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I wake in the morning
Tired of sleeping
Get in the shower
And make my bed alone
I put on my makeup
Talking to the mirror
Ready for a new day
Without you
And I walk steady on my feet
I talk my voice obeys me
I go out at night
Sleep without the lights
And I do all of the things
I have to keeping you off my mind
But when I think I'll be alright
I am always wrong cause
My hands
Don't wanna start again
My hands
No they don't wanna understand
My hands
They just shake and try to break
whatever peace I may find
My hands
They only agree to hold
Your hands
And they don't wanna be without
Your hands
And they will not let me go
No they will not let me go
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Leona Lewis - My Hands (Final Fantasy AMV)

1762 Folder Collection
hope published on December 23, 2014
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