in a sudden breeze
Ming Zhan was stunned
turning around, he found--------
The man in his eye was not as extraordinary as he thought
A tree full of pink plumblossom
reflects the dullness of an ordinary traveller
Ming Zhan was attracted by a gentle power out of nowhere
The anger and sadness
had suddenly calmed out
please excuse Ming Zhan
could I have the honor to know your name?
This man looks ordinary,
on him
I cannot feel the killing will that should exist in a martial
who feels the approach of a stranger in ten steps away
Was that a coincidence just now?
Let me test him
The season of flowers has passed
Chivalrous swordsman, no, master
Ming Zhan wants to be your prentice
Ming Zhan can pay whatever price it is
Ming Zhan has his family and people to revenge for,
Ming Zhan must learn the highest level of martial art in the world
and reach the zenith of the martial world.
Never ask where's the zenith
never would you reach it, even when you are looking down the celestial vault
Since looking down the celestial vault is not enough
then let me climb to a even higher place
to a even higher zenith
For you to realize
Master! Oh master!
Why, why,
Since you have no intention to be my master
why do you show off
and trick me
Detestable, abominable people,
damned East Tripoden!
Ah ---
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【Pili with English Sub】The Legend of Two Evils -02- Plumblossom in snow

3006 Folder Collection
吳祥寬高中部教師 published on December 29, 2014
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