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Flyzone's Playmate is ready to be any flier's best friend. It's affordably priced, conveniently
sized, impressively equipped with EVERYTHING you need to fly, and ready to fly practically
anywhere: at home, at a park, or even a large indoor area. With all that flexibility, you'll
never need to schedule a play date for the Playmate. It's always ready for instant airtime
-- anywhere! You can recharge the LiPo flight battery on the spot -- and with each full
charge, enjoy long, ten-minute flight times. Flyzone includes a high-quality, 2.4 gigahertz
radio which offers three channels of control: for throttle and for 100% proportional rudder
and elevator. The Playmate makes a perfect introduction to R/C for new pilots, plus an
ideal way for old pros to enjoy some stick time at the drop of a hat. The Flyzone Playmate.
How high will YOU soar?
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FlyZone Playmate Micro RTF

796 Folder Collection
何偉明 published on December 16, 2014
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