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This is the first test of my robotics project!
Stop! Stop! Stop!
The seventh test...
This is Tadashi, my older brother
Thirty-third test...
Wait, wait - stop!
This is the eighty-fourth test...
- Hello! I am Baymax! - It works!
- Oh this is amazing! - He wanted to help a lot of people.
people keep Tadashi's not really gone
as long as we remember him
Hello, I am Baymax. Tadashi programmed me to heal the sick
and injured.
You will be alright. There. There.
I would like to help. Scan complete. You're experiencing mood swings. Diagnosis
puberty. - Whoa, what?!
It's like spooning a warm marshmallow...
- Reports are flooding in about a major catastrophe! - We're under attack from a supervillain
people! - Come on, go go go!
- I am not fast. - Yeah no kidding!
So a man in a Kabuki mask
attacked you and balloon man...
- We gotta catch him! - We can't go against that guy, we're nerds!
Trust me, I know about robotics.
- We can be WAY more! - Is anybody else's suit riding up on them?
- Come on! Kick it down! Punch it!
Why is Baymax wearing carbon fiber underpants?
This may undermine my non-threatening, huggable design.
He's glorious!
If I wasn't terrified of heights, I'd probably love this. But I'm terrified of heights, so I don't love it.
- What's wrong with you? - Low...battery...
That was amazing!
- You gave me a heart attack! - Clear! - Stop!
it's just an expression
- Whadya say, buddy?! - Weeeee!
let's get you back in your luggage
wow wow wow wow what a great trailer
I love it it's so exciting to see this movie
come into its own for so long Big Hero 6 has
just been the movie that comes after frozen, can it duplicate frozen success
cetera et cetera and the first real we saw some cool elements in the teaser
but now we're starting to get a real feel for be
hero 6 the dynamics not only with hero Hamada and his brother and his
robot big macs for sure you'll also see this group superheroes he's going to put
I also think it's never been more clear this is disease answers How to Train
Your Dragon
but I think this film seems to have something how to train your dragon lost
second entry and that's heart a cozy package which was very much a part
how to train your dragon one the flying sequences I and II think
you know this is a little bit of a wake-up call because it's in direct
more how to train your dragon and the third film they're planning
to make its been pushed back a little bit though because they do need to fix
some things
and I think they should take a look and big euro6 I mean this is a film
where even twenty comes up in runs out in the streets searching for baby max
it's exciting it just makes you want to be there and that's a big Disney quality
that cozy factor on the war
and you know making San Fran Sokkia the city they live in c-myc
real place and i also think you're doing a great job establishing not just your a
a hero among his family with him in his brother that that dynamic
but also some great his email characters there are very few greatest female
characters there
are few between which is why they're so special when they do exist
and I think that not only does he really look like a great character but his
brother does I'm also very impressed with the way it was so obvious coming
across here
on it steinways juniors care to the voices
and also even TJ Miller scare are friends not when he's coming across
I'd like to see a little bit more from the female characters and I think you
really have their work cut out for them
I to compete with the male characters here because they're very bold dynamic
matches visually with their costumes and the character design
but also the actors placing them in even the one
a boy subject you doing I'm II Europe monarchy round I'm just finishing
Ryan Potter who he has a really great quality to his voice i think is working
well here might so my only issue concerns are female characters can they
I think gadgets are going to help them but you only get to see them in action
and it also I think the b-max moves so slowly that was my one problem
clip they've shown for this film and then I don't know if whole movie at
Pemex being super slow
will be as funny as may be disney hopes and I know exactly slowly has is
I has aluminum casing on but I think that they're just going to work
once maybe twice having to wait for him to get from A to B
like you just cut to matter I don't have to sit through it
but I think this looks amazing I'm so impressed the way it's coming together
I think that you can expect to see some San Fran so keoghs popping up a Disney
theme parks across the globe
this film is this success and I think it will be it looks
so good what do you think what's I standing at do you think that how to
train your dragon should be concerned
what do you think this first glimpse were getting and he reminds brother
who by the way I think let's take bets now it's one that's the balance
it seems so obvious I hope it's just a misdirect I and then also
already been the team when you think about you you're seeing so far get a
a better look at who'd boosted I'm sorry to be a favorite for years
and also you can use are some great Disney male characters you think maybe
we might have some as popular as
else and Ana at are really high bar
to it to match so thank you so much for tuning in to my review we're getting
this film
very silly comes out November I surrender that m1 thank you so much for
tuning in
and you can check it's more episodes right now
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Big Hero 6 Official Trailer 2 + Trailer Review : Beyond The Trailer

5853 Folder Collection
蕭聿君 published on December 26, 2014
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