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We get a lot of questions about wireless charging
also known as inductive charging. Chances are you already use this kind of
wireless charger
if you have ever used a rechargeable electric toothbrush or shaver
for simplicity's sake, let's consider the pad
and wireless charging enabled device
are special magnets. So both produce a magnetic field.
Once those fields cross and energy start to transfer from one to the other.
Some phones have this special magnet built-in, like the Nexus 4
and Nexus 5 but some you can actually put in
like this wireless charging battery card adapter for the s4
There are a lot of standards out there
for wireless charging but most use the Qi standard.
So if your phone or any other device can wirelessly charge,
make sure you know what standard its using so you don't buy the wrong
charging pad. All the different wireless charging pad we sell on our site
are compatible with Qi enabled devices. I'll put a list of
Qi enabled phones in the description below. So I have the
S4 and the Qi battery card adapter here. Wireless charging does not come built-in to the S4
so you have to get this battery card adapter which comes with this
charging pad for 50 bucks on our site. To install this card
first, power off your phone,
then remove the battery cover. Align the battery adapter
with the contacts located above the battery and then put the cover back on.
Plug in the charging pad
Finally put the phone in the middle the pad to start charging.
If your phone does not need a wireless charging adapter
the ECO and UFO charging pads
are good alternatives with a lower price tag.
OR Samsung sells a special battery cover
that has this battery card built-in for around 40 bucks
but this price does not include a charging pad.
All these chargers are available on our site. I'll put links in the description.
If you have any questions about wireless chargers, comment below.
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HOW TO | Wireless Charging Explained

1451 Folder Collection
怡君 published on December 14, 2014
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