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You know, well, we just want you to be okay.
Well, it's tough to do with people waiting for you to turn into a zombie or something.
That's funny, I always saw you as more of the cute werewolf type.
- I found another one. - Oh no.
What can I say, you were on the side of the road for a month
and there are a lot of cellphones in the world. People take pictures.
But why do they have to take pictures of me in an orange jumpsuit picking up beer cans?
- It wasn't so bad. - You looked at them?
I have to look at them if I'm gonna find them and get them taken down.
Show 'em to me.
No, no... Don't show them to me.
Ok, let me look.
Oh God, I look like a demented creamsicle.
You're never gonna find all of these, are you?
Look on the bright side. It is the Internet.
You're up against talking dogs and people eating bits of sofa cushion...
It's way more interesting than a pretty girl in an orange baggie.
I do not look pretty in these pictures.
You do.
Sort of.
In a post-apocalyptic-rag-tag- -band-of-survivors kind of way.
- Was it a boy or a girl? - I don't know!
- Any sense of boobs? - Hanna!
- What? It could be a clue.
- Then ask Hanna. - Hanna spent all of chem class
drawing pictures of me in a pointy hat and a wart on my nose.
She'll get over it.
Offer her your lake house. She needs some serious face time with Caleb.
My lake house?
I've already made some memories on that couch in the living room.
She... she didn't tell you?
That was my nana's couch.
I can't work at a hotline. I'm on lockdown.
I can barely even pee without a chaperone.
Wait, you're coming to my surprise party, right?
Nope, not unless you're throwing it in my closet.
I was wondering if you wanted to go out tonight.
I can't. But thanks.
It's just that I'm grounded.
Really? Your dad said it wouldn't be a problem.
Oh, our parents talked?
- Did my mom call to set us up? - No, I called to ask permission.
What? Who even does that anymore?
My parents have been pushing this whole "return to kinder, gentler traditions" agenda.
No, I'm not saying that it's-
Laugh now, but I'll be sending you a handwritten thank-you note for
letting me interrupt your conversation.
I'm just kind of confused.
Is this a date?
Is that weird?
No, uh...
It's just we've known each other since preschool.
Is it the whole glue thing?
'Cause if I remember correctly, you dared me.
Okay, no, that was not a dare. I was just misinformed.
I thought that if it looked like ranch dressing...
Well, now we're both old enough to know the difference, so...
Dinner, a movie?
Paste-free, I promise.
Okay. Yeah. It'd be great to hang out.
I'll think of something fun to do.
Great. Whatever you want. Just text me the details.
Yeah, will do.
Um, how weird is that?
I use him as my alibi and now he actually wants to go out?
It's not that weird. He likes you.
No, we've known each other forever.
You're cute, and he likes you.
"A" was in the lake house when Caleb and I were...
- "Fraternizing" on my nana's sofa. - Ok, who told?
You know, it doesn't even matter.
There are like four bedrooms up there with actual beds in them.
Did you guys see anybody, hear anything?
- Em, we were kind of busy. - Yeah, you were gettin' busy.
Huh, the beard.
The what?
Holden, Aria's beard.
It means he'll go out with her but not really out with her
because he's not really interested. - I know what it means.
He's gay.
He's not gay. I've known him since I was five.
He might not have known when he was five.
Has he ever tried to kiss you?
I'll call you later.
- I'll answer. - Bye.
Can you guys like back up a little bit?
- We're not even standing that close to you. - Really?
Then how do I know you had a cheeseburger for lunch?
Do you have any family in Maine, by any chance?
Nope. No, all in Maryland.
Have you ever been to Maine? The northeast harbor area?
So, Kate, will you be joining any clubs or sports teams?
- Yeah, I was actually thinking... - Debate!
Sorry, I thought I must've seen you at a debate.
Hanna, I really don't think that you need to worry about Kate.
She's been nothing but nice to you, right?
Oh yeah, but it's a trap.
Do you remember in bio we learned about those animals
that can change their appearance to look harmless
and then they lull their prey into a false sense of security
and they just bite their heads off?
That's Kate.
- Hanna, do not lose sleep over this girl. - It's a fish!
What are they called?
- Fangblennies. - Yes.
Kate is a fangblenny.
She's a boil n' baggy.
I don't remember that one. Is that like a blowfish?
I am showing you this to prove that you have nothing to worry about.
- Did you hear me? - What are those?!
They're bug bites.
God, it looks like something laid eggs on her face and then exploded.
Winning really brings out the nerd in you, huh?
Ok, I'm gonna ignore all of your hostility right now
because I know that it comes from a place of shame.
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Pretty Little Liars - Funny moments part 6

884 Folder Collection
姚易辰 published on December 19, 2014
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