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So this is the new Caterham Seven 620R. It costs £50,000. It's got 311 horsepower and
like most sevens, it weighs not a lot more than half a ton.
That gives it 600-odd horsepower per ton. And let me tell you, that feels crackers.
Oh, it's just nuts driving this car. You get flies in your teeth. You get stones in your
forehead. You cannot hear a thing because of this exhaust pipe that sits here. But I
don't care about any of that because it's absolutely raving wonderful.
There's a sequential gearbox so flat shifts on the way up, and they say you don't even
need to use the clutch on the way down, although you can use the clutch.
It stops on a sixpence. And it goes around corners just like the world's most fantastic
highly powered unhinged go-cart.
Oh, look at this.
You really do have to recalibrate your brain when you drive a car like this. The acceleration
is so intense. I mean. We'll show you in a bit what this thing can do to a Golf GTI in
a straight line.
But yeah, I mean, 911 turbos, Aventadors, you name it. Anything thing this side of a
Veyron would not see which way this thing had gone up to about 90, 100 miles an hour.
Caterham claims that the 0 to 60 time in this thing is either 2.8 or 2.7 seconds, which
is very, very, very fast considering it's rear wheel drive.
This is what that looks like.
And it will do 60 in first gear.
For a certain type of person who, let's face it, has rather a lot of money to spend on
a toy, there's nothing quite like this. It's fantastically unhinged.
And if you can afford one, do. No other car in the world is like this.
Okay, so you want to know just how fast the new supercharged 620R really is. Well, the
Golf GTI gets a two second head start here. But by the time it reaches 70 miles an hour,
the Caterham, as you can see, is all over it
and it goes past doing about 110. And the new GTI, remember, is not slow.
The Caterham 620R. What a weapon.
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Caterham 620R slays Volkswagen Golf GTI - Caterham's fastest ever road car tested

1569 Folder Collection
Dalian published on December 12, 2014
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