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  • Verse 33, at the end of the verse.

  • Just get it clear that this is the focus.

  • "This is he who baptizes with the Holy Spirit" (John 1:33).

  • So what does that mean?

  • It means, first of all, that from now on,

  • now that God has become man,

  • from now on the Holy Spirit will come to people

  • through Jesus Christ alone.

  • It takes residence on Jesus,

  • so that Jesus is now qualified to be the one who baptizes his people in the Spirit

  • and they get it no other way.

  • You don't go to a seance for this.

  • You don't go out into nature for this.

  • The buzz you get out in nature without Jesus won't be the Holy Spirit.

  • You don't even want to know what it might be, if you reject Jesus.

  • It comes through Jesus.

  • The Spirit came upon Jesus, remains upon Jesus,

  • and because of that, Jesus is the baptizer of his people with the Holy Spirit.

  • Jesus will be the means by which the Spirit comes to anyone who gets the Spirit.

  • You want the Spirit? You go to Jesus.

  • You want power? You go to Jesus.

  • You want relief from your burdens by the Spirit? You go to Jesus.

  • Jesus baptizes in the Holy Spirit.

  • He's not available from anyone else. He's the means.

  • He takes away sin. And because he takes away sin,

  • we may now be treated with this glorious mercy: the Spirit comes upon us.

  • That's the first thing it means.

  • Jesus is the only means by which the Spirit is mediated to us.

Verse 33, at the end of the verse.

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