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RICK KAMLA: NBA TV's coverage of All Star Weekend continues with the 2014 NBA Development
League All Star Game presented by Kumho Tire. We're at NBA All Star Jam Session at the Ernest
N. Morial Convention Center. We've got The Futures and The Prospects. They're ready to
take the floor here at Jam Session. We're courtside. Rick Kamla, happy to be joined
by Dennis Scott and Brent Barry. This is one of our favorite events of the
year. Great to be back here with you guys. A lot of talent on display. Probably the best
collection of talent outside of the NBA. DENNIS SCOTT: Every year you come here and
get excited because you're anxious to see how these guys are going to perform, and more
importantly, they're still dreaming. They want to get to Sunday and on the big stage.
Right here's a good chance to show the world they have game.
BRENT BARRY: I think that's what makes this game interesting. As much as it is still an
exhibition, these guys don't have the luxury of taking the night off. They know who is
in the stands and watching this game so they take it very seriously. We look forward to
watching these guys put their wares on display. RICK KAMLA: This All Star Game is a great
merging of hunger and highlight style plays that you'll see. Passes off the backboards
for dunks and all that kind of stuff. It's been an interesting year in the NBA Development
League before Rajon Rondo made his return from ACL surgery, he practiced with the Maine
Red Claws and took the team out to dinner to show his appreciation.
Pierre Jackson said the NBA D League record with 58 points in February, and 48 players
have been assigned to from NBA teams to D League teams and The Futures and Prospects
are on the court. They are ready to go. Fellas, the NBA teams seem to use the D League more
and more every year. >> Well, the idea of an NBA team having direct
affiliation with their D League team, being able to talk to their players about terminology,
sending guys down for conditioning purposes and being able to bring them back out to the
big ballclub. So many more teams utilizing this tool throughout the course of the NBA
regular season, it's not just a trend, it's the future of what the Development League
is supposed to be all about. DENNIS SCOTT: I agree with you a thousand
percent. It's all about the system. Talking about teams in the NBA that run a solid system.
You have your D League playing on a daily basis. They get called up and not caught behind.
They understand where they need to be on the floor.
RICK KAMLA: Coming up at halftime, it will be the Dream Factory, presented by Boost Mobile,
and the NBA Development League Slam Dunk Contest, and there is Tony Mitchell. He won it last
year. Look at that, a pass from the stands into a windmill.
DENNIS SCOTT: Into a windmill. Between the legs, we were watching this last year, wow,
this young man can fly. BRENT BARRY: This contest happens early in
the afternoon. These dunks are talked about all the way up to Saturday night. And we're
wondering because of Boost Mobile, Tony Mitchell still has that year's worth of service going.
Bringing out the banner on display for that dunk, but these guys do put on a show. They
have a lot of fun with it. RICK KAMLA: No question about it. He is returning.
The other three competitors are first time guys. Thanasis Antetokounmpo is the oldest
brother, Ra'Shad James dunked over a seven foot shot blocker during the season. He's
a little guy. 6'1", but he can rise. Darren White, 6'4" out of Campbell, he's got hops
as well. The Dunk Contest here is fantastic. There
is a lot of creativity. Again, it's the hunger. It's not just show boating and that kind of
thing and I've already made it. It's fantastic. There is hunger involved, Dennis.
DENNIS SCOTT: All these guys understand this is another platform where I can let the whole
world see what I can do. That is why the creativity is at a maximum high. I like to see the little
fella because he gets so high off the ground that it looks better. But some of those long
athletic guys like Mitchell are exciting as well.
BRENT BARRY: You'll be able to tell who the best dunker in the field is, 3 D by watching
the other players at halftime. As they get geeked up and anxious to watch a guy go fly
in the air, we'll know who they think is the favorite.
RICK KAMLA: Very interesting rosters here for The Futures and The Prospects. A lot of
guys who have a ton of NBA experience, Melvin Ely, Hilton Armstrong just to name a few.
DENNIS SCOTT: Those guys understand that they know the path how to get back. The guys that
have had small takes. Bost is in there, got drafted. Had a little take on the opportunity
is here today to work on your game. BRENT BARRY: Other guys like Devin Ebanks
who we've seen over the past few summers. In Las Vegas played good, good basketball,
waiting for his opportunity. Last summer I was impressed with the Golden State Warriors
and Cameron Jones, what he was able to do. Part of the Santa Cruz Warriors showing what
he can do at the All Star Game in New Orleans. So familiar faces and familiar names certainly
to us because of all the coverage we do over the summer months.
Again, another opportunity, as you said, 3 D, to get their names out there, put on a
show and enjoy this atmosphere. Q. That was Hilton Armstrong. That is Melvin
Ely. He helped the Spurs win the 2007 NBA Championship, and Hilton Armstrong won a title
at UCONN. So they'll be out here. You have Stephen Curry's younger brother, Seth. That
will be fun to watch. I'm looking and excited to see Pierre Jackson. The fella we talked
about had 58 points. He can sizzle, Bones. BRENT BARRY: Well, the two guys that have
caused the most stir throughout the first half of the regular season in the developmental
league have been Pierre Jackson and Manny Harris. Those guys have put up some monster
games. Pierre Jackson certainly the guy drawing the most attention. But to have those two
scorers on the floor in this game to see if they go at one another, maybe they'll take
a page out of the Dion Waiters, Tim Hardaway Jr. rookie game, give me a side of the court
and let me operate. But they've caused a lot of stir and buzz
around the NBA and around the scoring circles with regards to this league.
RICK KAMLA: 58 points in a game. We saw Carmelo score 62 for the Knicks a month ago. But 58
in a Development League game, that's saying something.
DENNIS SCOTT: Coming out of college, we knew he could shoot the basketball. You wondered
at his smaller size, would he get the shot off. And I'm very shocked someone hasn't picked
him up yet. But off the dribble, the pick and roll, you're watching the highlights.
He's showing you he can score the basketball at so many different ways.
RICK KAMLA: At that size, we know guards in the NBA have to have a specialty. What is
his specialty? DENNIS SCOTT: Shoot the basketball with range.
RICK KAMLA: Absolutely, get buckets, get points. He's a tremendous athlete at that size. But
he can score the basketball in bunches. We'll see if he takes that opportunity here this
afternoon. Time for a break, but we are coming back with
the 8th annual Development League All Star Game presented by Kumho Tire. We are in New
Orleans for All Star Weekend, having a blast, and we're just getting started.
[National Anthem]. We welcome you back to the Ernest N. Morial
Convention Center here at NBA All Star Jam Session. Getting prepared for the NBA Development
League All Star Game. We send it over now to the PA announcer, Barry Tom.
>> Once again, ladies and gentlemen, it's my pleasure to welcome you to Sprint Arena
for the 2014 NBA All Star Game presented by Kumho Tire. Now it's time to introduce our
2014 NBA D League All Stars. Up first, Team Futures: Coaching staff for Team Futures,
from the Canton Charge are athletic trainer, Mike Gittinger, assistant coaches, Jordi Fernandez,
James Posey, and Nate Reinking, and head coach for the Team Futures, Steve Hetzel.
Now let's name the Future reserves. A 6'1" center from the Santa Cruz Warriors, No. 34,
Hilton Armstrong. 6'4" from the Reno Big Horns, No. 22, Mo Charlo. A 6'1" guard from the Santa
Cruz Warriors, No. 13, Seth Curry. A 7'4" from the Sioux Falls Skyforce, No. 33, Justin
Hamilton. A 6'8" forward from the Maine Red Claws, No. 33 Chris Wright.
Your starting lineup for the Team Futures. 6'5" guard from the Los Angeles Defenders,
No. 22, Manny Harris. A 5'10" guard from the Idaho Stampede, No. 11, Pierre Jackson. A
6'8" forward from the Canton Charge, No. 21, Kevin Jones. A 6'6" guard from the Sioux Falls
Skyforce, No. 14, DeAndre Liggins. And a 6'9" center from the Canton Charge, No. 50, Arinze
Onuaku. Now let's meet your 2014, team Prospects.
Coaching staff for team Prospects from The Rio Grand Valley Vipers, athletic trainer
Long Lam, assistant coaches, Paul Mikeski, and Jason Young, and head coach for Team Futures,
Nevada Smith. Your team Prospects reserves are 6'2" guard from Idaho Stampede, No. 4,
Dee Bost. A 6'4" forward from The Rio Grande Vipers, Robert Covington. A 6'forward from
the Texas Legends, No. 33, Melvin Ely. A 6'4" guard from the Santa Cruz Warriors, No. 9,
Cameron Jones. And a 6'7" guard from the Bakersfield Jam, No. 21, James Nunnally.
Now the starting lineups for team Prospects. A 6'4" guard from The Rio Grande Valley Vipers,
No. 7, Troy Daniels. A 6'8" forward from the Bakersfield Jam, No. 33, Ike Diogu. A 6'9"
forward from the Texas Legends, No. 24, Devin Ebanks. A 6'5" guard from the Ft. Wayne Mad
Ants, No. 19, Ron Howard, and a 6'5" forward from the Iowa Energy, No. 12, Othyus Jeffers.
Ladies and gentlemen, let's hear it for your 2014 NBA D League All Stars. Let's take you
to NBA TV's sideline reporter, Jared Greenberg. RICK KAMLA: All right, well, joined by Ron
Howard and Pierre Jackson. We begin with the veteran, the guy who knows all about this
experience. You have three of them now. What have you learned from your first two D League
All Star appearances? PLAYER: To definitely have fun, play the right
way, and take in this great atmosphere that they have here.
>> I know you're going to put on a slow for the fans. We've seen that in the past. And
so is this fella. If you haven't seen Pierre Jackson play, you're in for a treat today.
You're Mr. Do It All, and you love to play under the big spotlight. What are you going
to give the fans today in New Orleans? PLAYER: I'm going to try to show them a little
something they've never seen if they've never seen me play before. So I'm just trying to
have fun and enjoy the experience. >> You're going to go for 58 again, right.
PLAYER: If it happens, it happens. >> Pierre Jackson and Ron Howard, as we get
set. Just moments away from the 2014 NBA Development League All Star Game. We're coming right back
live on NBA TV. >> NBA D League All Star Game is about to
begin. There are interesting lineups here for The Futures. Coach head sell, they've
got a three guard look with Manny Harris, Pierre Jackson, and DeAndre Liggins, and now
a couple of bigs. For The Prospects, they don't even have a true center on their entire
roster. They're going with three forwards Diogu, Ebanks and Jeffers, so an odd pairing
here to start the game. DENNIS SCOTT: Right, so if The Prospects can
get rebounds, maybe they can use those athletic legs to get out and run and go against the
Future with their size. BRENT BARRY: See if they can spread them out
and take a page out of the Rio Grande Vipers playbook and shoot just a bunch of threes
today in this game. RICK KAMLA: Speaking of threes, No. 7 in red,
Troy Daniels just lost the three point contest presented by Boost Mobile, to EJ Singler,
and we start with a flush by Pierre Jackson. DENNIS SCOTT: Nice little back pick there
for Jackson to go up on the screen and excellent pass.
BRENT BARRY: Tough psychologically, too, because Manny Harris likes to score, and he had to
give it to Pierre Dexter. DENNIS SCOTT: Score is a score.
RICK KAMLA: There is Daniels. Probably the most warmed up player out here. EJ Singler,
brother of Kyle. He won the three point contest on a buzzer beater and there is a dunk. We'll
show you highlights of the three point contest at halftime.
DENNIS SCOTT: Nice looking shot by Ebanks. Drafted by the Lakers. Got a taste of some
action there, and continuing to work on his outside shot so he can get called back up.
RICK KAMLA: Prospects up 4 2, and the rebound to Ike Diogu, former first round pick. And
Jeffers spent some time with the San Antonio Spurs this year. The Futures on the attack.
Nice feed in the bucket. DENNIS SCOTT: Nice pass by Liggins. Big fella
can catch him and lay it on hand. RICK KAMLA: Onuaku dropped that one in. Here's
Daniels and an air ball three. Rebounds put in by Jeffers. He plays bigger than his size.
BRENT BARRY: You look at his build, and that's, I think, where a lot of NBA coaches think
at the two guard position with that build and broad shoulders, he can defend and be
one of those lock down Defenders in the mold of Thabo Sefolosha. But he's not as long as
you'd like at that position. Ike Diogu with the slam.
DENNIS SCOTT: Nice bounce pass by Jeffers there.
RICK KAMLA: Got a couple of ten day contracts with the Lakers earlier this year. Oh! And
Jeffers, little errant with that pass, and gives it back to the futures.
BRENT BARRY: Interesting to look at Pierre Jackson. He's going to handle the ball here
with point guard responsibilities. Ron Howard at 6'5". You get an idea of the size of Pierre
Jackson. A good match up up there to see if that length bothers him, 3 D.
RICK KAMLA: Harris scoops it up with the left hand.
>> To your point, Brent, Jackson being that size, you have to be on the defensive end
cause havoc or use your quickness to get to the sweet spot and get shots. When you have
small guards in the NBA, they'll attack the defense.
RICK KAMLA: Ron Howard off to Diogu, that one Pops out on Ike. Harris back for The Futures
and they lead 8 6. DeAndre Liggins backing his man down. Couple of fakes and then the
strip. DENNIS SCOTT: Good patience by Howard there.
Didn't go for the pump fake. Used his hands nicely to get a piece of that ball.
RICK KAMLA: Here's at look of Manny Harris to Pierre Jackson.
BRENT BARRY: Great opening set. Just a back screen there. Ron Howard gets the hit by Harris,
puts the pass on target for the little man to get up and get two.
RICK KAMLA: Kevin Jones with that rebound. Manny hands off to Jackson. Prospects are
running, Jeffers lost the handle. Oh, and Onuaku throws it down.
DENNIS SCOTT: Every now and then he gets a nice little cherry pick.
RICK KAMLA: Second Development League All Star Game appearance before the product out
of Syracuse, Onuaku. Devin Ebanks! Usually there is more defense played in the Development
League All Star Game. BRENT BARRY: I think he and Onuaku made eye
contact in the opposite way Many Harris made it with Pierre Jackson, which is you, you
go ahead and get one. I'll get out of the way, hey, they're all trying to get to the
NBA. RICK KAMLA: Underneath, Kevin Jones put that's
big body on him. DENNIS SCOTT: You called it. No way Daniels
could get around to help on that one. RICK KAMLA: Daniels with an interesting pass.
Gets it back to the futures. He's got a smile on his face.
DENNIS SCOTT: This is one of these games where sometimes you get stuck. You want to play
hard. You want to show what you want to do. You don't want to show too much. But you've
got to show, Brent, that your game has improved so you can get called back up.
BRENT BARRY: I talked to Ron Howard about that before the game. I said, Ron, how are
things going for you? Are you hanging in there? He said, oh, yeah, I want to go out and play
the game the right way. You heard Jarrett talking to him before the game. This is a
little different in terms of the exhibition. These guys don't want to come out here and
play embarrassing basketball. RICK KAMLA: Oh, Jackson! Pierre Jackson launched
it to himself and had room to spare on the Jam. Oh, Howard might have gotten away with
a violation but found Ebanks for the Jam. I want to see Pierre Jackson do that again.
DENNIS SCOTT: Yes, indeedy, the turnover. Next thing you know, his head's by the rim.
RICK KAMLA: Harris to Kevin Jones, the long two. Yes.
BRENT BARRY: Fella showing some range. RICK KAMLA: Futures up 16 10. Harris tried
to split the defense and he is fouled. So it's The Futures 16, Prospects 10. How about
Pierre Jackson? BRENT BARRY: Get that man some beats.
RICK KAMLA: 5'10", he can still get up. >> Back with you here on NBA TV live from
New Orleans. The biggest thing this weekend throughout all of the events is that it's
a family affair. Today we're making NBA history as Steph Curry and Seth Curry become the first
ever brothers to play in a D League All Star Game, and then later in the weekend, in the
NBA All Star Game. But it doesn't end there. We'll also see tonight, Seth, with his father,
Dell, who is in attendance in the Shooting Stars competition. We'll also see the Hardaways.
Tim and Tim Jr. And yesterday in the Rising Stars Challenge,
Miles Plumlee played against his brother, Mason. And fellas, looking forward to next
year? It may continue as Giannis Antetokounmpo who currently plays for the Milwaukee Bucs
may be joined in the NBA by his brother, Thanasis, who will be draft eligible this spring.
RICK KAMLA: Yes, a family reunion here in New Orleans. And Dell Curry, get to this in
a second. Pierre Jackson, once again! What is the vertical bounce? 40 inches plus?
DENNIS SCOTT: His vertical is boing oing oing. RICK KAMLA: What an athlete. Awesome. Dell
Curry will be one of the judges at halftime in the Boost Mobile NBA Development League
Slam Dunk Contest. That is Daniels for three. DENNIS SCOTT: I was talking to Dell before
the game. BRENT BARRY: I'm sorry, I was going to say,
I wonder what it's like to grow up in a basketball family.
DENNIS SCOTT: Yeah, that would be tough to have some brothers that you go out in the
backyard and have shooting games and fight each other afterwards. You wouldn't know anything
about that, I'm sorry. RICK KAMLA: Jeffers lays it in, and here's
Jackson. BRENT BARRY: You talked to Dell, 3 D?
DENNIS SCOTT: Yes, and Dell talked about Rick. He said he has to keep his shoulder loosen
than usual now because his sons are starting to beat him now in the backyard. I said wait
a minute. BRENT BARRY: Wait, just now?
DENNIS SCOTT: I said are you sure about that? He said I'm just kidding. He said I know the
feeling because Steph has shattered all of my records, so I know the feeling.
RICK KAMLA: Can you still shoot? Does it ever leave you?
DENNIS SCOTT: It never leaves you, but when you have a son that shoots further than you
shoot, it starts to bother you. RICK KAMLA: Pierre Jackson, nice pass into
Liggins, and he traveled. So we go back to the Prospects who trail here by 7, 13:05 remaining
in the first half. DENNIS SCOTT: Talked about it earlier Stephen
in the West All Star practice, he made three half court shots, and said wait a minute,
son, slow down. Save some of that for later on tonight. We need those shots.
RICK KAMLA: Daniels hits his second three of the game. The Prospects moving forward.
Kevin Jones, hit a long two a moment ago, now a three.
DENNIS SCOTT: Very impressive. I like it. BRENT BARRY: Devin Ebanks. He's smooth, isn't
he? DENNIS SCOTT: Very smooth. Continue to work
on his perimeter game, maybe he can get called back up.
RICK KAMLA: Harris facing up on Daniels, and Diogu with the rebound. Here's Ron Howard.
7th NBA Development League season with the Ft. Wayne mad ants.
DENNIS SCOTT: Yeah, he's a veteran. RICK KAMLA: Liggins, full head of steam, and
Harris lays it in. This is a pace that we're used to in the Development League All Star
Game. DENNIS SCOTT: Now they're starting to get
loose now. ReplaceName4: Howard to Diogu, Liggins had
a coast to coast bucket in mind. Goes up for the jumper.
BRENT BARRY: We're in the six seconds or less phase of this basketball game.
RICK KAMLA: Mike D'Antoni would be loving this. Here's Daniels. He's got three threes
in this first half. BRENT BARRY: Daniels 6'4, 200 pounds, looking
good from the three point line. DENNIS SCOTT: Looking really good. Carmelo
with the fingers to the forehead, he made the three.
RICK KAMLA: That was Onuaku with the put back. I spoke to Daniels oh!
DENNIS SCOTT: Just stop it. That's money ball from midtown.
BRENT BARRY: Okay, but 3 D you realize playing in Rio Grande a this is what you have to do.
He set a season record by making his 153rd three point shot for that basketball team,
and he's connected on 167 threes on the year. So if you're in Rio Grande, you better learn
to stay behind the arc. DENNIS SCOTT: That's right.
RICK KAMLA: Onuaku with the power flush. DENNIS SCOTT: Big steal by the big fella.
Oh, yeah! Little Lebron Jamesish, right? Getting that ball away from your body? Almost. He
was trying to reach far back. RICK KAMLA: I think I said kind of.
BRENT BARRY: You did say kind of. RICK KAMLA: You have to disclaim it when you're
comparing anybody to Lebron James. Onuaku has 14 points on 7 of 10 from the floor. Bones,
you mentioned Detroit Daniels has the Development League single season record for threes made.
You'll love this. He hit ten threes back in January. That is the D League record for threes
in a game. DENNIS SCOTT: I love it. Any time a young
man that's had a kind of confidence, as Ebanks gets the alley oop out of bounds play. Nice
pass Jeffers. BRENT BARRY: The crazy thing, 3 D, he's making
five and a half threes per contest. Five threes a game, taking five is sometimes tough to
do depending on who you play for. But making five a game is impressive.
DENNIS SCOTT: And last time we've shown him with deep, deep range. Toeing the line from
the three point line. He's way behind the line.
RICK KAMLA: Jackson has nine points. Ebanks, huh uh.
DENNIS SCOTT: Too much. RICK KAMLA: That pass way out in front of
Manny Harris, so a turnover. And The Prospects will get it back. They trail by 6. Ten to
go in the first half, there is Troy Daniels. Might want to give him the rock, Bones. He's
Jeffers nails the corner three. BRENT BARRY: Yeah, good look by Ron Howard
finding the guy in the corner, and here we go again.
RICK KAMLA: Othyus has seven, he's back with the ball, leading the break. Devin Ebanks,
nice. Oh, good move by Ebanks. He's got 12. A timeout has been called by
The Futures and their coach Steve head sell. Look at this, Arinze Onuaku.
DENNIS SCOTT: Attack the rim, big fella! RICK KAMLA: Futures up by 1.
A 1 point lead for The Futures squad. We're in the blue jerseys today. 9:54 to go in the
first half as we welcome you back inside the Sprint Arena. Jared Green berg joined court
side by Dan Reed. I mentioned Ron Howard has been here three times. You've got him trumped.
This is your seventh year as the head man of this league. It's just evolved. Can you
believe how much has changed and improved over the years in your organization?
JARED: It's been terrific and a credit to everybody involved in the league. My colleagues,
our owners players, 30% of our players have NBA D League experience. And these 20 guys
on the court there is no doubt a large portion of them will be in the NBA later this year.
Five of them have already played in the NBA so far this season.
>> As you and I chat each and every All Star break, it seems one of the overriding themes
is about single affiliation. We've seen it grown by leaps and bounds over the last several
years. Up 14 17 now. What's it going to take to take that next step and get 30 for 30.
>> We do believe we'll have 30 for 30. But we don't want to go that fast though. You'll
see us expand. You'll see more NBA teams come into the league. There are seven or eight
teams now that we're actively talking to about getting involved in their own NBA D League
team. I think it will evolve naturally, but you'll see us grow in the coming years.
>> Speaking with Dan Reed, the president of the NBA D League. A unique situation took
place, P.J. Hairston, going from the University of North Carolina mid year to the D League.
Players are now utilizing your league in different ways than they used to. Now saying I don't
need to go overseas. I can play here Stateside and get ready for the NBA.
>> We're definitely seeing more players play in the NBA Development League versus going
overseas. They realize we're the fastest way to the NBA. And all of our success stories
whether it's Danny Green or Gerald Green or the other 126 players in the NBA right now
with D League experience, that they're increasingly choosing to play with us. I think you'll see
P.J. Hairstons of the world are in a group of players that may choose to play in the
league as a way to prepare for the NBA Draft. We certainly expect that P.J. Hairston will
be a draft pick this summer. >> As technology becomes an ever growing presence
in the sports world, we continue to see the NBA utilizing the D League as a testing ground
for video replay technology, for the way referees official the game. How has that helped the
league. >> It helps because we get that information
first. It's part of our role as the R & D department of the NBA. Really, all this technology
is meant to improve the game, and we think it's beneficial for us. We most recently announced
that our teams are using performance analytic devices during the games. We're the first
sports league in the U.S. where we play most of our games with our players wearing these
devices. The goal is to help improve their health, help maximize their player efficiency,
and we think our players and coaches in our league will benefit from that sort of innovation.
>> Do you think broadcasters would benefit at all from wearing performance testing devices
during the game. >> You know, perhaps, perhaps. It might be
a way to help you improve your game, Jared. >> I was thinking more about DENNIS SCOTT
and BRENT BARRY who certainly could use the exercise once in a while.
>> Probably could monitor their heart rates and compare and maybe check out their blood
Sugar. See what they've eaten recently. We're not going to ask Dennis that.
>> Dan Reed, the president of the NBA D League, fellas.
RICK KAMLA: Jared, thank you so much. Dan Reed, thank you. A signature event in the
NBA Development League season. Happy for Dan Reed and the success of his league. Robert
Covington with the bucket. The Futures lead The Prospects 48 45. You don't need any performance
enhancements, do you? DENNIS SCOTT: No, what was Jared trying to
say? I was on Bourbon street last night? Trying to hang out and have a few sodas or waters
or something? RICK KAMLA: Just Ginger ale.
BRENT BARRY: He asked a question like he was on a life raft and needed a life preserver.
We don't need the help. You need the help. RICK KAMLA: Fantastic. We just had wholesale
substitutions on both sides. Five starters and five guys coming off the bench. Seth Curry
is on the floor as is Hilton Armstrong, Justin Hamilton. We'll be breaking down these players
as they make plays out here. This is Cameron Jones defended by Hilton Armstrong.
DENNIS SCOTT: To Brent's point earlier, Brendan Jones knocked down a couple here now. Anxious
to see him and Seth Curry kind of go at one another here.
RICK KAMLA: Brent what is your read on this stat? One foul in the game so far.
BRENT BARRY: I love it. Certainly these coaches, you know, who would like to get their time
off and more of their time off here in New Orleans to get out and get a nice meal tonight
before all the festivities of All Star Saturday start to take place.
RICK KAMLA: Here's Covington from the corner. He's on assignment from the Houston Rockets.
Playing with the rye owe grande valley Vipers who have the best record in the D League at
23 8. Justin Hamilton. DENNIS SCOTT: Showing a little range there,
big fella, I like it. RICK KAMLA: He was drafted by Philly then
traded to the heat. Covington missed the dunk and got a lucky bounce there, Bones.
BRENT BARRY: Technically not a miss, but not as pretty as he would have liked it, that's
for sure. RICK KAMLA: Here's Seth Curry. Throws it over
near us No. 4 in red. Dee above the leads the Development League in minutes played.
BRENT BARRY: What a great name too. Dee Bost. DENNIS SCOTT: Dee Bost.
RICK KAMLA: He can play. 6'2", 175 out of Mississippi State. Playing with the Idaho
Stampede. 41.7 minutes per game. He's also the league leader in assists at 8.6.
DENNIS SCOTT: He's a phenomenal athlete that stays in good shape to play that many minutes
every night and be productive. RICK KAMLA: Ely to Cameron Jones. Oh, good
defense right there. But a foul is called. DENNIS SCOTT: Oh, Cameron Jones may have gotten
away with a little push off. RICK KAMLA: Mo Charlo was whistled for the
second foul of this game. Look at Mo, he can't believe it. Really? You got me?
BRENT BARRY: Kevin Jones is a guy, 3 D, we talked about it last summer. We thought that
he had a very high basketball IQ and had a skill set beyond just shooting the ball. He
moves well in the open floor. When he's got the ball and he's on the move. He sees the
cutter. He sees the guys who are spotted up so much so last year that he was the NBA D
League's most improved player. He's got a great skill set. You wonder if the Warriors
are tantalized by that. You'd like to be able to shoot the three a little bit better. But
his skills certainly are there. DENNIS SCOTT: They're right there. I thought
he had a great opportunity to make the team. But he decided to go with Tony. So maybe as
the playoffs come around, they'll get another opportunity.
RICK KAMLA: Fast move there by Hilton Armstrong. 6'11" out of UCONN. Currently playing with
the Santa Cruz Warriors. Spent some time with the Golden State Warriors earlier this year.
Out of bounds off Robert Covington, so The Futures will take it back and they lead 53
49. 5:09 to go in the first half. Rick Kamla, Brent Barry, Dennis Scott, and Jared Greenberg
on the call here from New Orleans. Part of our coverage of NBA All Star Weekend here
2014. Hamilton wanted to pass to Armstrong, and Hamilton got it back. So a baseline J
on the other side and now one on this side. DENNIS SCOTT: Tell the people at home. Before
that he put the ball on the floor and got all the way to the rim. So three good possessions
by Hamilton there. RICK KAMLA: Chris Wright with the rebound.
Hamilton is three for three from the field for six points. Seth Curry, just like his
brother, just like his dad. DENNIS SCOTT: From Curry range. Real deep.
13th in the D League in scoring at 19 points per game and six in assists. So doing a lot
like his brother, a bit of both. Scoring and setting up his teammates. Knocking down the
long one there. RICK KAMLA: Stellar career at Duke for Seth
Curry. Trying to get to the NBA as is this man. Pierre Jackson. That man can ride. We're
coming right back. We welcome you back to the NBA Development
League All Star Game. That's what just happened during the break. Download the ultimate guide
to NBA All Star 2014. With the NBA game time act, everything All Star, live from New Orleans,
download NBA game time on your phone or tablet and do it now. Rack Campbell, BRENT BARRY,
DENNIS SCOTT, Jared Greenberg on the call for NBA TV. Futures over the Prospects by
9. Just over 4:00 to go in the first half. Don't forget, coming up at halftime, it's
the NBA development Dream Factory presented by Boost Mobile and the Slam Dunk Contest.
Covington missed. Got a lot of 33s out here, don't we? There is Chris Wright, No. 33. He
couldn't get the alley oop to go. DENNIS SCOTT: Little too short on that one.
Nice idea though. RICK KAMLA: Ely 33, Covington had his Cameron
Jones. DENNIS SCOTT: Yeah, nice little speed on Ely
to give him window room and knock it down. RICK KAMLA: Cameron Jones has gotten busy,
Bones. He's gotten 8. BRENT BARRY: I just really like the way he
plays the game. Free throwing. Time and space, and the passing part of his game, I like best
because he sets up Covington for the lay up. RICK KAMLA: Covington had an eye opening Orlando
summer league that got him signed by the Houston Rockets. They've got their eye on him. Wright
to Armstrong. Power dribble, reverse lay up. DENNIS SCOTT: Nice job getting to the rim
so Ely couldn't get there to block that shot. RICK KAMLA: Here's Dee Bost, Melvin Ely not
shy. DENNIS SCOTT: Great story. I know Brent had
a chance to talk to Melvin Ely had a chance with him. 34, 35 years old, he's pretty incredible.
BRENT BARRY: Yeah, 2007 in San Antonio, Melvin and I were on the same team. Great teammate,
came to work every day and loves to play the game of basketball. You and I both know that
is the key. You never stop that. RICK KAMLA: Good defense there by Dee above
the to knock that ball away. He starts the fast break. Cameron Jones, left wing three.
The rebound to Wright. Mo Charlo, back to Hamilton. Drifted a little to the right on
that shot. James Nunnally spent some time with the Hawks just a couple of weeks ago.
There is Melvin Ely. Hey, stay plugged into the NBA Development League on the go. Download
the NBA D League Center Court App for stats, scores, schedules and live game action. Two
minutes to go in the first half. We're here at Jam Session for the D League All Star Game.
Futures over prospect by six. Nice lay up there by Chris Wright.
DENNIS SCOTT: Nice cut to the basket. Coaches like to see guys make sharp cuts, good screens.
Small things like that don't show up on the stat sheet, and coaches are looking for that.
RICK KAMLA: Cameron Jones, nice feed. Melvin Ely puts it in.
BRENT BARRY: Nice pass off the move, trying to find guys. Doing a great job of that thus
far. You know Dee Bost is giving the ball away. He leads the league in assists. So these
guys are going to have opportunities while No. 4 is on the floor.
RICK KAMLA: Robert Covington with the finish. DENNIS SCOTT: Good communication there.
RICK KAMLA: Knocked away from behind by Bost. What would have been your score on that dunk,
Bones? BRENT BARRY: I give that a six. Little sloppy
on the finish, but the pass was nice. Snuck out of the corner on the baseline cut.
RICK KAMLA: You are tough, Bones. You are tough.
DENNIS SCOTT: When you have one of those chip bowls at home, you can say that, right, Bones?
BRENT BARRY: That's right, a salsa dish. RICK KAMLA: Hamilton scores again. Here's
Covington, rattles out that three. So what's it going to take for Seth Curry to join his
brother Stephen Curry in the NBA? DENNIS SCOTT: That's a great question. I think
it's a matter of him continuing to work on the other end of the floor. We always talk
about defensively because to get on the floor and stay on the floor you have to be able
to do both ends of the floor, and that is something they need to work on. Ball handler
is there. Obviously, you have to shoot the basketball and be a better play maker.
RICK KAMLA: Dee Bost with a terrific pass to Covington. Hamilton, he's getting them
up. It's pretty impressive for him to be able to step out and knock that down. It looks
very natural for him to shoot that ball. Covington wanted a rim rattler right there.
Pretty good defense by Chris Wright to disturb him. It's out of bounds. The Prospects will
keep possession. High scoring first half. Futures 69, Prospects 60. That is just the
way we like it. DENNIS SCOTT: Nice bounce pass. Oh, don't
know if he got a piece of that or not. The ball might have slipped out of his hands.
RICK KAMLA: Here's Nunnally from the side. Good looking shot there. Futures are going
to look to close out this half, last possession of the first. Ten seconds to go. Now down
to 5. Hamilton will drive, kicks it to the corner. Mo char owe yes. Ely with the catch.
He did not get it off in time. The officials are waving off that basket, so we are through
20 minutes in the NBA Development League All Star Game presented by Kumho Tire. Futures
on top 72 63 over the Prospects. Pierre Jackson lit up this Convention Center. Coming up,
it is the 2014 NBA Development League Dream Factory, presented by Boost Mobile and the
Dunk Contest. Stay tuned.
Pierre Jackson needs to be in this next year if he's not in the NBA.
It is the 2014 NBA Development League Dream Factory presented by Boost Mobile, and there
you see Tony Mitchell, the back to back slam dunk champ with former D League player, Danny
Green, who hits threes for the San Antonio Spurs. Congratulations to Tony Mitchell, and
let's show you highlights of the Boost Mobile NBA D League three point contest. EJ Singler
against Troy Daniels. Singler finished with a first round score of 21, Troy Daniels, 19.
So they squared off in the second round for the championship.
DENNIS SCOTT: Yeah, two guys that can flat out knock down the basketball. Danny, you
talk about him a lot. Singler got a little bit hotter.
RICK KAMLA: Singler right here needed to hit his last two shots to tie Daniels' score of
14. And Daniels in the bonus round put up 18. Singler needed to make his final three
shots for the win, and he did. BRENT BARRY: Yeah, that was an awesome finish
there going with the format the league is going with. You can put the money balls wherever
you like. Got hot in the corner, made the one that counted to put him over the hump
by 1. RICK KAMLA: So EJ Singler of the Idaho Stampede,
your three point contest champion here. The second half of the All Star Game coming up.
Look at this guy right here at Jam Session. Off the trampoline. Coming to an arena near
you. DENNIS SCOTT: That's true.
BRENT BARRY: I was wondering where researcher Kevin Cottrell has been spending his time.
RICK KAMLA: Look at this guy. A little bigger. Oh, behind the back.
DENNIS SCOTT: Get fancy with that. RICK KAMLA: I love it. We're just about set
for the second half here at the 2014 All Star Game. Futures lead The Prospects by 9. Look
at the shooting around 50% from both sides. Is Prospects have made 9 threes, but they've
turned it over 13 times. They trail here by 9. Leading score is Arinze a Onuaku with 14.
There are five players in double figures as we speak. Devin Ebanks and Troy Daniels with
12. Robert Covington, and Justin Hamilton with 11. Pierre Jackson who got off to a fantastic
start. Alley oop dunk for the first basket of the game. Nine points and three assists.
It's Rick Kamla, BRENT BARRY, Brent Barry and Jared Greenberg here at Jam Session at
the Ernest N. Morial convention here in New Orleans for the D League All Star Game 8th
annual, presented by Kumho Tire. Do you think the rotations will be the same in the second
half the way they were in the first half where the starters play ten minutes and the reserves
come out and play the next ten minutes? BRENT BARRY: I think you'll see something
close to that, Rick, until the last three minutes. If the game is close, there could
be adjustments from both coaches in that instance, but for the most part, yes. I think you're
going to see balanced minutes being played here at the D League All Star Game.
RICK KAMLA: If I'm Steve head sell, the coach of the Futures squad, keeping Pierre Jackson
off the floor down the stretch would be tough to do. Here's Devin Ebanks, picking up right
where he left off. DENNIS SCOTT: Yes, mid range jumpshot knocks
it down. RICK KAMLA: Ebanks 14 points on 7 of 10 shooting.
He's in the running for MVP. Jackson to Onuaku. Couldn't get it down. They've been sitting a long time. It was a long halftime.
Ebanks again. Silky smooth. DENNIS SCOTT: Coming out of West Virginia,
we knew he could be a slasher. He got to L.A. and he was trying to get that consistent jumpshot,
night in, and night out. BRENT BARRY: Here's Jackson, ripped it.
DENNIS SCOTT: He has a jumpshot. After watching the lengthy Dunk Contest, these guys are ready.
RICK KAMLA: Manny Harris with the steel. He got a 4 on 2 actually. Here's Liggins back
to Harris. It is about as casual a possession as you're ever going to see.
DENNIS SCOTT: They're still trying to get the blood flowing again. After a couple more
minutes, things start to pick back up. Ebanks has six points here to start the second
half. BRENT BARRY: Did he just do a little Karl
Malone behind the head? DENNIS SCOTT: Yes, he did. Yes, he did.
RICK KAMLA: Pierre wants it. He's all alone. Bones, you were talking about a cup of coffee
earlier with the dunk by Ra'Shad James. BRENT BARRY: He gave it the finger licking
good. He waited for the defense to get out there. A little rag tag here to start the
half. We'll see if they try to shore it up a little bit.
RICK KAMLA: If I'm Nevada Smith, the coach of the Prospects, I'm calling a timeout. You've
got to play some defense, don't you? DENNIS SCOTT: I think they're about to come
into that point. RICK KAMLA: Here's Devin Ebanks. He is blistering
hot right now. DENNIS SCOTT: He says, thank you, people.
I'm going to get this trophy. RICK KAMLA: Four for four to start the second
half. BRENT BARRY: He's up to 18 points.
DENNIS SCOTT: Pierre Jackson with the miss. Onuaku lost it on the way up. But a rare foul
in this 2014 D League All Star Game. Arinze Onuaku to the line.
BRENT BARRY: Manny looks like he's dealing with something over there as Steve head sell
has decided to take him out of the game. I think. Or at least he's talking to him about
it. Devin Ebanks knocking down that mid-range. He is having a seat over there, talking to
the training staff looking at that ankle. RICK KAMLA: Chris Wright has come into the
game for Manny Harris. BRENT BARRY: Manny Harris was the 2007 Michigan
Mr. Basketball, 3 D T 24 years old. Talked about his 56 point game, leading the D League
in scoring. Also had a 46.58 game. That was Pierre Jackson had the 58. Manny Harris had
the 56. Those two guys battling each other. RICK KAMLA: Manny Harris had a nice run with
the L.A. Lakers with two ten day contracts. Made some plays. He wasn't just on the end
of the bench. Looking good in the airport. He was on the floor trying to help the Lakers.
DENNIS SCOTT: Yeah, he came in and shot the ball very well, but now trying to figure out
how do I stay on the team? I've got to do a little bit more as well.
RICK KAMLA: Pierre Jackson 3 for 3 in this half. Behind his back to the right. May have
gotten away with the travel. The official is saying he kind of bobbled it a little bit.
Didn't have full possession. I don't know if you're going to buy that, Bones, but that
was the call on the floor. Devin Ebanks, again. 22 points for Devin Ebanks and his team, The
Prospects trail by 12. Both teams shooting 62% from the field. Onuaku, left handed flush.
DENNIS SCOTT: Starting to sweat now. Brandon's starting to warm up now. Big fella starting
to come in. RICK KAMLA: He's an MVP candidate with 18.
That is Troy Danielson with the finger on it. That's hesitation.
RICK KAMLA: Troy looking to the right with the defender. Getting that finger roll to
go. The call. They say it was off on The Prospects. Here's Liggins for the Future. 16 minutes
to go in this second half. Diogu and Onuaku with another contested dunk.
BRENT BARRY: If he decides to switch on the guard, none of those small guys are picking
up on Onuaku. I can guarantee you that. Liggins called for the foul. He thought he had a clean
block on Troy Daniels. And that will be three free throws for Mr. Daniels. We told you at
halftime and showed you at halftime about him losing the three point contest to EJ Singler.
Did you see a foul there? DENNIS SCOTT: Yeah, little bit. That is something
we talked about in the NBA this year. Give the shooter a chance to follow through and
come down. Right there getting the chance to get the fourth shot off and follow through.
RICK KAMLA: 15 points for Daniels. Little confusion there from The Futures side. You
get free throws here. Just excited. They want to get that ball and get out and show their
stuff. Daniels missed the last two. Definitely disturbed by the early entry into the Lane
after the second attempt. White was on the move. Liggins, one more. It's Kevin Jones.
DENNIS SCOTT: Kevin Jones is showing some range. He can use that big body. But now he's
showing the soft touch. RICK KAMLA: Jeffers, rushing, and Chris Wright
and scored. BRENT BARRY: Othyus there leaning to his right.
And that last step, being able to decelerate, having the defender go by you. Good use of
the glass. RICK KAMLA: Pierre tried to get it to Onuaku,
Howard to Daniels. You can put this one in the book.
DENNIS SCOTT: Splash, like that? We talked about Troy Daniels making five and a half
threes against. You get three threes. Chris Wright finishes. Chris Wright getting out.
But you make three threes in the locker room, icing down and you're upset. Wait a minute,
I'm supposed to have two more. DENNIS SCOTT: Exactly.
RICK KAMLA: Liggins off the steal beats Chris Wright. Spilled off the rim on him. Here's
Ebanks out to Daniels. Boy, he's got Liggins all over him. Ebanks all alone. Uh huh.
DENNIS SCOTT: Baseline drive, baseline dribble. RICK KAMLA: 25 points for Devin Ebanks. He
brings The Prospects within 10. Pierre Jackson says why not? Oh, yeah.
DENNIS SCOTT: He stood there, three, three, three, three, three.
RICK KAMLA: 5'10", 175 product of Baylor, and Daniels hits another one. They're lighting
up the scoreboard here at Jam Session. DENNIS SCOTT: We said that once the blood
starts flowing again, things start to pick back up.
RICK KAMLA: Kevin Jones, knocked out of bounds. There is a timeout on the floor with 13:59
left in the second half. And DeAndre Liggins with the nice pass to Chris Wright.
RICK KAMLA: 10 point lead for The Futures over the Prospects. 13:59 to go in the 2014
NBA D League All Star Game. Coming to you from court side, Jared Greenberg, 17 times
this season NBA teams have picked up the phone to a D League squad and made what's called
a Gatorade call up. Bringing a player to the NBA.
Now the question is who has been the most impactful player to go from the D League to
the NBA over the course of the first half of the season? Fellas, I'm going to give you
a list of my cab candidates and see who you like the best. There is Kendall Marshall who
is on the Lakers he started 16 of 25 games. How about Tyler of the Knicks, averaging 4.5
points. Real good shooting percentage. There is also Chris Johnson, playing 12 games
with the Boston Celtics. The first D League call up of the year with Garrett with the
Utah Jazz. He's played 41 games, but seeing limited time on the court for Utah. Fellas,
of the list I gave you, who is your D League Gatorade call up of the first half of the
NBA season? BRENT BARRY: I'm going to pick two guys. One,
the surprise has to be Marshall. I think he's done fantastic things in L.A. most importantly
in my opinion would be for himself, for his NBA career to continue. Not so much the Laker
franchise, they gave him the chance, but for himself. I'm going to say James Johnson. They
had injuries. The Memphis Grizzlies were maybe talking about not making the playoffs. Waiting
for Marc Gasol to get back. Tony Allen was out. They make a trade and bring in a shooter
in Courtney Lee. And they need some athletic help, and they got it with Johnson. I think
that was a key move so far as far as bringing up somebody from the D League to impact the
team. 19 10 with him in the lineup. DENNIS SCOTT: I like that, partner. I'm going
to stick with Marshall because he was drafted so high and they expected so much out of him.
Now when he got that second opportunity, you wonder if he lost his confidence. Being out
there with the Lakers and getting the assists, obviously, the Lakers aren't winning a lot
of ballgames, but to his confidence, my career can still be productive and make a move for
the Future, I like to see him out there. RICK KAMLA: Could you ask for a better style
of play than to play in the Mike D'Antoni system? 17 assists Thursday on TNT against
the Oklahoma City Thunder, a really good defensive team.
DENNIS SCOTT: That's why we say certain systems are better. When you're out running, throw
the ball ahead, so the man can explore the two or three man he's playing with, and get
the ball back and make good decisions. RICK KAMLA: Diogu gets that one home, and
here come The Prospects there within seven. 12:40 left in the second half. Liggins trying
to push Diogu off. Kevin Jones has been hitting jumpshots in this game. Not that time. Jeffers
to Ebanks. Nice pass to Diogu. Devin Ebanks spotted it. He's coming back in transition.
Able to get the lay up. You talked about those baskets, those chippies.
DENNIS SCOTT: The cherry picking, big fellas delivering around the rim all game.
RICK KAMLA: Onuaku has 22. His teammate Jackson has 21. Ron Howard, huh uh. Jeffers.
DENNIS SCOTT: Oh, hello. The peekaboo, got you.
RICK KAMLA: Othyus brings The Prospects within five. The MVP chase still wide open in this
one. Here's Liggins good rebound by Devin Ebanks. The pass to Jeffers.
Here's Ron Howard. He's on the court this time making a pass. Jeffers got fancy and
fed Ebanks. DENNIS SCOTT: Ebanks cutting down the Lane.
Moving without the basketball. Nice, unselfish play there.
RICK KAMLA: Kevin Jones steps through. He's shooting his jumpshots out there, having an
effect on this game. Liggins showing handle. Wright decided to
bump into Diogu right there. Hey, we'd like you to catch the NBA's hottest Prospects by
watching the NBA D League game of the week every Sunday at 3 p.m. Eastern right here
on NBA TV. BRENT BARRY: So, Rick, I talked to a couple
coaches before this game. I talked to Steve head sell who is the head coach of the Futures.
He was the film coordinator for the Spurs back in 2006 where I spent some time with
Steve. Very proud of his hard work and the job he's done to get himself to this position.
Talked a little about James Posey. The point I want to bring up, if you look to Steve's
right, you're going to see James Posey. Or your other right. Sitting on the bench the
over there. The other direction. We'll get to James Posey. I was talking to him about
the idea of teaching a former player what it's like to be a head coach or a coach in
the league. Talked about the process. Don't mean to ignore the game. There is James Posey
sitting there. He talked to me about how he's coaching James Posey to become a coach in
this league. About coming every day, and the grind of being a coach. The process of practice
planning and doing these things. So we're talking about these players developing, but
there is so much more going on with the D League, Dennis, that happens on the sidelines,
in management, learning new positions and the way these opportunities are creating an
education, certainly a way of living that these guys are enhancing their life around
the game of basketball. RICK KAMLA: Jackson to Liggins for three.
That three ball by Liggins puts The Futures up 11. And Prospects coach Nevada Smith has
called time here at Jam Session. We continue on with the NBA Development League All Star
Game. Chris Wright flying right in your face. It's the 8th annual NBA Development League
All Star Game presented by Kumho Tires. We listen to Melvin Ely who is mic'd up.
>> I could have, too. That dude's going a little bit too fast. I'm not falling for that.
I should have fouled him. Yeah, yeah, that's something good. Way to shoot that.
RICK KAMLA: We appreciate Melvin for letting us wire him up, and give us another angle
on this NBA Development League All Star Game. As we resume action under ten minutes to go
in the second half, The Futures are up 11. They've got the rock back. Armstrong with
that rebound. Futures on an 8 0 run. A couple of records may go down here today. Devin Ebanks
has 27 points. The record for points in the D League All Star Game, Pops. Misses it back
in 2007, the first D League All Star Game back in Vegas. He had 30. Cameron Jones, hanging.
Under control. DENNIS SCOTT: Slowed down just enough. Two
Defenders go by and a nice little touch there. RICK KAMLA: Mo Charlo with that Jam, and Ron
Howard for The Prospects has 11 assists. Blake Ahearn has the record in assists in the D
League All Star Game. 13 back in '09. Melvin Ely and then Cameron Jones with the back court
steal, and the alley oop to Melvin Ely. Here come The Prospects.
DENNIS SCOTT: That's a veteran move there. Ely could have gone for the alley oop. He
said, no, let me grab the ball and goes for it easily.
BRENT BARRY: If I said to you what did that sound like mic'd up, Melvin Ely?
DENNIS SCOTT: What a veteran? BRENT BARRY: No, it was one of these oh, okay,
I got it. RICK KAMLA: Here's Charlo. That was almost
an air ball. BRENT BARRY: The other one, Rick, Troy Daniels
has six threes in the game. If he hits one more, that would be a D League record. So
one more for Troy, and that would be seven. RICK KAMLA: Covington missed it. Got it back.
Here's Nunnally for three. DENNIS SCOTT: Somebody left the window open
on that one. Somebody tipped it now. The window was open.
RICK KAMLA: Troy Daniels currently sitting down for The Prospects, and you wonder if
he'll get back into the game for a chance at that record. The defense there by Dee Bost,
getting the ball back for The Prospects. And Dee Bost has turned up the energy here for
the prospect team. Jones got it back to him. It's Melvin Ely. He stays hot.
BRENT BARRY: That position on the competition switch is about to be moved up a notch, I
think. DENNIS SCOTT: Yes, it is.
BRENT BARRY: Under 8 to go here in the five point contest. Gets that little jumper.
RICK KAMLA: Hamilton is a skilled big man. DENNIS SCOTT: Impressed with baseline jumpshots
with the ball on the floor. Double dribbles to the rim.
RICK KAMLA: Chris Wright knocked it away from Melvin Ely, briefly. That was Jones. The rebound
to Hamilton. Kind of a lazy pass kicked off by Covington, back to Bost. Someone's got
to shoot. It will be Covington. Short on that three.
BRENT BARRY: Justin Hamilton, three on one, he stopped them all.
RICK KAMLA: Foul on Dee Bost. Trying to get a steal from Seth Curry. Looking forward to
watching his brother, Stephen tonight's the State farm All Star Saturday night.
DENNIS SCOTT: BRENT BARRY: They're assuming more pressure
tonight with the shootout. DENNIS SCOTT: You say more pressure tonight?
BRENT BARRY: Yeah, the expectations when those teams were announced. When you put Dell and
Seth together, immediately the attention is focused on the Curries. And it would be a
disappointment if they don't win. RICK KAMLA: Jones got his own rebound. Bost,
a good save there by char Lowe. Futures on top, 115 110. Still just over 6 minutes to
go in the annual D League All Star Game. Hamilton, you can hear the slap on the wrist here at
the scorers or broadcast position. So Hamilton will go to the free throw line. Foul on Cameron
Jones. BRENT BARRY: 15th in the D League in scoring
at 19 points per game. 8th in the league at rebounding. Just a shade under 10 at 9.5,
and 7th in the blocked shots. The Miami Heat take a good, long look at Justin Hamilton.
Trying to fill that center position. Some of the things he showed me here today, 3 D,
I could see the reasons why Miami would have interest in this kind of talent.
DENNIS SCOTT: To your point, surprised he wasn't picked up by somebody by now because
so many guys have good hands to catch some of these interior passes has been pretty impressive.
RICK KAMLA: Nunnally off with the floater. Wright to Hamilton. Curry behind the back,
fading. DENNIS SCOTT: That one maybe a Tadd bit out
of the range there. RICK KAMLA: What a pass by Bosh to Covington,
plus the foul. Dee Bost can really run the show up.
DENNIS SCOTT: I like what I see. I don't get a chance to watch a lot of these players play
throughout the year. But the little bit they do, we see why these guys are here.
RICK KAMLA: And so much of these days leading up to the showcases, all the GMs and coaches
involved in this game talk about the talent level of these players each and every year
impressing them. So The Prospects within 4, under 6:00 to go
in the second half. Curry shovels to right. Wright couldn't get the runner to go, and
it's out of bounds to The Prospects. Bost has really changed the complexion and tempo
of this game. Covington off with that shot. Back comes Seth Curry. He wanted this one.
Bost up ahead to Cameron Jones. Yes. He goes tumbling into the front row there. Charlo
and Hamilton are back. Here's Hilton. Futures back on top by 4. James Nunnally.
Here we come. A one point ballgame. Turnover, Covington. A second chance, and The Prospects
have taken the lead, 220 119. DENNIS SCOTT: Did you say the competition
would pick up somewhere? RICK KAMLA: Moving again to the right. Stepping
it up with a one point game. Starting to have some fouls called as well. A good indicator
that the competitiveness is increasing here at the NBA Development League All Star Game
on NBA TV. It's the NBA All Star interview with Lebron
James coming up All Star Monday at 9:00 Eastern only on NBA TV. We've seen parts of that.
Steve Smith sitting down with Lebron James. Rifting stuff. I can't wait for that?
DENNIS SCOTT: I can't wait either. Seeing Lebron coming into this league and what he's
done for this league. Four MVPs. Two championship rings. It's unbelievable.
BRENT BARRY: Smitty asked some great questions and really got some quality time with Lebron.
It will be great to watch that. Pierre Jackson, shot clock running down.
RICK KAMLA: Is that a foul on Melvin Ely? DENNIS SCOTT: Yeah, I think that might be
three shots. RICK KAMLA: Yes, that's three shots for Pierre
Jackson. Now, guys, get this. The Futures had built a 16 point lead. The Prospects had
stormed back to take this 120 to 119 lead. Quite a comeback. Jackson ties it up at 120.
BRENT BARRY: See Melvin Ely trying to pressure Pierre Jackson. The shot clock winding down.
Don't know if that's enough to warrant a foul. 3 D there, three free throws for Pierre Jackson.
You were mentioning about the lineups and the changes, and whether or not they're going
to stay with the five for five. They've obviously gone to some different lineups to close this
game out. RICK KAMLA: Futures on top 121 120. Covington,
I don't know how he kept his balance as he drew that foul. He got the shot up, and he'll
go to the line to give The Prospects a one point lead.
DENNIS SCOTT: You hit it on the head, Rick. The last couple minutes you saw the competition
pick up here. Now the game is tight. I think guys are saying you know what? I want to have
bragging rights for this weekend. Let's get a victory.
RICK KAMLA: Covington misses the first. That is Steve head sell. First season as the head
coach of the Canton Charge. They're 20 12. First place in the east division. Last four
years he's been a player development coach with the Pistons. We were tied once again
at 121. That is Nevada Smith. First season as head coach of the Rio Grande valley Vipers.
All they do is win every year. Here's Dee Bost. To Nunnally. Prospects picking up that
full court pressure. Hamilton the big three. He got it.
DENNIS SCOTT: Hamilton proved me wrong. He missed one of those early. He's likely to
come back to the other side and knock it down. RICK KAMLA: Hamilton has 18. Cameron Jones.
BRENT BARRY: A guy with great body control around the rim. Being able to slow himself
down to create the space he needs to get the shot up. Great finish by Cameron Jones.
RICK KAMLA: Futures with the ball, plus one, three and a half to go. Here's Hamilton. Hit
him again. DENNIS SCOTT: Move me wrong again, big fella.
You're going back to back corner threes. BRENT BARRY: He's taken 69 on the season.
So it's obviously something he can do. RICK KAMLA: Covington brings it home. Prospects
tie it up at 126. Off the backboard. Oh! Covington missed the dunk. Pierre Jackson, back into
the game for The Futures to Seth Curry. DENNIS SCOTT: Pretty impressive. You know
Pierre Jackson is a big time scorer, but unselfish, and passing to another shooter.
RICK KAMLA: Melvin Ely shows he can still get off. You can see Jones setting that one
up. As Melvin Ely able to get the one hand finish to go, and you've got a one point game
here. 129 128. This is like 1980s NBA basketball.
Seth Curry to Pierre Jackson from the parking lot!
DENNIS SCOTT: Oh, he returns the favor and looks at it like you didn't get here fast
enough. RICK KAMLA: Futures up by 4. Covington sizing
up Hamilton. Step back three is good. BRENT BARRY: Somebody is watching the Rising
Stars game. DENNIS SCOTT: Yes, they were.
BRENT BARRY: Covington has 23. Prospects within one. Seth Curry goes blast.
DENNIS SCOTT: That's a tough shot right there. Put your feet together in traffic, using the
board. RICK KAMLA: Futures back up three. Covington,
hanging. Plus the foul. He's got a chance to tie at the line.
BRENT BARRY: Three the old fashioned way here. Getting contact and that one to go down. Great
driving finish as he knew he could beat Hamilton out there on the perimeter. Gets the contact
and now finds his way to the free throw line to see if he can complete it.
RICK KAMLA: We were tied at 134. Covington has good size. He's quite an NBA prospect.
Here Jackson was fouled by Dee Bost, and Bost and Pierre are really competing. What do you
think that conversation is like right there, Dennis?
DENNIS SCOTT: You know you tripped me. No, I didn't. I barely touched you. Yes, you did.
You put your hand on my stomach. RICK KAMLA: Stop playing. Stop playing.
DENNIS SCOTT: No, I ain't playing, man. RICK KAMLA: Those are two competitive guys.
Dee Bost to Jackson. Seth Curry, shot clock down to 10. He's got the Lane. He finishes
a la Steve Nash. BRENT BARRY: Cameron's going to hear about
that at practice. Those guys play on the same team.
DENNIS SCOTT: Yes. RICK KAMLA: Covington hits another one. And
the Prospects take a 1 point lead with 1:20 to go. Covington has 29. He's one off the
D League All Star Game record. Pierre Jackson misses the dunk. Gets another chance and puts
The Futures on top by one. Covington driving on Hamilton. Stuffed by Hilton Armstrong!
That would have been the record for Covington. Futures up 1. Can't add to the lead. It's
Dee Bost to Covington. He puts The Prospects in front. There is your single game scoring
record 31 points by Robert Covington. DENNIS SCOTT: Pretty impressive all game long.
Staying in attack mode, going to the rim, nothing down threes.
BRENT BARRY: I said he had questionable selection in the All Star D League game, is there such
a thing? RICK KAMLA: He gives The Futures a 1 point
lead with 37.9 to go. Defense on Dee Bost, and Jackson is called
for a foul with 29.5 seconds left. And Pierre upset with himself.
BRENT BARRY: I love right now, Rick, every basket we have is going to start records.
That 140 by The Futures is the most points scored in a D League All Star Game. So if
The Prospects get one to go, 3 D, guess what they do?
RICK KAMLA: And Dee Bost ties the game at 140. One more. And that just tied the record.
DENNIS SCOTT: Just tied it. And it looks like we'll have another one. And another new record.
RICK KAMLA: Prospects take the lead by 1. Under 30 seconds left. Here's Pierre. Driving
on D. Diving Mo char Lowe, oh, he missed it. Hilton Armstrong can't corral the rebound.
It comes to Covington, and he is fouled. Oh, Mo Charlo had the lay up for the lead.
BRENT BARRY: Say it ain't so. He had a good look at it.
DENNIS SCOTT: Had a great look. Nice drop off pass by Jackson. If he gave it to him
nine more times, he's make all nine. RICK KAMLA: Look at how dejected Mo Charlo
is. That's a do you want to get away moment for him. All right, so it's Covington at the
free throw line. Two point lead for The Prospects. 32 points for Robert Covington. If The Prospects
can hold on, that man is probably getting the MVP trophy.
DENNIS SCOTT: It's looking that way. Big time come back. They were down 17 at one point
in the game. RICK KAMLA: Down 16. Three point lead for
The Prospects. Robert Covington has 33 points, 22 in the second half. Timeout Futures. What
a game. The most combined points was 267 for the record back in 2012. And that record has
been obliterated here in the 2014 NBA D League All Star Game. 283 points and perhaps counting.
DENNIS SCOTT: Oh, there are a couple more going up before we get out of here, partner.
RICK KAMLA: Futures coach, Steve head sell drawing up a play for his crew. Looks confident.
He's got a cool demeanor about him, doesn't he, Brent?
BRENT BARRY: He does. Like I said, I'm very proud knowing Steve really wanted to have
this sort of opportunity. He's worked very hard up through the ranks. Those years in
San Antonio and then in Detroit. Some years in Cleveland, and he has this opportunity
within the Cavaliers organization to lead up the Canton team, and he's doing a fantastic
job. Let's see if he deploys Pierre Jackson, one of the leagues's best scorers. Second
in the league here to get the bucket. RICK KAMLA: Pierre to Seth Curry for the tie.
Mo char Lowe, he is fouled underneath with 11.6 seconds to go.
DENNIS SCOTT: Great call, Brent. They use Pierre as the decoy and ran a flair screen
for Curry. We know he has range as well. Great play, great set up, great execution. But just
missed the shot. To your point, great call coming out of the timeout.
RICK KAMLA: A deep attempt by Seth Curry, certainly within his range. So Mo char Lowe
who missed that lay up moments ago that would have given The Futures the lead, tows the
line and a chance to make it a one point game. The plot thickens here in New Orleans. A fan
behind us yelled Yo, trying to disrupt Mo. Wasn't having it. Smile on the face of Nevada
Smith, coaching these Prospects. Charlo hits them both, clutch. We have a one point Prospects
lead. I think Dee Bost is telling Melvin, you had me if you'd just throw it deep.
BRENT BARRY: Good full court pressure there. Causes The Prospects to call the timeout,
and now Nevada Smith going to have to draw something up. Obviously trying to get the
ball inbounds to their best free throw shooter at this juncture.
DENNIS SCOTT: Hopefully they understand that good spacing, whatever the play the coach
is drawing up is crucial. Make sure you come to the basketball. Don't assume the ball is
going to get to you. You go for it, and still there could be the possible foul, that's why
you have to go to the ball. RICK KAMLA: You look at Robert Covington,
and he is one of the main reasons The Prospects have this lead. Bones, general manager of
the Houston Rockets. Do you think he's been impressed by what he's seen from Covington?
BRENT BARRY: Yeah, I think so. Reminds me of a utility player that you're able to put
out as a defensive stopper. He can score the basketball. You mentioned his physical size.
He's been impressive in the second half. That's for sure. They get the foul there. Cameron
Jones was that inbounds passer through the immediate foul. Saved some time.
RICK KAMLA: 10.6 on the clock. There is Daryl Morey. One of the best GMs in the NBA, and
very active on social media as well. DENNIS SCOTT: Yes, he is.
RICK KAMLA: James Nunnally, good with the first. Two point lead now for The Prospects.
BRENT BARRY: Darryl still holding a few cards in terms of the trade deadline. If Houston
has some interests, I think there is some flexibility on their end to do something.
We'll see what happens. But I think they've had a good first half of the season getting
this together. DENNIS SCOTT:
RICK KAMLA: Clutch free throw for Nunnally. Down to five seconds. Pierre Jackson for three,
and the tie. No. Too tap out. Mo Charlo's going to get it off with the tie, and The
Prospects prevail. RICK KAMLA: Two good looks.
DENNIS SCOTT: Pierre Jackson with a nice kickout there at the end, and Charlo just a little
short. BRENT BARRY: Great finish here. The show these
guys put on, 145 142. Though that's a lot of points and setting the record for total
points combined. Very competitive. Didn't get too sloppy though.
DENNIS SCOTT: No, they did not. I like the way they finished up.
RICK KAMLA: We've been doing these D League All Star Games since 2007. Most have been
entertaining, but not like this one. In 2014 in New Orleans, The Prospects take it 145
142. Oh, yeah, and in the middle we had Tony Mitchell going up back to back, slam dunk
champion. What an afternoon in New Orleans, but aren't
done. The MVP presentation is coming up on NBA TV.
The Prospects win the 2014 NBA Development League All Star Game 145 142 over the Futures.
Let's send it to Barry Tom for the MVP presentation. >> Ladies and gentlemen, direct your attention
to center court with NBA TV's Jared Greenberg. >> I'm down here on the court with the NBA
D League president Dan Reed as well as the president and CEO of Kumho Tire USA, Harry
Choi, as we are about to present the 2014 NBA D League All Star MVP.
>> All right. Congratulations to all of these All Stars and top NBA Prospects behind me.
It's a terrific 2014 NBA D League All Star Game presented by Kumho Tire. But there was
one player that stood out. The man to my left, No. 33 with the Houston rockets and Rio Grande
valley Vipers, congratulations to Robert Covington. >> Robert, congratulations on taking home
the hardware and the victory in tonight's game. I'd have to imagine for a team like
yourself that you play on during the regular season, you know about coming from behind
and scoring a lot of points. So 16 points wasn't that big of a deal for you guys.
>> No it definitely wasn't T these guys might have gotten down, but never quit fighting.
That is the group of guys that we have. They pursued to the end of the clock. It was a
great group of guys on both teams. We came out, had fun, put on a show for the fans and
did everything we need to do. >> On assignment by the Houston Rockets, you
scored 22 of your new NBA D League All Star Game records 33 points in the second half.
Robert, you had Daryl Morey sitting court side, the GM of the Rockets, do you think
you impressed him. >> Definitely. I've been, as I said, continuing
to work hard every day. Definitely have a good group of guys ahead of me, and I learned
from them. So I have guys behind me, my teammates push me and I'll continuing to hard.
>> Well, Robert Covington scores 22 in the second half. Sets a new All Star Game record
with 33 points. And hey, the last couple guys named All Star Game MVP have gone on to do
big things in the subsequent following weeks in the NBA. Not too long after, what is about
to happen for you we think here. Robert Covington, Rick, is the MVP.
RICK KAMLA: Jared, thank you so much. Congratulations to Robert Covington and 7 of the 20 D League
All Stars last year were called up in the second half. So perhaps Robert Covington does
get a call from the Houston Rockets who have his rights. And we are out of time, ladies
and gentlemen. For Jared Greenberg, DENNIS SCOTT, Brent Barry, our statistician, I'm
Rick Kamla, thank you for watching the NBA D League All Star Game right here on NBA TV.
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2014 NBA D-League All-Star Game presented by Kumho Tire

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米粒 published on December 11, 2014
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