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It's just Travis. -I'll be in the kitchen.
Hey you. This is a nice surprise. -Is it? Because we had plans to go to the grill
at 7. I know you weren't drunk when we made them.
I'm sorry but with everything going on I totally spaced. Travis I would go but Ali's in there
and I don't really want to leave her alone right now. She's going through a tough time.
I saw Mona's video and it looked like Ali was the one making it tough.
Don't believe everything you see. And about Lucas's party I hope I didn't do
anything too embarrassing. -You were just on your phone the whole night
trying to call someone. -I was?
I don't remember that. But I don't really remember anything after the room starting
spinning. -Figured there was somewhere else that you
wanted to be. -Yeah in bed with an ice pack.
So we're okay? -Yeah we're great.
I'll call you when Ali leaves. -Okay. Later.
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Pretty Little Liars 5x06 Sneak Peek #3 - "Run, Ali, Run" - Season 5 Episode 6

356 Folder Collection
姚易辰 published on December 19, 2014
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